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Found 2 results

  1. G'day Guys, I have noticed a scaley product for existing analogue tracks that uses wireless controlers and an app system for your tablet or phone called ARC AIR, has anyone had a go of this system? I was thinking of integrating it into my current 2 lane Mdf analogue track. Do you think this is a possibility? The ARC AIR power base kit is around $150 or so on the net and seems to be pretty decent for adding that bit extra to the slotcar experience. I know of the similar scaley digital set up, but this seems to be a great addition as I have 50 cars or so that aren't chipped. The track is just 2 lane Mdf with copper tape, 12 metres in circuit length and running on an old adjustable output model train transformer. Any thoughts?
  2. Hi all, I've been building my own 2.4.GH wireless system. Something you can let the kids use (robust and inexpensive) and also for use with people that maybe physically challenged i.e wheelchair bound. I now have a working prototype and am refining it all. All off the shelf materials and parts. Controller about $48 au Track interface about $60 au I've based it on a scaley digital controller, so it's got the buttons for digital as well as being analogue compatible with my system. The track interface has two 3.5mm plugs per car, one stereo and one mono i.e digital and analogue to plug straight into a standard digital base or analogue base. I've replaced the resistor with a a Hall effect sensor. Basically some square brass tubes, one with a magnet inside and the outer tube with the H/E sensor attached. The trigger slides the inner tube back and forth to accurately regulate speed of the car . So any slight freeplay in the trigger doesn't matter. This freed up more room inside as of these controllers of course were not designed for extra electronics. Battery- I'm waiting on the postman but have ordered a Lipo. RC guys will be familiar with these, light and rechargeable $3 plus postage! The controller has a sleep function to conserve battery power as well. The "brains" are built on the arduino platform. (Arduino pro mini) Very cheap on ebay now ($9.95), and easy to load programs (sketches ). Once you have the program to load , its about as easy as copying a file to a usb stick. I've written the programs myself. (C++) Personal thanks to DM for showing us Arduinos on this forum, thats where I got the idea of what to use from. I didn't really want to learn yet another programming language but as they say ' need' is the mother of all invention. :-)
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