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Timing Systems Types And Setting Up

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Thanks a million for this info.  Here I am years later trying to cobble a new system together.  I was using an old (20+ years!) parallel cable from the old VRS system with RaceCoordinator.  Worked great until the cable was destroyed during our recent move.  I don't want a full setup, but could not find the definitive info I was looking for until this thread I'd forgotten about.

Awesome info, and I've got the Arduino Uno on the way and some SFH310 photo sensors.  I'll let you know how this all goes!

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Well, you made me blush.  Just happy I was able to provide some fun things over the years.  

Thanks again, I'll let you know when I have it running!

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Thanks again for the great info!  I'm VERY happy to report that I was able to secure an Arduino Uno and some SFH310 T1 3mm IR sensors. 

I soldered the sensors up to a CAT 4 cable I cut the heads off of (already bundled and nice, thin wire) and the pins on the other side for the Arduino.

I repurposed a "newer" old PC (10 years newer!) and reloaded Windows 10, installed the latest RaceCoordinator version, uploaded the RC.io file to the Arduino and we are good to go!

Works perfect so far in my testing of about 100 laps.  

The next task is to completely rebuild or replace my light bridge as it got hammered during the move.  Woof!  More to come on that.


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Glad it's all working good for you Dave.
I've been making and selling light bridges with one powerful 5mm I.R. invisible - or white visible LED shining down above each slot for about 12 years (spaced to match lane widths on the track), BUT because my circuit board cutter retired, and I am nearly out of boards, I had to look for a new solution.

So this may be a quick solution for you.

Get a section of U channel plastic, such as is used to hide wires running to TVs etc, It is typically about 30mm wide and 10-15mm deep; and slap in a section of the white LED strips people use to light around kitchen benches, breakfast bars, outside patios etc; and just hook that up.
They generally have an LED every 20mm or so. It is a bit scatter gun with the light, but I made a few up last month as proof f concept, and they seem to do the job okay.
- And longer term they are a cheaper pre-made solution that I can offer to customers.
These ones I made at 280mm and 360mm for 3 and 4 lane tracks. But you can just cut the channel and LED strips to whatever size suits your track.
You could use different dimension channel, painted or covered in decals that is the actual visible bridge, or just build something like this into a wooden superstructure.



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