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Found 1 result

  1. Just wondering if anyone has tried ver.2.1 of SSDC yet ? I tend to do a lot of rug racing & had a great layout for several weeks till the girl friend got a jack of it. Can`t blame her I guess... The track was starting to sprawl out from the living area, up the hall way blocking entry to the bath room... I had a grand plan to take over the kitchen area too... Fat chance of that, she said. Anyway I enjoyed racing with SSDC system while it lasted but the lack of pit lane control was frustrating as pace cars could easily enter pit lane & smash into the back of a driver. I had a hard time getting pace cars to run at an even race speed... pace cars often sped up till they got so fast & eventually out of control launching themselves of the track. Having said this a friend here in London has a permanent digital track where we were able to take control of pace cars quite well. I think the langth of straights and positioning of curves etc.. all came into play. One of the biggest things I learnt in settling pace cars down is to make sure the tyres a sanded & dust the track down before each session.. made a massive difference. now I see an update to SSDC. does this mean a lot of issues will have been ironed out ????? Check out the updated features: AWESOME !!! Support for wireless throttles (C7042 users only). Addition of a throttles window to view and diagnose throttle response. Pit lane entry constraints for pace cars. Wireless throttles control InCar-Pro brakes and lights. Wireless throttles control ABS braking levels for standard InCar chips. So I'm wondering if any members have tried it yet .. and what`s your verdict ?
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