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  1. OZRALLY PROXY SERIES 20012-13 RULES Series Description This year's Oz Rally Proxy Series will be open to cars that competed in the World Rally Championship 1997 to 2012. See list of eligible cars. Entrant's cars shall comply with the following rules. The onus is on the entrant to ensure that their car complies with the rules. There will be no allowances if you cannot make a particular model comply even if it is on the eligibility list. Please think carefully about your choice before deciding on what to enter. 1. Body a) Body must be as original RTR. No additional material to be used to modify the body other than updating wings etc as per 1:1 car. The body to be fitted with a 3 dimensional interior consisting of at least a driver and co/driver ( head and shoulders), steering wheel and 2 seats Vac form plastic is acceptable. c) All cars must have all windows, as fitted to the original 1:1 scale prototype. The window material must be transparent. Vac form plastic is acceptable. Plastic pieces glued individually to the window frame is acceptable but must be fixed securely to the body shell. d) No resin bodies allowed. 2. Wheels & Tyres a) Wheels are open to any brand but must have a wheel insert or be a one piece wheel with sufficient detail to represent the style of the period of the model. Rear Tyres are open to any size of MJK eurethane . i) Silicone tyres are prohibited eg; PPR Super tyres, Slot.it S1's, Puma Paws, Indy Grips, etc. ii) Foam rubber tyres are prohibited eg; tuna type. iii) Wheels and /or Tyres shall not protrude beyond the outer edge of the wheel arch opening Front tyres cannot be any more than 1mm smaller than the rears. 3. Chassis a) The original RTR chassis as fitted to original body of the car must be retained. Traction Magnets are prohibited. c) No podded , sidewinder, angle winder, aftermarket or scratch built chassis allowed, plastic or otherwise. d) Chassis may be braced as required with a non metal material.eg plastic or PCB sheet. Brass, aluminum, steel or any other ferrous metal and carbon fibre are not permitted. e) No motor pod will be allowed this year. f) Guide flag mount may be replaced but pivot point must remain as original g) Ground clearance - a starting clearance of 1.6mm is recommended under chassis with a minimum clearance of 1.2 mm under the chassis including the gear. (Last year two cars had clearance problems during the event). If your car does not clear the track it may not get run until the problem is fixed. h) The entrant's name must be indelibly written on chassis. Use either your forum or real name. i) Body screws should be retained within the chassis in a manner to stop them falling out. J) 4wd cars can be converted to run as 2wd. 4. Weight No limit on weight. Ballast must be firmly attached. Ballast fixed under the chassis must be completely covered with tape 5. Motors Open motor choice 6. Other Parts Open choice of body mount screws axles, gears, guides and braids. 7. Technical Inspection a) All cars will be inspected by the series director before the first round for compliance with the rules. The onus is on the entrant to ensure that their car complies with the rules at the technical inspection. c) Should a car not comply the entrant will have the option of having it returned to rectify or withdraw. Minor non compliances can be rectified by and at the discretion of the series director. 8. Modifications Repairs & Pre-event Checks To Cars During The Series. a) Once a car has passed a technical inspection its technical specification cannot be changed. Specifically: - Gear ratio. - Motor spec, - Guide type, - Wheel / Tyre size and compound. An allowance will be made before the series begins to correct a technical spec that is in breach of the rules In the event of a mechanical failure, components can be replaced but must be of the same spec as originally entered. c) If a car requires a tyre or ("racing") braid change a 25 point penalty will be incurred. d) Body screws will be checked, bearings lubed, tyres and braids cleaned and set before each leg of the series by the track host. Tyres will be cleaned before each stage. 9. Series Point Scores Points will be awarded to each round as follows: 10. Conditions of Entry a) The entry fee is $10.00 AUD for Australian and International entries. Australian entry fee includes return postage. Overseas entries - return postage is additional to the entry fee and is payable at the completion of the event. The sole purpose of the fee is to cover postage costs (where applicable) of cars from one round to the next. Entries will close on 1st October. Entry fees must be paid by 1st October (4 weeks before start of first round). This is to ensure that people do not enter and then fail to send in a car, and denying others an entry spot. Entry fees are not refundable. Consideration may be given in exceptional circumstances and will be at the discression of the organiser c) Cars will need to be with the Series Director by 15th October for Tech inspection and allow sufficient time to rectify any issues with entrants cars. Please notify by Auslot Forum PM when cars have been posted d) Entries will be limited to 30 cars - One entry per person. e) Entrants will be invited to enter in the following order to prevent a first come first served scenario and people missing out because they weren't online at the right time. i. Those that entered last year and supported the event will have first option to enter again. ii. Australian and NZ members of Auslot who did not enter last year will be invited to enter next. iii. New International entries are welcome after that. iv. A reserve list will be used to fill vacant spots if required. 11. Postal address for sending cars and payment details Contact Kalbfellp for bank details Paypal is to: kalbfellp@netspace.net.au please include you forum name. Postal info is: P.Kalbfell 2 Shelmore Drive Old Beach Tasmania 7017 12. Misc. notes a) When sending car please do not use a plastic "crystal" case to hold you car. A small cardboard box with the car well wrapped in bubble wrap will suffice. Please do not send any spare parts with car as in the past they have had a tendency to go missing c) All cars will receive numbers (label paper stickers and will be attached to each car at round 1. Cars from last year will be allocated a number from last years finishing order). Entrants new to the proxy rally will be allocated numbers in sequential order upon receipt of entry. 13. Tracks and Hosting a Round a) Tracks are to be purpose built single or dual lane rally tracks. Multi lane race tracks with integral rally circuits are acceptable, provided the track is considered 'tight and twisty' and no long straights. Under no circumstances are rounds to be conducted on race circuits. Tracks are to have smooth surfaces. Elevations encouraged but extreme rough track surfaces that disadvantage some brands of car are not welcome. We are looking for a wide variety of makes and models and not a field dominated by one model only. c) The intention is to run the rounds at no longer than at 2 week intervals. Your round should be run by the next week end after the cars have arrived at your track. Forwarding on of the box of cars should be in time to arrive at the next host in plenty of time to run the round. d) Each days driving should be reported back to the forum when completed. e) An official score sheet should be completed and forwarded via e-mail to the director at the conclusion of your round. A template will be forward to you by the director before the commencement of your round. f) The postal addresses of next round host and reimbursement for postage costs will be forwarded to hosts by the series director at the conclusion of your round if required. g) Track owners are to run cars against the clock for a minimum of 8 minutes per round. You can break this up into as many stages as you like, for example, stage 1 on a Friday night, stages 2 and 3 on Saturday night and stage 4 on Sunday afternoon. An additional reputable driver (co driver) may be used to assist in driving at least one stage but must complete a full cycle of cars through that stage. The co- driver must be suitably familiar with the hosts track. Stages can vary in length and direction, just as long as the total time for the fastest cars is approximately 8 minutes. If you are unsure how many laps to run to total 8 minutes of driving - work out the best lap time you expect from a car in this field. Say 6.00 secs. How many laps will the fastest cars have to do be on track for 8 minutes. 8 minutess is 480 seconds so 80 laps total is a fair guess. 14. DISCALIMER Entrants should understand that no responsibility is accepted by the organisers, hosts or participants of the OzRally Proxy Series 20010/11 for the loss and/or damage to your cars or parts/equipment supplied either before, during or after the series is conducted. 15. OzRally Proxy Series 2011/12 Eligibility List This list of cars is not complete. Additional models maybe submitted to the organisers for consideration. The model must comply with the requirements as set out in the Series Description. Submissions should be supported by both documentary and pictorial evidence of a model's suitability for acceptance in the series. After consideration the series director's decision on a model's acceptance to the list, shall be final and not open to appeal. . AUTOART Citroen Xsara Ford Focus Mitsubishi Lancer Peugeot 206 Subaru WRX Avant Slot Subaru Mitsubishi Peugeot 207 But needs factory inline mount fitted. SCALEXTRIC Ford Focus Mitsubishi Lancer Peugeot 307 Renault Megane Skoda Fabia Subaru WRX FLY No cars eligible NINCO Citroen C2, C4, Saxo Fiat Punto, Uno Ford Focus Mitsubishi Lancer Peugeot 306, 307 Renault Clio Seat Cordoba Subaru WRX Toyota Corolla Toyata Celica Gt4 ST 205 Golf ( only for returning cars that run last year ) SCX Ford Focus,Fiesta, Festiva Citroen Xsara, DS 3,C4, C2 Hyundai Accent Mitsubishi Lancer Peugeot 206, 307 Skoda Octavia Subaru Imprezza Skoda Fabia Toyota Corolla Seat Cordoba Suzuki Swift Renault Megane Open Slot Subaru Impreza Citroen Xsara Ford Focus TeamSlot Celica ST 185
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