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  1. Hello Matt, The Strombecker Ferrari has come up a treat. It is from the Competition Series from about 1963/64, that ran the Scuttler motor. The range included a Jaguar XKE, Lotus 19 ,Porsche RSK, and a Mercedes W194, as well as the Spook Dragster. These cars came in kit form and were not issued with wheel inserts, but 2 or 3 prong knock offs. Some had bullet type knock offs . My original Ferrari has 3 prong knock offs, where as my XKE has the bullet style. If you are serious about racing these stombecker cars with the Scuttler motor, it is best to reinforce the rear axle carrier where it meets the motor. Cheers, Doug
  2. Hi Matt, The Lotus is a Stromecker. Cheers, Doug
  3. Hello Lloyd, Your track is looking good. Yes Carrera track is nice to race on. Are you only running digital cars, as I am in Newcastle ,not far from Raymond Terrace, and will be setting up a track soon. Cheers, Doug
  4. iagx5

    Peter Brock Trophy

    Hello Stoo, Good to hear from you, and no I don't blame you at all for the goo issues at the Geoghean Trophy race. Was racing on a real slim budget back then. Couldn't afford a new armature, so I sold the car cheap to a guy I worked with that used to race at Ingleburn. Even so loved the racing back then, especially at Fairfield where I used to Club race on a Tuesday night in Group 12. Always walked away with the 2nd place trophies at the end of the seasons. Just couldn't beat John Kinnip. He was good. By the way, met my Wife Josie at Fairfield, we are still together, after 26 years, and have resided in Newcastle for the last 16 years. Good to think of the old days racing, and miss it heaps. Wish we had a track in Newcastle again. Does anyone remember the old track at Glendale in Newcastle? Take Care, and have a Merry Christmas Doug
  5. iagx5

    Peter Brock Trophy

    Hello Guys, I ran my last race at Penrith in 1990. It was the Geoghan Trophy. I was at the time running Group 12 and 15. I had to pull out midway through the 15 race as I near fried an armature. I geared the car to high, hence it would bog down on the goo laid down . I was on every lane after Stoo, who had put down the goo, so I pulled the pin then and there. Miss the NSW Association racing of the 80's, on tracks like G&D, Fairfield and at Rockdale, and when it moved to Campbelltown, when it was owned by Don. By the way, what happened to Paul Travis? I bought a lot of vintage stuff off him. Take care, Doug
  6. Hello Guys, I am soon going to build a 4 lane track in my back room, but not until next year to run my vintage slots on in Newcastle. Cheers
  7. Hi Guys, My favourite classes are vintage NASCAR, and pre 1965 sports cars, particularly vintage Revell , Strombecker and Monogram. I am sorry, but this modern day, expensive high powered new stuff, doesn't do anything for me. Kind Regards, Doug
  8. iagx5


    Hello Guys, By the way, at least with the older style Dremel , that is the 240 volt version, you can make a non variable speed model into a variable speed one with a minimum of fuss using a light dimmer, or variable speed control, like I use with a ceiling fan, a power point, and a 240 volt lead with plug. A suitable project box, or something from an electrical wholesale outlet to house it in Cheers, Doug
  9. iagx5


    Hello Guys, I am still using my old Dremel 259 Moto-tool, which dates from the early 70's .My dad bought it for me when I was a teenager Good quality American engineering. I also use an Osada, which is a infinitly variable speed foot pedal operated tool used in the dental trade. It is fantastic quality, and is now a few years old. I swapped Uniden CB radio for it, but I think I got the better end of the deal. Cheers, Doug
  10. Thanks Phil, The link you posted shows exactly what my built Lotus and kit look like. Hopefully, once I get my old digital camera working, I will post some pictures. Take Care, Doug
  11. Hello Guys, Yes the Tamiya Lotus 30 is a 1/32 scale car. I have one built, and one unbuilt kit. They use a black aluminium inline chassis with a weighted drop arm. The kit, like all Tamiya kits, doesn't come with a motor. The built one runs a FT16 motor and a ball raced back axle. They used to go pretty well, once you geared them right for the appropriate track you ran at. Alas, I haven't run it in about 30 years. Cheers, Doug
  12. Revell Mercedes 300sl Gullwing{just restored} Strombecker Plymouth Barracuda Competion Series Atlas Ford GT K&B Mercury Comet Tamiya Lotus 30 {unbuilt kit} Monogram Ferrari 250 GTO LM {unbuilt kit} Doug
  13. G'day Guys, My first taste of slot car racing was when I was a young bloke in the late '60's. I used to race my older brother Chris's K&B Chapparal , which I still own, later graduating to a Tamiya Lotus 40, which I restored in the '80's and still have. We were lucky, as the track was across the road from us in Dundas Valley. My dear old Mum still lives there, but the track went years ago Doug
  14. Hello Guys, Love the Forum, but how about a Vintage section for the forum. I love the old Revell , Monogam and Stombecker cars of the '60's era, as I have many, and would enjoy seeing what others have, or projects they are restoring. Kind Regards, Doug
  15. iagx5

    Moffat Falcon

    When is Scalextric going to make a decent product. Having owned an XB 2 door, I think they cocked up the dimensions, and it doesn't look right, hence having seen someone elses, I will save my money, instead of second rate chinese crap.
  16. G'Day Bunge, I use a Carrera lap couter/ timer on my 2 lane SCX track, and haven't had any problems with it. I picked it up off Ebay for a good price and is a cheaper alternative than any computer lapcounters, and you dont need a "dead strip" in your track to activate it, as it uses photoelectrics to trigger it. Kind Regards iagx5
  17. Hello Badbilly, Thanks for the reply, my good buddy ,Wovtam and myself ,are about to start a monthly series on the 12th of March. We are keeping it simply ,box standard class ,using SCX ,Ninco and Scalextrics, and will have a group of regular racers. We will alternate between tracks, so there will be variety. Email me if you are interested. Kind Regards Doug (iagx5)
  18. Just wondering if there are any people interested in the Newcastle area in a serious championship race series for magnet and nonmagnet cars. I am open to sugestions in classes and brands, including SCX ,Scalextrics and Ninco. I like hard but fair racing, and face it ,I want to get a bit more use out of my 2 lane 18' x 6' SCX track Kind Regards
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