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Found 2 results

  1. Hi guys, I've been absent for about 6 months but have finally managed to source the funding and kinda the time (if I find gaps between our retail shop shop, the kids, design business, jewellery business and organising a festival... =/ I think I need a bit of escapism at the moment!!) to get my act together on my track design. I did have a thread going in Home Tracks but when I was first setting it up neglected to select VIC, so I'm starting up a fresh one here considering it's all going to be new from here on in. A bit of background here http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/15950-brand-new-racer-brand-new-build/ if you want to see the origins of the track design and my progress so far, I'll throw a few in this post here to give a bit of a history too Pretty excited, the track is with the routers at the moment, braid is ordered, finished building the table structure in the garage last night. Aiming to have all this done by January for my son's 4th birthday. Will post regularly over the next few weeks with new pics and so on quite excited to get into the modelling part again, I love constructing but I do love getting lost in flock and paint etc... Initial concept sketch: First track layout and elevations: Beginning the mountain range: Refining: Table design: 80m salvaged pine and two mid expression children Finished the table last night So that's where we are up to so far, next update will probably be when the routing arrives and I get stuck into that! On that note, I'm struggling to find a wiring guide for a track with 3 lanes? Most seem to cover two, would I need to be getting two power supplies? one for 2 lanes and the other for one? Cheers
  2. Hi guys, Firstly, wanted to say how awesome it is to find a dedicated Aussie forum for something like this - makes it seems more... welcoming? I'm in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, and I wanna build a track. I have two kids and played with slots when I was a kid and felt it high time to get back into it and give them something worthwhile to play with. I am the kind of person however that loves a project and would find it gut-wrenching to simply go and buy pieces to click together from a shop. So, I am designing a routered track and have been reading and reading and reading up on all the stuff I need to know but still have a few questions (I'm sure I will have many more and the project progresses) which would be amazing to have help with. First up, scale racers and choices and track spacing: Basically I am looking at designing a track for 1/32 cars. I like the idea of getting hold of some nice Pioneer cars to race and figure 1/32 would be the most accommodating size to start at. Now the space I am trying to design two is pretty large, but I don't want to undertake something EPIC on the first go, so I am looking at a board size of 2600mm x 1800mm (sound ok?) with a split level track. I want to make a 2 or 3 lane track (open to suggestions) but a the moment my main issue is trying to work out HOW THE HELL to space the track out correctly, as everything I read seems to contradict itself. After 4 hours of reading tonight I think 105mm seems to be the go on track spacing? with 115mm gutters? I would really like to router this myself, but to the same effect I have been reading people talking about routing quotes as little as $200 for CAD files provided... which just seems too good to be true? Does anyone have a good contact of a place in Melbourne/Eastern Suburbs that is good for this kind of job? Also in my design I am having trouble with what my minimum corner radius should be? As I havent actually raced for so long I have no clue on what is functional and what is not, so would just need to be told what to stick to... This seems to cover my main questions so far, I'd really appreciate any input people have for a newcomer and hopefully longtime enthusiast. Cheers, Brent
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