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Found 11 results

  1. Shenanigans Raceway (SR) dictionary definition: mischievousness or high-spirited behaviour / secret manoeuvring Well I think I have decided on a name for my track, this is a full Four Lane 1:24 scale modular MrTrax system with full timing system. Love the idea of infinitely expandable track by buying extra modules, unclip, move around, install and clip in new module. I can also take these modules to another track, e.g. yours, and combine all our modules into a mega track.. awesome idea I think. MrTrax website and MrSlotcar website. Highly recommend Peter Van Horssen and both his businesses Mrtrax.com and MrSlotcar.com. 200% professional business operator that provides exceptional products, service and after sales support. You can not go wrong. Shenanigans Raceway (SR) Logo These last two images showing the special converter module that converts the Super Four Lane track into a Mega Two Lane track...
  2. Many years ago I had a Dick Johnson Scalextric set. Years ago it was nicked from my olds’ when they were moving. I remember it had a track plan sheet including one for Mt Panorama. Anyone our there have that set and leaflet they could scan and upload the whole thing?
  3. Hi Everyone Recently I bought a Carrera Mille Miglia 2 slot car set primarily to get the 'set cars' and some other cars that were included in the box. As I am already over-supplied with Ninco track sections I don't have a need for the Carrera track and the accessories that come with it and would like to sell it off. It is in great condition with no rust or tarnishing, I have tested the connector track and both (red) controllers work. You can Google 'Carrera Mille Miglia 2' to get a diagram of the track sections that are included, but the specialty components are a 2-piece humpback bridge with the curvature moulded in, a 6-section 180-degree banked corner and the connector track and controllers. Ideally I would like to sell it as a job-lot for around $120 but am open to offers for individual components. Please keep in mind that I am in Tassie so freight would be a consideration for mainland buyers. Please PM me for any other info required. Big Den
  4. Scalextric SSD track and accessories for sale as per below list * NIB = New In Box * NIB/AN = Combination of NIB and AS * AN = As New (no original box nor packaging) * Plus Postage extra on top of purchase price, any excess postage money will be refunded directly to your bank account. * Postage $15 per item* (*small single item only) depending on weight and size QTY - NIB/AN - PRICE - DESCRIPTION 2 - NIB - $55e - ARC AIR/PRO Wireless Hand Controler 1 - NIB - $50e - PSR Dunlop Bridge much bigger and better then the plastic Dunlop bridge, constructed 3mm MDF, assembled, to be painted 1 - AN - $50e - PSR Control Tower - 95% constructed what is left is so painting can be done with ease, then gluing can be finished, 3mm MDF, assembled, to be painted 1 - AN - $50e - PSR Grand Stand - 95% constructed what is left is so painting can be done with ease, then gluing can be finished, 3mm MDF, assembled, to be painted 1 - AN - $50e - PSR Podium Box - 95% constructed what is left is so painting can be done with ease, then gluing can be finished, 3mm MDF, assembled, to be painted 1 - AN - $50e - MDF Lettering to make two of each words: Slot Cars, Dunlop, MDF, to be painted 1 - AN - $65e - Supercheap Auto Airbrush kit, including small air compressor hose normally sold separately 1 - NIB - $25e - Careera Pit Garage - Unassembled 12 - AN - $35e - Duracell Rechargable Batteries, New only used in these controllers nothing else, ALL holding charge perfectly 60 - AN - $25e - Grey Fence (6 pieces per) 1 - NIB - $25e - C8212 - Grey Fence + Clips 18 - AN - $21e - Sand coloured Full Straight Lead-In 18 - AN - $21e - Sand coloured Full Straight Lead-Out 18 - AN - $21e - C8228 Sand coloured Radius 4 Outer Border 45 degree (4 pieces) 30 - AN - $21e - Grey Curve Inner Border 45 degrees (4 pieces) 30 - AN - $28e - Grey Curve Outer Border 90 degrees (4 pieces) 20 - AN - $21e - Grey Half Straight Lead-In (4 pieces) 20 - AN - $21e - Grey Half Straight Lead-Out (4 pieces) 2 - NIB - $95e - C7038 - Double Lane Change Straight Track (1 piece) 8 - NIB - $20e - C7016 - Single Lane Half Straights 175mm (4 pieces) 5 - NIB - $22e - C7017 - Radius 3 Curve 22.5 degree Single Lane Curves (4 pieces) 1 - NIB - $59e - C8512 - Extension Pack 3 - 2 x Hairpin Curves, 2 x Side Swipes Borders and Barriers (4 pieces) 4 - NIB - $38e - C8526 - Extension Pack 4 - 4 x 350mm straights, extend your track by 1.4m (4 pieces) 6 - NIB - $69e - C8554 - Extension Pack 5 - 8 x 350mm straights, add 2.8 metres (8 pieces) 5 - NIB - $59e - C8555 - Extension Pack 6 - 8 x Radius 3 Curves - 22.5 degree, total of 180 degree (8 pieces) 2 - NIB - $59e - C8556 - Extension Pack 7 - 4 x 350mm Straights and 4 x Radius 3 Curves - 22.5 degree, total of 90 degree (8 pieces) 2 - NIB - $59e - C8201 - Radius 1 Hairpin Curve 90 degree (2 pieces) 7 - NIB - $21e - C8236 - Short straights 78mm (2 pieces) 2 - NIB - $18e - C8222 - Half-straight Converters 175mm - Convertor 1/2 Straight Classic to Sport (2 pieces) 10 - NIB/AN - $18e - C8207 - Half straights 175mm (2 pieces) 34 - NIB/AN - $24e - C8206 - Radius 2 Standard Curves 45 degree (2 pieces) 2 - NIB - $25e - C8201 - Radius 1 Hairpin Curves 90 degree - for use with C8246 Side Swipe Straights (2 pieces) 4 - NIB/AN - $19e - C8200 - Quarter straights 87mm (2 pieces) 1 - NIB - $17e - C8212 - Fence Barriers 330mm (5 pieces) and Track Clips (15 pieces) 1 - NIB - $39 - C8332 - Scalextric Dunlop Bridge (Black and Yellow) 40 - NIB/AN - $18e - C8233 - Lead In/Lead Out Borders 350mm, use on straights ahead of corners to give a smooth lead in and lead out of corner borders sections (2 pieces) 1 - NIB - $25 - PL/LF - Slot Track Scenics: Parc Ferme Set - includes: railings, cones, board logos and stickers - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Pickup Taree, NSW, 2430. I can post, this is a large parcel and will cost $199 postage (in Australia ONLY), this postage cost was charged on original purchase, any excess postage costs will be refunded. - Tracking, Insurance, Signature are all a MUST - This is a large box, 1100 x 650 x 430 with a weight of 10.2kgs - Will only be posted once funds have been deposited and verified cleared - Payment ONLY via Direct Deposit to my bank account - Payment Types NOT accetped: - PayPal, - Cheques (Personal, Business and Bank), - Money Orders, Thanks Johnno
  5. I'm selling a scalextric digital track for pictures https://www.gumtree.com.au/s-ad/emerald/miscellaneous-goods/scalextric-digital/1197941398 it is a platinum set with a pitstop challenge set and single piece sections mounted on a board using scalextric clips so as it can be removed 9 cars in good condition check it out
  6. Hi guys, I was active on here a fair few years back as I undertook a huge project building a 1900x3600 three lane track. I was making this for myself and my son and it was a huge labor of love that I had anticipated to keep forever for us to use. Sadly a year or so after building it my wife and I separated and we had to sell our house (and loose the 4 car garage I had build the track in!). Since then I have held onto the track in my new house in the garage, hoping to one day to return to it to finish the project. Alas the time has come where I am renovating my garage and cannot store the track at all anymore, and I am gutted to have to let it go. I have spent thousands building it so far, and hundreds of hours, but rather than cut it up into firewood, I thought I'd jump on here and offer it to anyone who might be interested in giving it some love and bringing it back to life. The tape in the track recesses has come out due to condensation in the garage, however everything else is still totally fine, the paint job i had done on the track is still as it was when I first did it, the huge bank curve is still perfect and it will simply need some legs and modelling to finish it up. It is VERY big, and if someone were interested you'd need a few strong people and a truck to move it, but even if I can get $300 for this I would be happy to see it go to a home rather than the tip... The project was documented here: http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15950-brand-new-racer-brand-new-build/page__st__20 and here: http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/16971-dandenong-ranges-track/ Although the images attached have long lost their URLS.. Feel free to ask any questions, it is available for pickup in Kallista, VIC. I would need it gone within 2 weeks or its getting chopped up and I'll be devastated! Cheers,
  7. hi I have a 3 lane track for sale, its wrapped and packed in sections, I cant upload pics but can send via sms or email its an amazing track which most ppl would remember belonging to the late Keith Gear. there is a rally track inside the track, I selling to a family illness. As ive never set it up im unsure of the dimentions but maybe can find information from others that have raced on it, Asking $2000 ono Pm me or Phone 0434923751
  8. PerryV

    Eagleby Raceway

    Eagleby Raceway is looking for more racer's for our LeMans race this year, I can add details as the dates are set. This is one awesome 4 lane Carrera Track, for 1/32 scale magnet cars, slot it 21.5k motors and most brands Le Mans and GT cars with up to 19k motors. Slot It Cars are Great to Race on this Track. pm me for details please
  9. Hi Here is a link to a "YouTube" clip of my "Slot Monster Trucks" in action on a purpose built "Monster Truck Arena" Hope that you enjoy. Dave Am not sure if the above link is working .... If not just do a search on YouTube for Scale Model Slot Monster Trucks Racing and Freestyle on Scratch Built Scalextric Track
  10. Lookimg for a 3+ lane routed track prefer adelaide but my consider vic
  11. Hi guys, I've been absent for about 6 months but have finally managed to source the funding and kinda the time (if I find gaps between our retail shop shop, the kids, design business, jewellery business and organising a festival... =/ I think I need a bit of escapism at the moment!!) to get my act together on my track design. I did have a thread going in Home Tracks but when I was first setting it up neglected to select VIC, so I'm starting up a fresh one here considering it's all going to be new from here on in. A bit of background here http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15950-brand-new-racer-brand-new-build/ if you want to see the origins of the track design and my progress so far, I'll throw a few in this post here to give a bit of a history too Pretty excited, the track is with the routers at the moment, braid is ordered, finished building the table structure in the garage last night. Aiming to have all this done by January for my son's 4th birthday. Will post regularly over the next few weeks with new pics and so on quite excited to get into the modelling part again, I love constructing but I do love getting lost in flock and paint etc... Initial concept sketch: First track layout and elevations: Beginning the mountain range: Refining: Table design: 80m salvaged pine and two mid expression children Finished the table last night So that's where we are up to so far, next update will probably be when the routing arrives and I get stuck into that! On that note, I'm struggling to find a wiring guide for a track with 3 lanes? Most seem to cover two, would I need to be getting two power supplies? one for 2 lanes and the other for one? Cheers
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