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  1. EVENT: 6 hour Digital Enduro race using NSR GT cars and powered by Scorpius Wireless. DATE: May 18th-19th 2013. LOCATION: Unit 4 Nashlea Farm, Poors Lane North, Benfleet, Essex, UK TRACK: Approx 45 metre 6 lane Ninco track with 3 lane changer sections. CONTACT: Graeme Thoburn Ph 077897644950. Email fw14b@sky.com Rick Field Ph 0061412401154. Email: sales@scorpiuswireless.com RULES: 1.0 Models allowed: 1.1 NSR Corvette C6R GT2 1.2 NSR Audi R8 GT3 1.3 NSR Porsche 997 GT3 2.0 Bodyshell: 2.1 It must standard in all parts and cannot be modified. 2.2 Its must be painted including all parts. 2.3 The teams name must be adhered to the windscreen. Stickers supplied by organisers. 2.4 The car must include all pieces at the start. Exceptions include mirrors only. 2.5 The chassis must be attached using 3 NSR screws. 2.6 At the end of the race wheel inserts and mirrors may be missing. 2.7 It cannot be lightened from standard. 2.8 Interior must be standard. 3.0 Lights. 3.1 Lights shall not be permitted. 4.0 Chassis. 4.1 It must be standard and not modified. 5.0 Motor Mount. 5.1 It must be standard and not modified. 5.2 Screws must be standard NSR. 6.0 Bearings and Axles. 6.1 Standard axles only may be used. 6.2 Standard bearings only may be used 6.3 It is allowed to bend or modify bearing sidewalls to prevent movement in their supports. 6.4 NSR spacers may be used. 7.0 Motor. 7.1 Only standard issue 17,000 rpm Baby King hand out motors may be used. 7.2 Spare motors may only be obtained from organisers at 12.00 GBP 7.3 It can be fixed to the chassis with adhesive tape only. 7.4 The motor may not be zapped or modified in any way. 8.0 Gears 8.1 Only standard NSR gears may be used. The ratios cannot be changed. 9.0 Wheels. 9.1 Standard NSR wheels only may be used. 9.2 Replacement wheels must be same part as standard issue. 10.0 Tyres 10.1 Hand out tyres will be supplied by organisers. Standard tyres only may be used. Includes glued and trued. 10.2 Tyres can only be cleaned with tape supplied by the organisers. 10.3 Tyres cannot have an treatments carried out on them. 10.4 Replacement tyres must be standard and same as and or rims must be supplied by entrants and be scrutinised by organisers before fitting. Tyres and or rims must be in original NSR packaging of which cannot be opened prior to scrutinising by organisers. 10.5 Rules are same for front and rear tyres. 11.0 Motor and pick up wires. 11.1 Motor and pick up wires must be standard issue as supplied with the Scorpius car decoder. 11.2 The motor and pick up wires may be fixed to the chassis in any way the entrants see fit. 12.0 Braids. 12.1 The braids can be any by NSR. 12.2 The braids cannot be glued in place. 13.0 Screws. 13.1 All screws must be NSR and be adjusted anyway the entrants see fit. 14.0 Magnets. 14.1 No traction magnets are allowed. 15.0 Wheel track. 15.1 The tyres may not exceed the body width. 16.0 Power supply. 16.1 The power supply shall be set to 12V plus or minus one volt at the organisers discretion. 17.0 Spare parts. 17.1 All spare parts will be locked one hour before the start of race. Entrants may not use any spares except from their box, and only available via organisers. Entrants cannot buy, sell, give or swap parts with other entrants. All spare parts must be supplied by the entrants. 18.0 Added weight. 18.1 A maximum of 5 grams only of added weight may be added, under the cockpit only and not behind motor or axle. 19.0 Sportsmanship and behaviour. 19.1 Physical or verbal abuse of any entrant, marshall, member of public or organiser prohibited inside or outside the building. 19.2 Purposefully side swiping other competitors at lane changers prohibited. 19.3 Purposefully driving into de-slotted cars or rear ending of cars prohibited. 19.4 Purposefully blocking faster cars prohibited. 19.5 Purposefully rear ending any car prohibited. 19.6 Slower cars must let faster cars pass in safety. 19.7 Smoking is prohibited in the building at all times. 20.0 Marshalling. 20.1 Each team must supply one marshall at all times. 20.2 Each team must marshall in a sportsman like way and must not purposefully delay re-slotting any de-slotted car. 20.3 Marshalls shall only re-slot any car in lanes 1 or 6 only. 20.4 Marshalls must not interfere with the flow of any running car when re-slotting. 20.5 Teams must supply a marshall during practice and qualifying. 21.0 Race Duration 21.1 The duration of the race is 6 hours including any lost time due to track calls. Track calls will be administered by organisers only. 22.0 Teams 22.1 Teams must have 3 members only, no more, no less. Driver rotation will be at 20 minute intervals and must be observed. All drivers must have equal driving time and rotate in the same order. The order must be handed to the organisers 30 minutes prior to the start. 23.0 Qualification. 23.1 Qualifying will be held at 9am on race day. Each team will have 2 minutes to record their times with 1 minute between qualifications. 23.2 Cars will start on lanes 2, 3, 4 and 5. The qualifiers will get their choice of lane according to qualification times, fastest to slowest. 24.0 Start. 24.1 The race will start at 10am, Sunday 19th May 2013 24.2 Five metre spacings will separate each grid row. 24.3 The entrants may not move until the car in front has moved, regardless of events. 25.0 Practice. 25.1 Practice will be from 8am – 9am on Sunday 19th May and from 2pm to 5pm on Saturday 18th May 2013. 25.2 Practice time shall be limited to 10 minutes each 30 minute time period. 26.0 Technical control. 26.1 The organisers reserve the right to scrutinise any car at any time including practice, qualification and race including times in between. If the car is scrutinised during the race the organisers may add laps back on at their discretion if the car passes all rules. 27.0 Entry fees, cut off dates and controllers, locking of cars. 27.1 The entry fee per team is 80.00 GBP including one hand out car. 27.2 Car decoders supplied by organisers included in cost of entry and belong to the organisers. 27.3 The car decoder must be fitted and scrutinised by 2pm the day prior to the race. 27.4 The organisers must fit the car decoder at no cost to the entrants. 27.5 Controllers must be signed for by the entrant and are available from 10 am the day prior to the race. 27.6 Controllers can be hired from the organisers at 10.00 GBP per team for the 2 days. 27.7 Organisers will supply fresh batteries per controller. 27.8 The entrants agree to pay retail cost less 20% for any hired controller damaged in any way. 27.9 Entrants outside the UK will be given 50.00GBP for accommodation per member on presentation of proof of residence. 27.10 The entrants may purchase the cars after the event for 15.00GBP each. 27.11 Entries shall be limited to 16. 27.12 Seven Corvettes, seven Porsches and seven Audis are available. The entrants in order of entry mat select their choice. As types of cars are exhausted the entrants may have to resort to their second choice and third choice as available. It is therefore recommended entrants get in early to avoid disappointment. 27.13 Entrants may not supply their own cars. 27.14 The closing date for entries is 9pm 25th April. Late entries will attract a 50.00GBP surcharge. 27.15 All cars shall be kept on site and locked up overnight. Only the organisers shall have access to the cars. 28.0 Prizes. 28.1 First, second and third team will be presented with trophies. 28.2 First prize 250 GBP in cash. 28.3 Second prize two new NST GT cars 28.4 Third prize one new NSR GT car. 29. Liveries. 29.1 Each team shall have a different livery. If a car is already entered with a certain livery, subsequent entries with the same livery must modify their car with added colour to distinguish a difference to another similar livery. The colour modification shall be in coloured adhesive, not paint, unless agreed to 7 days prior to the start of the event, and shall be to the approval and discretion of the organisers. 30.0 Not listed. 30. Anything not listed is considered forbidden 31.0 Penalties. 31.1 A penalty of 100 laps will be removed from the teams total number of laps per offence. 31.2 Fitting of illegal parts or tyre treatment will render the team disqualified. END OF DOCUMENT
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