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  1. Hi all with the Nationals being in Dunners this year and with both Tony's events being Nelson; and being the alternate year off from the 12 hour enduro; we were facing having no larger events in the North Island. So with some encouragement from Tony Cook and a few of the unruly great unwashed, assistance from SlotMadMac to host, the Shootout is back; dressed in DTM I have already taken provisional interest from a number of folk, and with entries realistically limited to 24 for the venue, do get your entry in early. This is an event which requires only basic tools, allows only low cost alterations from the car as supplied in the box, and is easy to set up; thus creating a level playing field that will encourage people who have never traveled beyond their home or race group to come and have a go. - One thing I don't want is gun builders making a batch of rocket ships for top drivers from other forms of slot racing. To my thinking that would just spoil it for those genuine RTR home racers stepping up into something new. - But what I would be very happy to see, is our local club guys (or other experienced RTR entrants); adopting a first time traveler or two in an organised "buddy up" scheme for the weekend, to give them some help at the event if they haven't been able to set their car up to typical spec. That would encourage those same new folk to come out and race for the first time. As such, it is essentially a "glue, true and tune" class for Slot.it DTM models the Opel Calibra, and Alfa Romeo 155. (The Mercedes will not be released in time for this event.) As the Opel is slightly wider, and 6mm lower, it would have a natural handling advantage, so I have set up one of each model, and messed around with small amounts of weight in the Alfa to bring the two models to par. This means entrants can choose either model with confidence that they can compete. Setup of these is pretty straightforward. A tune and test article covering both models will follow in April. Permitted changes are - White Kits to be custom painted in a realistic race livery, let's be pretty about this. Cars may have grub screws fitted to the standard chassis holes to set the front axle height and travel Front and rear tyres glued and trued - a small edge profile (curve at edges) can be maintained when you true Pod and body screws can be run loose or tight - whatever floats your boat Motors can be glued and/or taped in place Tape can be applied to the underside of chassis/pod to cushion the pod float (ribbed fibre-glass tape rules) Spacers may be used on axles, pod and body posts where you wish - or not Softer braid can be fitted if you prefer The Opel is to be run without any additional weight. The Alfa may have weight added up to a maximum car weight of 76 grams. (8 grams weight) - (This is to equalize performance between the models on Thunder Road Raceway.) Rear tyres are to be PT1171-N22 by Slot.it (no treating of rear tyres is permitted, before or at event) Front tyres can be Slot.it zero grip or original - you can coat original front tyres with nail varnish or superglue to make them equivalent to a zero grip, that's what I do; saves money. Chassis may be flattened if needed on a steel plate using the typical water bath or heat methods. None of this is rocket science, secret squirrel; or beyond the capabilities of most folk. What we really do NOT want is experienced racers getting clever, doing things that appear to slide into any grey area in the rules, but that would make their car unbeatable, and thus discourage those who are having their first go at competition in an environment beyond their own local situation. If it is not listed as permitted, you can't do it! Simple as that. And the overall rider folks, we are intending to have fun, and run a competitive but friendly, meltdown-free event. There is a very good early article about these cars HERE to give some background on DTM and the cars. The deal. Anyone entering the event who needs to buy a car for it, I'll throw in a pair of N22 tyres with the car. Entry fee for the weekend is $20 per person; which will give us a war chest to buy some of the food and drink to consume on site; and buy the host a thank you gift. I will supply a trophy and prizes. This is our track for the event, Mac's Thunder Road Raceway, 95 feet, four lanes of slotty goodness, thank you Mac. Entry form is HERE as a printable document, and copied below if you prefer to copy, paste and email back to me. There will be a special visit to the Napier slot-cave of Munter over the weekend, where people can see first hand his amazing creations, and open their wallets for some resin goodies. I will also open the SlotRaceShop for some period for any who wish, but make the Munter-cave your priority. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ENTRY FORM EVENT DATES 7 - 9 September 2018 NAME . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PHONE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . EMAIL ADDRESS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . YOUR HOME CLUB (if any) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ENTRY FEE $20 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . (Also includes a pair of PT1171 N22 tyres) Bank Account for payments - ANZ Napier 06-0701-0542961-00 Code: your Name Ref: Classic RULES No modifications other than those described in the rules are permitted unless approved by race organiser prior to event. Any car may be re-scrutineered during the event. The body will be removed for scrutineering. EVENT TIMES - Practice: Track live from 11am until 7.00 pm Friday - Scrutineering 5:30pm to 7:30pm Friday - Track Opens 9.00am Saturday - Qualifying Saturday from 9:15am - Racing Saturday from 10:30am until done - We may elect to run all or part of Race 3 Saturday - Entrants (and partners) Dinner 7.30pm (own cost) - Racing Sunday from 10:00am until completion of round 3 or Group 5 sprint RACE ORGANISER - Mark Burgess 020 4142 3246 SCRUTINEER - To Be confirmed RACE CONTROLLER - To Be confirmed STEWARDS - To Be confirmed ADDITIONAL NOTES: The event will consist of three races, each comprising heats of increasing length, and increasing points tally. This helps keep alive opportunity to improve in field placing throughout the weekend, and reduces any home track advantage, as visitors become progressively more familiar with the circuit. Morning and afternoon tea/coffee throughout the weekend, and lunch on Saturday are covered in the entry fee. There will be a Saturday night dinner organised which is at entrant's cost. Cars will be scrutineered upon completion of practice. This requires "body off". After scrutineering, cars will remain in Parc Ferme at the track overnight and be returned to entrants Saturday morning. Cars may be worked on at the venue between heats/races. We do not anticipate any drivers attempting to make modifications outside the spirit of the rules, and just aren't interested in nit-picking. This weekend is about meeting drivers from around the country and having fun. Should any car fail scrutineering; Entrant will have opportunity to bring it within the rules during the qualifying round. If he is unable to bring it within standard, the Chief Scrutineer and Race Organiser may impose such points penalty as they deem fit in fairness to other entrants, to enable that car to still compete. Qualifying is by way of best solo lap time by each driver in a one minute period. Race one drivers will drive in reverse order according to qualifying times. Races two and three running order will be determined by points from prior races. We will race throughout Saturday and complete as many heats as possible; then conclude on Sunday. Racing will not extend past midday Sunday; to enable entrants to safely book afternoon flights or drive home. The winners prize consists of bragging rights and free entry to the 2019 event, and something pretty from the Slotraceshop. All entrants will win a large bucket of satisfaction.
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