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Found 6 results

  1. Hi guys, I have recently sold my scalextric digital set up to make room for the next project a routed digital track using slot it oxigen system. I have found most of the info I need but was hoping to clarify some things. Do you need anything more than the lane change driver to activate the lane change solenoids? Can you tell me how the magnets for start / finish line and pit lane are placed into the track? How does the system tell the difference between the two?
  2. First of all a bit thanks to all the guys and girls here. A great forum site. We have bitten the bullet and decided to build a routed track to be used by the family. That was the easy decision. Now to get things started... I would be interested in anyone’s comments on the track design I have come up with. Space constraints mean we are restricted to an L design 3.5 mts by 4.0 mts. I have bought two sheets of MDF (3600mm x 1200mm x 12mm) and after 500mm to be used for the bridge crossover I have this initial design below. Initially the corners were all going to be nice an symmetric however after reading “Roath”s post and seeing the results he has with a flexible strip I’m fairly sure I will be going down this path now. The information posted with Roath has been invaluable. Some specific queries: With the design I intend to begin elevating up after turn 4 rising as far as possible until turn 6 and then bring it down to the flat around turn 2. Does this sound ok? Adding S’s between turns 2 and 3. Do these add to the racing experience or do they just wobble the cars a bit heading into the curve strait towards 4? Is it better to make them more pronounced or keep them smooth (or vary each of them )? If I were to add a squeeze were would be the best place to put it? Do they really add to the racing or just cause general hassles? Thanks for anything you may be able to pass on. Initial Design
  3. Ember

    Race To The Sky

    Ok. So, you're desperate for a routed rally track. But you have absolutely no room. Can't even find room for an 8'x4' table. What do you do? Climb up a wall, of course! His Lordship started this project almost 2 years ago. But shortly after he got things this far he discovered fly fishing and the track languished unloved behind a blue tarp. If you look closely you will note there is no slot in the track. He wouldn't believe me that the usual thing is to route the slot and then set the gradients. I left him to it and let him work it out for himself. Then suddenly inspiration dawned. Or maybe it was that the lake was closed due to blue green algae. The blue tarp was lifted and the router started buzzing. I threw a bit of paint at it for him while I could. Road bed is done with a Dulux Tuscan sample pot. I hoped it would be a bit more textured than the interior suede. It is. I'll do some more work on it as the scenery comes into play. Right from the beginning I was a little worried about the right hand end. It's awfully steep with a lot of pitch on those corners. With the slot in place I was able to illustrate my concerns. Top corner. Going either up or down this the guide isn't even in the slot. The car seems destined to continue forward in a straight line. Same thing here. But he was determined to tape it up and test it properly. Car and 9 volt battery seemed to support my theory, but no, he pressed on. And I'll be pickled! It works! It's not an easy drive, but it wasn't meant to be. The two corners that I was concerned about are achievable with everything that's been tried. At least they are on a downhill run. At the moment can't get the direction change switch to work. But that's a minor thing. When he sorts that problem out I suppose I'll get the ceremonial handover for scenery.
  4. Holty

    Green Hell Rebuild

    I wanted my Nurburgring themed track to have the proper turn 1 instead of the simple parapolic hairpin. This would give me a little left right squiggle before the loop. Here is the original layout as it appeared a couple of years ago. The old section removed. I 'relocated' some 9mm MDF from a skip at work and decided it was time to make the change. Routing with a nailed down hose as the guide. This is how I generate sweeping non-constant radius curves. The new curve, routed, cut, painted, taped and in position. The table underneath was modified to allow the bottom left section of the curve to be raised or lowered to generate different degrees of difficulty. At the moment there is about a 1cm difference in height from the bottom left to the top right. First day of use. Tricky but I'm getting used to it. Tougher in the reverse direction as it tightens dramatically. From the straight behind the pits. I need to build barriers and lanscape the left wall. The infield will have some grassy look. A view of the whole track Holty
  5. wombat

    Sunshine Coast

    Hi Everyone, is there anybody on the Sunshine Coast who has a Routed Timber track?
  6. Hi all, I will be starting my 4th track in a bit and am at the moment brewing up ideas. The plans are making a routed track and using something like oxigen or scorpius to Digify it. It will at least be 2 laned Asphalt and will have a single lane looped rally section attached to it. Size will be 1:24 and 1:32 compatible. That means i will have to be able to exit the asphalt and enter the rally lane, and should have the choice of staying on the rally track doing rounds or choose to change lane and enter the asphalt 2 lane again. Lot's of ideas just not sure how to accomplish them all yet. But that's only a matter of time
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