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  1. why do the falcons c3076 and c3077 have a different size wheel to all the other ausies v8 cars and what other tyres will fit them, ie mjk? or slot it
  2. hi there would you please advise what mjk part number ttre you used on the torana thanks e
  3. ltrack

    Mjk Valiant

    where in nsw can i buy mjk kits such as the holdens and the valiant also is it available in 1/32? i have looked up mjk site but it always says its being updated and what info there is seems old such as its tire listings etc thanks in advance
  4. can clear lexan bodies such as those made by patto be painted on the outside and if so what paint to use
  5. ltrack

    Cheap Tricks

    well thank you for such easy to do tips, which most of us probably dont know (no insult intended to the informed and the others & the experts who contribute greatly to this forum) i would not call yours ideas "cheap" tricks the word cheap normally infers a lesser quality/value . there are many of us ,myself included, who really appreciate/need pics to understand the interpretion which to the poster seems a simple process but to the uninformed, as they say ,a picture is worth a thousand words
  6. ltrack

    How Much Weight

    i have scx track if i where to run scale, fly & scx cars without magnets ,what is the approximate lead weight which is added to a car i have heard stories of double the weight of a standard car what is the fastest ,mag cars or weighted non magnet cars on scx track?? using a scale aussie v8 as an example
  7. ltrack

    Scx Speedo

    i have around 63 meters of scx track the track uses a seperate variable voltage power supply and slot it hand controls ,the track has soldered leads every 6 track pieces running back to junction boxes and then onto custom made control boxes (around 200 meters of wiring) it works well no power drop i would like to adapt the scx speedometer, it has a system where by you allocate a value for different track lengths x by the number of each different type of track (different values for kph or mph) if i fit the scx terminal track/power base and sensor track piece which comes with the speedo and use an scx power transformer only for the speedo will it work?? or how would i wire the speedo in i like the scx speedo as it gives the average speed per lap/trackof each car and the fastest speed reached of each car, it also gives the distance covered perhaps their is another alternative /speedo available ?? i intend to install a seperate computer controled lap timer/race system later such as the startline raceway system as sold by armchair racer , any comments on that system would also be appreciated
  8. what is the difference between scx ,scale classic ,and scale sport slot depths i am planning to buy scx track i have some very very old scale track which is very shallow and want to replace it
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