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Found 1 result

  1. neil

    Mounties Speedway

    Thought I'd post some pics of the build,, most pics are old new's as nothing new happens here in a hurry,,, & this build so far has been like "2 steps forward ,,1 step back" ,, any way here it goes & I'LL try to take better & more pics from here in. a lot of plans/ thoughts were drawn up on paper,,, thinking back,, a lot of time wasted,,, thew only concept to the plan that remained thru-out the whole planning was the Speedway track with an infeild curcuit. From paper plan to 1:1,,,, a lot of moving , adjusting, modifying & rectifying of origanal plans were made before I finaly setled on the track that I have here marked out on the table,,, a lot more to come before the track is finnished.. One of the main themes with this build was to have the impression that the cars were driving a proper racing line as apposed to the conventional plastic track that has the guide slot running parralell to the track edge.... Here the inside lane is running over the planned "rumble strip" After all the planning,,, routing,,, painting,,,braiding,,& this time puting the fence in place before finnishing the powering,, I end up with the track here... Ussing the pre-planned space & a bit more,, its set on a table of 2.4 x 2.1 mtr.. this corners inside lane,,, proved to be very challenging to my patience,, from the moment that I had drawn this corner I was thinking that it was going to be troublesome,, it was'nt so much undriveble,, it was that the car did'nt look right as it rounded through the tight corner.. Following outside track clock/wise ,,,,,,,again showing how I tried to work the slot/grooves to simulate a proper racing line,,, theses few shots show more how the outer racing line will run close up to fence on every exit,, while the inside lane cuts into the corner mid turn ... At first when driving the outer lane I was thinking 'what have I done??",,, but now used to it ,,, I've acheived the very affect I was after,,,, a track that requires more control in keeping the cars fast & off the fence Back to the infeild,,, not much to show in the infeild course,, as yet.. That bloody corner.... here I make my first atempt in rectifying a very shar turn,,, decided to only rework the inner lane so I can keep with the pre marked race course,,, in the process I created a squeeze of lanes which I was never been fond of,, & this will only prove further.. a pic before it was braided,,, yep,,, I persisted in braiding it,, to get the track running again & play with my cars. Every time I drove the inside lane,, the more I knew I had to rework this corner... ,,,,to this I'd be drivin with Kev on the other lane,, & prev. I'd ask Kev " what do you think of the corner??",,& he'd reply "its good ,,leave it..",,,,,, So I'd stop my car in the corner & he'd hit it,,, so I would ask again,,,, Did this several times to reassure myself that this corner needed reworking "What do you think of the corner now??",,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Yep,, did'nt take long before I had mutual agreement to rework the corner,, he he he. Not much has happened in a hurry since,,, I've repainted & done some more fencing,,, but nothing worth showing as yet
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