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Found 7 results

  1. Bought this on a whim with a few classic Carrera muscle cars. Didn’t have any donor chassis, so modified the snot out of it, to get rid of the front stub axles and push the guide forward about 1cm. Overall the chassis sits 2mm lower at front, 1mm lower at back. The body has been dropped 2mm into the chassis. Throwing out the Carrera innards, chopping the window unit and grinding the body and interior, took 8gms out, down from 83gm to 75gms, then 7gms lead added in total, back to 82gms, with an SRP 16k s-can motor. Overall it is fairly well balanced, runs similar to my Ninco XK120 Jag convertible, which weighs 81gms. It is for our Pre ‘65 Sports class at club. . ‘merican flavoured. A ‘63 Corvette Stingray C2. The Carrera body/chassis and narrow track means it won’t be as fast as some of the class cars, but it is doing close to my Ninco Jag on my track though less forgiving. And it looks cool …. Original wheels turned down for inserts
  2. Hello Folks I'm planning to set up a small Carrera oval as a test track and would like to be able to connect the standard 'terminal track' straight track to a variable power supply, and to also be able to use my Professor Motor and DS hand-controllers. I'd prefer to leave the existing Carrera power supply and controllers leads intact, so I'm wondering if anyone might have any spare leads from a power supply and controllers that may have passed their use-by date? Alternatively, does anyone know what commercially available connectors that I could use to make my own 'patch leads'? Den
  3. Good day Can anyone advise if there is a blade conversion kit to fit to a Scalextric Car to make it work better with a Carrera track?
  4. Hi Everyone Recently I bought a Carrera Mille Miglia 2 slot car set primarily to get the 'set cars' and some other cars that were included in the box. As I am already over-supplied with Ninco track sections I don't have a need for the Carrera track and the accessories that come with it and would like to sell it off. It is in great condition with no rust or tarnishing, I have tested the connector track and both (red) controllers work. You can Google 'Carrera Mille Miglia 2' to get a diagram of the track sections that are included, but the specialty components are a 2-piece humpback bridge with the curvature moulded in, a 6-section 180-degree banked corner and the connector track and controllers. Ideally I would like to sell it as a job-lot for around $120 but am open to offers for individual components. Please keep in mind that I am in Tassie so freight would be a consideration for mainland buyers. Please PM me for any other info required. Big Den
  5. After wanting a "proper" slot car set ever since I was a child, I ended up lashing out and buying a Carrera Evolution set a couple of years ago for the kids and I to muck around with. This went well for a while until a controller died and I soon forgot about the small setup in the shed. While away for work, I came across a shop selling the Carrera Cars 3 set. I thought it would make an excellent addition to the original track, as well as gaining some kid proof cars and that elusive extra controller required. The kids were ecstatic to say the least. Unfortunately we didn't have time to set it up that day and the kids had to wait a bit longer. Well, the next day I stumbled across a local shop that sells models & footy memorabilia. As it turns out, they also sell Carrera stuff. Needless to say, I didn't go home empty handed. I splurged on the new GT Triple Power set. Well that went really well on the floor in the living room for a week until the wife decided enough was enough and we had to pack it away. Well, I'm not one to just pack my toys away and not use them so a trip to Bunnings and some quality shed time was in order. Two days later I had this nice table knocked up. Now we have somewhere permanent and large enough to set up something really nice. Just ignore the mess. Between work, kids sport and RC racing, there isnt much time to clean out the shed. Besides, that's a job for warmer weather. I just cant wait to get this little beauty on the track.
  6. Hello, I have a problem with my Carrera Digital 132 track, specifically the pace car function. No issues programming the car and when I press the pace car button again the pace car starts taking every lane change as it should including the pit lane entry. Problem is it doesn't stop but rather drives straight out and keeps on going. I do have AKS set up on both the pit entry and exit and suspect it may have something to do with the issue. Fuelling and lap counting functions of the pit lane operate fine. Any help would be appreciated.
  7. Red Racer is back with some club racing to suit all forms of Slot car fans. Watch this and simular space's for current and upcoming race event's. Friday Night Racing Sideways Dallara and Riley Championship The first installment of Double R Club Racing will commence Friday the 10th of August. Sideways are produced by Racer in conjunction with Slot.It drivetrains. The combination results in highly detailed replica's with performance to match their looks. They have 12 different liveries and have small design changes which made the car's appear the same but perform differently. We have closed the gap on performance by using Slot.it race magnets throughout the 12 cars which has given them the same amount of magnet down force. The cars will be raced in stock form other than the magnet exception for some close racing. Tyres as alway's will be a must to get adiquiet grip and ride height. CARS Sideways Riley and Dallara SW01 to SW12 REGULATIONS 1 Control Race Magnet Rear Tyre optional between Slot.It and MJK Magnet pull on tester must not exceed 400grams No other modifications to car are allowed Must retain factory parts and interior Double R and Red Racer presents Slot.It Race Series In the lead up to the Qld slot championships we will be running a 6 round club series with the choice of dropping your worst round. It will be run fortnightly starting Wednesday the 25/7/2012 -7pm sharp, aim for 6:30pm There will be two classes run in two separate series. You may enter in them both. 1st class GROUP 1 (stock)Rules *One Magnet, genuine standard only *Must have at least 1.5mm ground clearance at magnet to blank set up board *Replacement genuine slot it tyres maybe used *Gluing in motor, magnet and genuine parts back on is allowed *loosening of screws is allowed *White kits must be painted *no other modifications allowed *Wheels must stay within the guards. 2nd Class MOD Rules *Only Genuine replacement slot it parts allowed *One magnet only Race Magnet can be used *Must have at least .8mm ground clearance at magnet to blank set up board *Standard motor only *Gluing is allowed *No cutting or drilling allowed *Must have interior can be Lexan *White kits must be painted *Wheels must stay within the guards Slot.It performance parts are allowed and include Hollow axles, Mag Wheels, Race Guides, Gear ratio changes etc.
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