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Found 1 result

  1. charlesx

    Thundershot Lola

    Hi all. I spent last weekend at 1/32 Magnet Meeting in Porirua, Wellington, NZ. Great time had by all. While there I talked myself into buying the Lola. Hardly needed another car but it looked so good. I will do a review over next few days and hope to run at club meeting Sunday. Cannot claim to be the best person at setting up a car but I will do my best. Intention is to run standard except for gluing/truing tyres. Will add to this post as I progress. Regards Chas Le Breton (charlesx) PS. Had hoped to paste in from WORD doc but would not work so may take a little longer. Will doi stages. Thunderslot Lola T70 Review Purchased new 2 October 2016 - $120NZ. Supplier added in packet of 4 Thunderslot tyres worth $10. The car is packaged in usual clear plasitic box with car secured with PK screw. Nicely presented with great paintwork and decals but no drivers names. I must check actual car. Car is very light at 62.6gms. Body about 17gms and rolling chassis 45gms. This is compared with my standard Slot-it Toyota at 68gms. Could not compare with my NSR Classic as it is weighted. The interior and driver looks good and the engine intakes, exhaust systems and spare wheel are accurately modelled. Will be interesting to see how it goes in durability stakes. Further enhancements include well modelled headlights, mirrors, filler caps, door handles and rear tail lights. Treaded tyres look authentic with only slight moulding marks. They are quite loose on wheels so will definitely need gluing (particularly on rear. Front wheels are plastic and rear ali air hubs. Inserts look really smart. Front axle has 4 adjustment scrub screws (2 on top and 2 below) set up at factory with a little vertical movement. The chassis is set up to add independent front wheels. The bottom screws also secure a plastic channel which is slotted to accommodate the power pick-up wires. Much easier and sturdier than some other models. Car has a few innovations which I really like. The guide wires are secured with 2 scrub screw through the front of the guide rather than push in ferals or scrub screws through the top. I also like the 8mm chassis screws (3 x M2.5) with an allen key head. Some other models have very short PK screws which have a habit of coming out unless really tight. Not the best if you want some chassis/body movement. The heads are the same pattern as all other screws used in the model which is really convenient. An allen key would have been a nice touch but none was included. The standard chassis is very flexible but running will be the test of the motor mount. Stiffer/harder models of both are offered but I thought model expensive enough. My preference is to always stay with standard fittings but I will reneg on tyres if standard on do not work out. Dimension wise I had heard some suggestions re over scale. Have not checked yet but note rear track 60mm and front 56.5mm (total width over tyres). The body over the rear arches however is 65mm which seems quite wide. Not sure how this compares to scale or likes of NSR Mosler. Length is about 130mm. Whatever a most impressive looking model. Completed track trial today at Green Acres - our home 3 lane 20m wood track. Remember no chassis straightening, weight - only glued and trued tyres although they did not seem to sand at all. I may have knocked some of the blemishes off at best. Car was nothing short of sensational. I was almost immediately able to get to NSR Classic or Slot-it Group C pace. Car was sure footed, had good speed and cornered like on rails. Everybody was most impressed with cars performance, construction and looks. I am one happy chappy and glad I purchased. There was some talk about fitting race tyres and classes it could run in (would probably have to be open GT) but I will more than happy to leave as is in meantime at least. While I was really only running in my brother Young Paul and I did a few faster laps and managed a few decent crashes to test durability. Car came through with flying colours. It can only get better. By far the best car I have ever struck virtually straight out of the box.
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