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Ozrally 09/10proxy Tracks

lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 18 Oct 2009

HI All
Here is the list of tracks for this years OzRally Proxy series. I will add a link to a thread or photos of each track. The second WA round has been withdrawn so there will now be 9 rounds rather than 10 at this stage. Minto Park track will remain as a reserve track at the request of the owner. if another track is withdrawn I will ask for Teamredracing to host around.
The first round will be held at Limestone Park on Novenber 13 with the following rounds to be conducted at 2 week intervals or as close to that as possible. I would ask that the round hosts run their round in as timely a fashion as possible and be prompt in posting the cars onto the next round.
States where there are multiple rounds may swap around if need be to suit the hosts and keep the series moving rather than waiting if a round is delayed

Round 1 Limestone Pass, Adelaide SA, Hosts are Triggy and Hoffy
Round 2 BMR, Adelaide, Host will be Triggy, BMR has decided not to participate in this years series but has kindly offered to lend his track for this round.
Round 3 Perth WA Hosted by SilverRacer This is Silver Racer's first time as a host/ entrant and the first time a Aussie Proxy series has visited the West
SCX plastic track reconfigured for stages
Round 4 Mt Salt Pan Orama NSW Hosted by =Ontheflipside

Round 5 Casula Raceway Hosted by Gazza NSW
Round 6 Hosted by Bligh Park Slots NSW
Round 7 Hobart Hosted By theStig and Phil K Track still under construction

Round 8 Tas Hosted by Tazracer

Round 9 Norton Hill Adelaide SA Hosted by Lenny Broke still under construction it is expected that the series will conclude here sometime in mid August 2010

Reserve Track Minto park NSW Hosted by Teamredracing

I will be posting additional info and links when I have them. if the hosts would like to send me info and links I will add them into the thread

Regards Alan
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Ontheflipside's Photo Ontheflipside 18 Oct 2009


Have just summarised to get an idea of dates.Posted Image

My round is due the Christmas week end but I can do some the week prior and week following.
I plan 4 stages totaling 8 min +

Gazza may have a problem with the 8th - 10th Jan as that is the week end he is due to run the International - SCX Classic Rally Proxy, but we all maybe able to swap around here. If Gazza and Slots could swap (as I'm busy 4th - 18th) we will be OK
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lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 18 Oct 2009

Hi Mel Thanks for that.
on looking at what you have posted we could probably stretch it out a bit more. Last year we finished in August and my expectation would be that we would dosimilar this year
I thought that Christmas/new year would be a factor and expected rounds to be run to fit in around that. As I said feel free to swap among yourselves to fit.
I will have problems with march as well with my 1:1 officiating commitments.
I think I will contact the hosts and we can get a better spread of rounds to suit every one.
expect an E-mail tomorrow guys
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356speedster's Photo 356speedster 19 Oct 2009

Great tracks, but ohh boy, I knew some would be small (tight) but not so many of them.... I fear I might have geared/powered up a bit too much to be competitive. This series is going to be educational for me :mallet:

manimmal's Photo manimmal 19 Oct 2009

^^^^what he said!!!^^^^

i should have built a rally car!!! - doesn't help that i don't know anybody with a rally track to test on, but that's what the proxy is for. can't wait to see where my build fits!!

lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 19 Oct 2009

If it's any consolation I haven't tested my car on a rally track either as mine is still under construction and I won't get to triggy's for testing either.

Obsidith's Photo Obsidith 19 Oct 2009

im thinking a quick motor change after seeing the tracks

thats if i can get the motor out its got alot of glue holding it in
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slots's Photo slots 19 Oct 2009

Alan, I can swap with Gazza easily as I'm on holidays that week.

silver rocket's Photo silver rocket 19 Oct 2009

I'll have pics of my track & various stages to post up soon, I'm just waiting for the last few pieces to arrive...

Please note, I didn't really want to post something before it's finished but I realise ppl wanna see it before they post their cars off so here is a sneak preview, however there is no scenery yet & this is setup as a medium flat stage, I have stages with elevation changes & scenery to add as well...

I have another stage that is tighter than this one with two more of the super slide ice effects & quite a few tight turns & essess but this pic should give you a rough idea...

I'll be running 4-5 stages mostly on SCX track, some stages will have about 25 – 50% scaly track...

Apologies for the dodgy photoshop work on the last few pieces as I'm waiting for them come... You get the drift I hope...

Posted Image

espsix's Photo espsix 19 Oct 2009

Looks like my car isn't going to need much of that top speed it dosn't have. :D
just hope it dosn't get to hung up on some of the elevations changes i didn't take into concideration. :mallet: :o

Ontheflipside's Photo Ontheflipside 19 Oct 2009

View Post356speedster, on Oct 19 2009, 02:19 AM, said:

... I fear I might have geared/powered up a bit too much to be competitive. This series is going to be educational for me :o

View Postmanimmal, on Oct 19 2009, 09:41 AM, said:

^^^^what he said!!!^^^^

i should have built a rally car!!!

View PostObsidith, on Oct 19 2009, 10:14 AM, said:

im thinking a quick motor change after seeing the tracks

Look at 'em scatter. Like like an unexpected down pour minutes before cars are about to grid up :P ;) :)

Obsidith's Photo Obsidith 18 Nov 2009

was i reading right mid august is the last round ?

lenny broke's Photo lenny broke 18 Nov 2009

View PostObsidith, on Nov 18 2009, 03:28 PM, said:

was i reading right mid august is the last round ?
Hi Ob
When I wrote that I was going on what happened last year.
This year we intend for a round to happen approximately every 2 weeks though this may not be possible for some of the hosts through the Christmas new year break period. So I have left it open ended to allow for this If you look at post 2 in this thread, OTFS has sumarised a rough calendar. we will endeavour to keep to this but it may vary somewhat. Because my round is listed smack bang in the middle of my 1:1 racing commitments I expect that my round will be more likely run in April at this point.

Cheers Alan
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Obsidith's Photo Obsidith 18 Nov 2009

its not a issue just wanted to double check as the calender didnt make sense to me