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Found 7 results

  1. Hello all, the cars have arrived here today. Have only had time to do a visual and a wheel rotation check. Car #1 (RS200 - Snurfy) and car #20 (RS200 - ZeGas) both had the rear axle popped out of the bush mounts. Both popped straight back in and seem secure. These cars were in the same container compartment with 2 or 3 other cars and there is no obvious damage to the box so a bit odd. No other snags. I'll do shakedown tests soon and we are planning to run stage 1 at the weekend and another stage on Monday coming. If all goes well will try for a third stage. Great to see the cars again, they are looking good. Updates to follow. Leo
  2. A simple guide to converting a Tamiya 1/32 scale Mini 4WD Series "Toyota Hilux" into a off road slot car.
  3. As you are all more than aware I finished a very poor #38 out of 42 in the SCX Rally 2012 - I thought i had a pretty good car but it was obvious after the first few rounds that my car simply didn't cut it. Still the constant pain and suffering throughout the 2012 season gave the missus plenty of ammunition. I've decided to try a slightly different approach for 2013 and have already started selecting the gun motor from the few cars that I was able to source. I bought one of those digital taco's and simply put the slot.it gear on the axle and measure performance. I'm curious if everyone ran 4x4 during the 2012 series or can I remove the pinion and shorten the motor shaft?
  4. A bit of sunny day fun with a camera and a rally car. It needs sound effects. Embs
  5. This just in from kidvoltage: In the mail.........a large box of cars. We will update with details soon. Regards Rico
  6. Hi all, I will be starting my 4th track in a bit and am at the moment brewing up ideas. The plans are making a routed track and using something like oxigen or scorpius to Digify it. It will at least be 2 laned Asphalt and will have a single lane looped rally section attached to it. Size will be 1:24 and 1:32 compatible. That means i will have to be able to exit the asphalt and enter the rally lane, and should have the choice of staying on the rally track doing rounds or choose to change lane and enter the asphalt 2 lane again. Lot's of ideas just not sure how to accomplish them all yet. But that's only a matter of time
  7. This has been a work in progress, but I think I'm done...I set up my RMS today. I might add some more people but that's it. I really like my New York State Trooper vehicle...1/32 scale from Wallie World...$5.00 Here are some pics... Enjoy, Dennis
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