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Found 3 results

  1. Here is a clip of the building of my 2ft x 4ft single lane track designed for racing slot Monster Trucks. The obstacles are interchangable and the track is fitted with a switch to reverse the direction that the track is driven in. So even with its small size there is a vast number of veriations to the track. To see the Monster Trucks performing on this track.
  2. Hi guys, I've been absent for about 6 months but have finally managed to source the funding and kinda the time (if I find gaps between our retail shop shop, the kids, design business, jewellery business and organising a festival... =/ I think I need a bit of escapism at the moment!!) to get my act together on my track design. I did have a thread going in Home Tracks but when I was first setting it up neglected to select VIC, so I'm starting up a fresh one here considering it's all going to be new from here on in. A bit of background here http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15950-brand-new-racer-brand-new-build/ if you want to see the origins of the track design and my progress so far, I'll throw a few in this post here to give a bit of a history too Pretty excited, the track is with the routers at the moment, braid is ordered, finished building the table structure in the garage last night. Aiming to have all this done by January for my son's 4th birthday. Will post regularly over the next few weeks with new pics and so on quite excited to get into the modelling part again, I love constructing but I do love getting lost in flock and paint etc... Initial concept sketch: First track layout and elevations: Beginning the mountain range: Refining: Table design: 80m salvaged pine and two mid expression children Finished the table last night So that's where we are up to so far, next update will probably be when the routing arrives and I get stuck into that! On that note, I'm struggling to find a wiring guide for a track with 3 lanes? Most seem to cover two, would I need to be getting two power supplies? one for 2 lanes and the other for one? Cheers
  3. Red Racer is back with some club racing to suit all forms of Slot car fans. Watch this and simular space's for current and upcoming race event's. Friday Night Racing Sideways Dallara and Riley Championship The first installment of Double R Club Racing will commence Friday the 10th of August. Sideways are produced by Racer in conjunction with Slot.It drivetrains. The combination results in highly detailed replica's with performance to match their looks. They have 12 different liveries and have small design changes which made the car's appear the same but perform differently. We have closed the gap on performance by using Slot.it race magnets throughout the 12 cars which has given them the same amount of magnet down force. The cars will be raced in stock form other than the magnet exception for some close racing. Tyres as alway's will be a must to get adiquiet grip and ride height. CARS Sideways Riley and Dallara SW01 to SW12 REGULATIONS 1 Control Race Magnet Rear Tyre optional between Slot.It and MJK Magnet pull on tester must not exceed 400grams No other modifications to car are allowed Must retain factory parts and interior Double R and Red Racer presents Slot.It Race Series In the lead up to the Qld slot championships we will be running a 6 round club series with the choice of dropping your worst round. It will be run fortnightly starting Wednesday the 25/7/2012 -7pm sharp, aim for 6:30pm There will be two classes run in two separate series. You may enter in them both. 1st class GROUP 1 (stock)Rules *One Magnet, genuine standard only *Must have at least 1.5mm ground clearance at magnet to blank set up board *Replacement genuine slot it tyres maybe used *Gluing in motor, magnet and genuine parts back on is allowed *loosening of screws is allowed *White kits must be painted *no other modifications allowed *Wheels must stay within the guards. 2nd Class MOD Rules *Only Genuine replacement slot it parts allowed *One magnet only Race Magnet can be used *Must have at least .8mm ground clearance at magnet to blank set up board *Standard motor only *Gluing is allowed *No cutting or drilling allowed *Must have interior can be Lexan *White kits must be painted *Wheels must stay within the guards Slot.It performance parts are allowed and include Hollow axles, Mag Wheels, Race Guides, Gear ratio changes etc.
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