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  1. Hi Guys and Girls, this post is to let you all know that the New Zealand CanAm Proxy Series will be back again in 2015. I am still in the process of sorting the final Car Rules and correct Race Dates and that info will be posted as soon as confirmed but below is enough info to get you started with time frames etc. If you have any queries don’t hesitate to e-mail me at [drw21@vodafone.co.nz] I will try to answer any question that may arise but please read all of this as most answers can be found there. The 2015 NZ CanAm Poxy Series is open to all CanAm cars that raced in the CanAm series during the period of 1966 to 1974 inclusive. Eligible cars are defined as those listed as entrants, regardless of whether the car started the race in any of the CanAm races on this web site, and within this link => http://www.racingspo...hip/Can-Am.html More info on these cars can be found at => http://www.racingspo...Interserie.html http://www.ultimatecarpage.com/canam may also be helpful for CanAm cars. Group 7 CanAm cars that raced in the European INTERSERIE races prior to 1975 will also be permitted to race in the 2015 NZ CanAm Proxy Series as they were in 2014. (this means cars like the Carrera Lola T222 and other cars will not need to be re-painted to be able to compete in the 2015 NZ CanAm Proxy Series) The Nissan R381 from RMS Resins, the Nissan R382 and the Toyota 7 from Tassie Resin Products will also be permitted to enter as they are also Group 7 CanAm cars. As with all CanAm cars, they too will need to have correct colours, numbers, engine and wheel detail so that they resemble what ran in CanAm style race at the time to pass the Tech Check. There is a maximum of 6 of each model (irrespective of livery or brand) that can be entered. eg; no more than 6x McLaren M8D cars in the series regardless of brand and livery. New for 2015…… There is a maximum of 24 cars to be entered in the 2015 NZ CanAm Proxy Series, this means the first 24 cars that are officially accepted get to race. At this stage I will only accept 1 car per entrant, only to allow more guys to enter. If there is room later on, I will open up for double entries to a maximum of two cars per entrant with the proviso that the 2 cars must not be in the same class. I will keep you all posted this forum about how the entries are progressing and if/when there is room to allow double entries. Once a car has been officially accepted it cannot be exchanged for another car. Entries for the 2015 NZ CanAm Proxy Series will be open from November 1st 2014. Entries will be closed on March 28 or earlier if a full field of 24 cars has been reached. If a car enters after March 28 then it will incur a late entry penalty. If a car turns up after March 28 then it will incur a late entry penalty. Entries will only be officially accepted once full payment has been received with entrant’s name and car details. Entry fees for 2015 will be the same as 2014 – NZ15.00, AU15.00, US15.00, EURO12.00 per car. If you are from outside of the Auckland area it would be best to e-mail me [drw21@vodafone.co.nz] for payment details, that way I can keep track much easier, I wouldn’t want any one to miss out. The entry fee is non refundable once paid. CanAm cars need to get to me for the Tech Check no later than March 28. That gives you more than 4 months to get your entry fee paid, car ready to race and to me for the Tech Check. Cars can be sent to me for the tech check at any time before 28th March, my address is Dave West, 8 Vintage Drive, Henderson, Auckland 0612. Cars will be checked as they arrive, if for some reason a car doesn’t pass the Tech Check I will contact the owner via e-mail and go from there. Once the car passes the Tech Check it will be safely impounded until required for the 1st race. I’m expecting the usual suspects from 2014 will be returning to enter this CanAm Proxy Series as well as others that have entered in previous years might get back on the track would be great. Just like 2014 there will be 8 Races that make up the Series but only the best 7 results will be included for the points tally. Race #1 will be on the Orakei Raceway track the weekend of April 12 with qualifying the previous Tuesday night. Get your CanAm cars ready to race!!!!!!!
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