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  1. Scale Auto Regulations 2012 (as used in Australia) 1.1.0. GENERAL DESCRIPTION (a) The only cars permitted to enter are the Scaleauto Porsche 911 GT3 (997) the Scaleauto BMW M3 GT2 the Scaleauto Jaguar XKR-RSR GT2 and the Scaleauto Mercedes SLS GT3 at 1/24 scale. (b ) It is the responsibility of the racer to ensure that the purchased Scaleauto cars are accurate, complete and without missing parts. (c )An original example of homologated Scaleauto cars as described by Art.1.1.0(a) will be at Technical Control as reference for the Technical Director and Scrutineers. In the case of all disputes, the judgement of the Technical Director will be final and binding. (d) All of the body parts that come with the Scaleauto cars as described in Art. 1.1.0.(a) must be used. See the following Rules-Pictures for additional clarification. If a part is shown in these pictures it must be on the car according to the manufacturer’s intended mounting and location. The only exceptions are as follows: Art. 1.1.5.(h). 1.1.1. MODIFICATIONS (a) It is not permitted to modify the RTR car or white kit in any way other than those parts of free make as described by Art. 1.1.1(b ) (b ) Parts of free make are restricted to: (i) nuts, bolts, spacers and washers, (ii) the guide and guide nut, (ii) braid, braid clips & lead wires, (iv) axles (v) axle bearings, (vi) ballast lead weights, (vii) wheel inserts, (viii) spur gear, (ix) pinion gear. (c )Scaleauto tuning parts including the carbon H-plates, spring plates, guides holders, etc. are NOT permitted. 1.1.2. WEIGHT, DIMENSIONS & GROUND CLEARANCE (a) The minimum weight for a complete Scaleauto car is 190g. (b ) The minimum weight for the body with the body mounts and fixing screws attached is 55g. (c )The ground clearance will be measured under the entire RTR car with the guide out of play so that all four wheels sit flat on the tech block. (d) The ground clearance at the start of every race is never less than 1.80mm. (e) The ground clearance during or at the end of any race is never less than 1.40mm. (f) Additional weighting of the body can only be applied to the vertical surfaces of the plastic reinforcing strips within the boundaries as shown in this picture. (g) The distance from the top of the H plate to the bottom of the chassis plate is never more than 4.0mm. 1.1.3. CHASSIS (only non-drop arm). (a) The chassis must be assembled with screws and/or nuts and bolts using the original mounting holes. (b ) The chassis must be assembled in the exact manner and orientation of the production RTR car. (c )The chassis plates may be flat sanded to remove burrs, sharp edges and swelling. (d) The original mounting holes can be re-countersunk to properly seat the screws. (e) The original MSC/Scale Auto logo on the bottom face of the main chassis plate must remain visible to the Technical Control. (f) The original chassis plates, parts and metal body holders can not be repainted or refinished in any way. (g) The length of the guide blade cannot exceed 27,0 mm and this guide blade is the only part of the chassis that may enter the track's slot. (h) No part of the chassis may be visible when viewing the car from above. 1.1.4. MOTOR, GEAR AND PINION (a) The handout motor will be decided by the event organiser, but will be limited to the Scale Auto SC-25 Sprinter or the NSR 25000 King. (b ) Soldering may only be used to attached the lead wires to the motor terminals. (c )Motor coolers or heat dissipating products of any kind are not permitted. (d) Only M50 pitch pinion and spur gears are permitted. (e) The ratio is fixed at 12:44 for the SC -25 Sprinter and 10:44 for the NSR 25000 King. 1.1.5. AXLES, BEARINGS & WHEELS (a) Only solid steel 3 mm diameter axles front and rear are permitted. No independent front axle configurations of any kind are permitted. (b ) Ball bearings for 3mm axles are permitted. (c )Front wheels must be RTR Scaleauto SC 2715P or the standard front rims and tyres as supplied with the RTR cars. (d) Each front wheel must make 7.5mm of contact with the tech block with the guide out of play. Front tires may be hardened and polished. (e) Rear wheels are always RTR Scaleauto SC 2421PP ProComp 3 wheels with 27,5mm OD, 13.0mm wide. (f) Rear tires may not under any circumstances be treated with any kind of tyre dressing, compound or product. (g) Removing dirt, dust and loose rubber particles from the tyres may only be performed with a tape roll or Shellite provided by the Race Direction. (h) All four wheels must be fitted with three-dimensional wheel inserts correct to the car. (i) The wheels may not protrude outside of the body when viewed from above. (j) No car can have a front spur greater than 80mm or rear spur greater than 83mm, measured at the widest point of the front and rear axles. 1.1.6. BODY & INTERIOR (a) All bodies and interiors must be painted. (b ) Fantasy liveries in the spirit of 1:1 motor sport are permitted. (c ) Three number shields typical of 1:1 motor sport are required. (d) The stock rear wing uprights only may be replaced or reinforced with rubber parts of equal or like shape. The Scale Auto Carbon Rear wing may not be used, but the rubber wing mounts supplied with these wings may be used. (e) Only the BMW M3 GT2, MERCEDES-BENZ SLS GT3 and the JAGUAR XKR GT2 are permitted to use the full Scaleauto Lexan Kits including the windows and full interior. The roll cage from the original plastic interior must be refitted to the lexan interior. (f) The hard plastic interior firewall and air ducts does not have to be used with the lexan kit for the JAGUAR XKR GT2. (h) No modifications of the body are permitted other than those described by Art. 1.1.6(a-e). 7.1.7. ADDITIONAL NOTES & CLARIFICATION TO RACERS. (a) Metal body mounting brackets SC Part No. 8117 can be used in place of the plastic part as first shipped on the Porsche 911 RSR GT3 cars in 2010. (b )nly Scale Auto lexan interior and window kits may be used where allowed. (c ) The gas filler caps in the Mercedes that are molded into the lexan windows should be trimmed away so that the original plastic filler caps are used. (d) When fitting the lexan interior the legs of the roll cage in the Mercedes may be shortened. END.
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