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Found 1 result

  1. GTR XU-1

    Milgun Park Raceway

    There was once a track called Eastern Creek International Raceway. Not too long ago, the track was given a mild facelift and was reinvented to be known now as Sydney Motorsport Park. Similarly, there was once a slot car track affectionately known as Copper Mill Raceway. The raceway has been closed for some time now, but is ready to be reborn. The track plans indicate that the undertaking will be so extensive, that the track owners have decided to open the track with a new name, Milgun Park Raceway. Copper Mill Raceway was a 1960's style racetrack designed with the safety standards that you would come to expect of a vintage raceway. As with many Australian race tracks, the track struggled to evolve with the growing safety improvements required to meet local and international sanctioning bodies. Milgun Park Raceway will be a race track of the modern era and such safety improvements will be factored in as default for the modern raceway providing greater satisfaction and confidence for the race drivers. ...... ...alright enough rubbish. With time has come great review of the Copper Mill Raceway scenery and track layout. Originally the track scenery was going to remain unchanged, but with the money being invested into the whole system, I said to Kirk, lets look at all the things of the original track that we didnt like... and lets look at a full overhaul. The track scenery for one will be given a full overhaul and look like a modern FIA grade raceway. We like the concept of Monza being a vintage track that evolved over time and the uncluttered nature of the track side scape...so will aim to model a similar look. Areas of the track that have been changed include from the original Ninco design include: 1) a fully functioning three bay (as much as we could fit) pit lane. You'll also note the tight entry to pit lane and slight chicane at exit to try to physically limit pit speeds. This included realigning the start straight to accomodate the space. 2) realigning the turn 2 hair pin. With the Ninco digital the tight hair pin was a crash zone with the speed differential off the start line. 3) Lengthened the second straight to relocate the 180 degree hair pin at turn 5 closer to the edge of the track (easier to reach) 4) Removed the kink at the top of the hill to provide more room at turn 5 and a clean pit entry. The middle lane of the track measures 17.2m. Being digital (Scorpius) equal lane lengths is not a concern A few of the track side items such as barriers are also shown although may be revised slightly here and there. These are shown as some of the barriers will need to be cut at time of CNC cutting. White lines show the proposed tire barriers below Grey lines show the concrete (painted timber) barriers Purple lines are armco (triple W-beam barrier, not sure what thats called. A lot of the barriers will have containment fences made from a scale woven stainless steel mesh also - but where it doesnt impede marshalling. We are currently investigating track surfaces, but I do like the car dynamics on ferradore paint. Below is a copy from autocad of the track design to date. The design is still subject to small changes and checks by a few autocad gurus. Presenting....the design of Milgun Park Raceway. CNC routing is expected to start March 2013ish. The track scery is being stripped currently. Dave
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