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Well I Made The Plunge, First Impressions

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Well gents I made the plunge and forked out for a Digital SSD set. Got to say that I am very impressed. Digital really adds another dimension to slot-cars.


The set is a Mclaren two-car Digital F1 set. My first F1 cars and my first digital set. I already owned two analogue sets, Bathurst Battle and Top Gear, so its an extension to the track system I already had.


Im a relative newby to slot-cars, but if anyones interested here's a few observations:


-F1 cars are much quicker than sedans. They're much better fun and more robust than I thought they would be.

-SSD digital controllers have a much nicer trigger action compared to Scaley analoge ones.

-Digi cars can run in either direction, this is something that really surprised me, and we had a laugh running the cars in opposite directions to each other at the same time.

-analogue cross overs, as found in the Bathurst Battle set, work fine with digital. so much for the advice from the salesman! Personally I like the analogue crossovers, makes passing interesting.

-the system itself works great, apart from the odd slow speed stall at the lane change, we had no dramas all night.

-SSD controllers look and feel great but i need to use two hands to use the lane change button. This means putting the beer down.... Not Happy Jan!

- The Lane change mechanism is very quiet and they come up very fast, It took a little bit of time to master.

- Powers supply with two cars was more than enough. only one power supply can be plugged into the PB

- the controllers, the PB, and the transformer were relatively cool to touch even after a few hours of play. very different to the analogue sets.


Overall, I'd have to say I'm really happy with my purchase. Clearly it doesn't have the flexibility or scope of a system like Scorpius, but for a bit of escape time out in the shed, it's a cracker.


If I had my time again I would have gone into digital sooner, but having two analogue sets hasn't been all bad. It's given me something to compare Digi to and I now have all the track, plus most the barriers I need.


Now, where's my soldering iron. Some V8 Supercars are in need of some chips....

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Welcome to the wonderful world of digital.......


blocking, overtaking although i wish you luck with the running in opposite directions thing as thats a sure fire way to destroy your cars (double the impact speed) especially with f1's.


wait till you experience all the extras you can get...



Cheers Gloveman



I rather push my Datto than drive anything else!

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Well let me add to this thread, just having bought a digital set today. Just come back form an hour of racing with 3 of us at once. All i can say is WOW. After racing scalextric since the 1970's, i thought I was pretty ok at it. Now I have a whole new set of skills to learn and my 9 year old son seems to be getting the hang of it quicker than I am... In fact we've been having so much fun, we thought we'd only spent about 10 minutes on it, before we found out it had been an hour.


The digital part is ok i having to not worry about which track you're on, but the real fun is in the lane changing. - thats mind blowing. Why didn't I do this sooner..


I've got the formula 1 set with the 4 cars - they are VERY fragile. I have already broken one front wing off the ferrari. That was after only 1 hour and not doing too much wrong. The sooner I get some digital chips into my other cars, the better i think. but overall - VERY IMPRESSED. I am not seeing any issues with power either.



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Welcome to the wonderfull world of Digital Slot Car racing but beware we started a few years ago and the drive to get it fast, furious & reliable has lead to this (the video is a bit old now but you'll get the idea);-



My advise, enjoy the journey and don't add up the cost.





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