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    New Shed New Track

    Whats the surface paint ?
  2. road course - free to whoever takes it away
  3. this track may be up for grabs soon , $350 to who ever can pull it down and take it , I can help but due to back injuries I cant help physically much
  4. BMR Oval track and BMR road track could be up for sale soon , any interested people just pm me
  5. Bobs Crawfords " Sunset" molds and machine went to Thunderbirds Raceway in SA , I think they have a new machine , Bobs was a one off- made using a twin tub washing machine as a base with some directions scribbled on it in texta pen , only Bob could crack the code
  6. I need a vacuum forming machine - even a simple one just for windows and glass . anyone got any ideas on a home built one ? I was going to make vacuum HQ 4door bodies - scale ones the sae as the hard body but my mate Bob C died :(
  7. I have the mold still but no spare $$ to buy materials ? I have a 1 to1 chev to build now
  8. Found the thread again
  9. BMR

    Cheap Tricks

    Yes , he admit he used 9mm mdf as shelves he should have used something lighter or drilled it with a heap of holes then layed the foam over the top , the tin box itself isnt haevy for its size , less than your average canterlever tool box I reckon
  10. BMR

    Cheap Tricks

    What to do with that old dead computer tower - turn it into a slot car box . Novel box turned up recently at my place , it even had a watch battery installed to get working blue led lights to make it look like it was still a running computer .
  11. Hi all , left this thread for a bit and forgot to reply . re the johnson - a test on the tamiya kph gadget which isnt exactly up to NASA standards showed the johnson di do about 30,000rpm , on the track the thing had basically no torque which would back up what Axeman said earlier in the thread ( 50gcm ) Early Johnson was all revs but no go , even in an early scalextric mini which isnt exactly a heavy car it performed dismally on my track getting left behind by cars with more modern motors that are rated at 12 - 14 k / guessing about 100gcm . The old gold scalextric johnson didnt wind up any speed at the end of the 6 metre straight to impress either - tested a few of them so it wasnt just one dud . Hey they are what they are , its safe to say at the recent race at my place where we let the johnson run with all the other cars ( that were rpm limited to 16k ) The johnson was a reliable last place in every race . A normal run of the mill Scalextric 18k mabuchi on 10v will dust the stock johnson on 14v , yes the Johnson can be hotted up to go , but thats a whole different kettle of fish isnt it .
  12. Had John at FPR ( Fulham Park Raceway ) drop a couple of minis on his Tamiya dyno - crude guess running with a white mark on the wheels with a strobe light the wheels came up at 7000-7200 so with 3:1 gearing the motors were 21000 or so as a ball park , no way to test for torque but it aint much , they motivate the early minis ok with no ballast weight but 21k rpm is beyond what the up coming race class is limited at - so it seems the question may be answered . Next question - ideas have been put forward to limit the motors via resistors - Im not electrical wiz so any ideas on that front are appreciated
  13. Happy Birthday no need to tell us how young ya are most of us oldies will only be jealous
  14. Looking further its the johnson 111 motor that seems to be the motor I need the specs for , see the link on the first post - when I had a look easrlier tonight around the various websites there are people calling the johnson111 a 13uo and visa versa ? 13uo motors do seem to crop up a lot as high rpm motors but mostly the sites are talking about modifying them to do that . Imnot really into the old stuff , never been too fussed , plus never really cared for modifying motors anyway , dont paticularly go for the idea myself as it usually leeds to people leaving the racing venue / club to those few that can ( and do ) modify motors to win . history shows from there that it usually ends up with a club down to 3 members and no marshals - then no club ? Anyway 32000 rpm is way above what the little motor I have in my ancient scaley mini - if sound is anything to go on its lucky to be half that 32k - but its hard to tell over all the gear noise and axle rattle
  15. Cheers Phil , I did think to save time and PM you before posting on the forum , then thought others may be interested to know what those oldies did in the rpm stakes
  16. Hi all , I've been searching the web to try and find out what the old scaley motors maximum revs may have been ( 1970s ) The motors were used in all the scaley cars back then , call them 13uo , Johnson 111 whatever ya like I just need to find out how hard they revved in stock form . to see if the motor will qualify in a 16k motor class Picture of the motor here , tried to contact these guys on this site bit no answer yet http://www.scalextric-car.co.uk/Catalogue/Motor_Types/Johnson_Motor/Johnson_Motor.htm Cheers for any info Steve
  17. From what I remember of the TV episodes you should let Grommet finish the work and give Wallace a cup of tea and some cheese to munch on
  18. For my two cents worth , go with the track layout and dont get too fussed on equal lane lengths - depends on how many lanes - if its two lanes then there shouldnt be too much difference anyway . If theres 4 lanes or more the track layout will most likely have more influence on lap times than the lane length itself . My track is 4 lanes and the two inner lanes are the shortest by arount 600 - 800 mm over the whole lap length . the average lane length is 27.5m . I have seen best lap records for the track within a car class set on every lane including the lane thats the longest of all which is about 1.4 metres longer than the shortest lane . The outside lanes will allow a car to carry more speed which makes up for the shorter distance covered by the inner lanes . As said earlier in the thread , people get to race every lane in an event so it all works out in the end . I personally wouldnt mess around too much to router a track just to get every lane within a few centimeters of each other even on a two lane track . Its not really worth the headace to router one lane with a slightly larger raduis on one corner just to make that lane 2 cm longer so it can equal the other lanes length on a two lane track .
  19. I've only looked at Auslot a few times since Xmas , so this is the first thread I've looked at for a while and I do have to say there hasnt been much to fire me up lately . As someone said earlier in the thread people go on holidays , find something new to bury themselves in , or just loose interest for a while . Thats just how it goes , I think many of us have been on the forum for so long that we have seen a lot and its not so new anymore so we stop looking . All ya can do is look once a week or so and see whats posted sooner or later something will fire ya back up , Im sure the forum will always welcome ya back
  20. The sprint plus chassis with vacuum formed bodies are a good package for sprintcars , not exact scale replicas like a large slotcar manufacturer would ( could ) do but good enough to have and race . I have a few that race them at my plce and I can say with real track testing knowledge that they are strong and handle all the crashes and bangs that all sotcars go through very well . Not many if any plastic chassis slotcars can fly off a track into a wall and fall 2 metres and then be put straight back onto the track to continue racing . As said above theyre not exact replicas but with a bit of effort they can be made to look better with some brass rod soldered into place to give support for a top wing and side bars click the photo to enlarge .
  21. BMR

    F1 Tv Coverage

    Quantas lounge , their dribble actually made me swap channels , never thought I would watch a Gilligans Island re run before a motorsport presentation The presenters in the pits interviewing each other ?? was that because nobody wanted to talk to them . I think it was last year , maybe the year before when M Shoemaker fobbed the Channel 10 interviewer off , Shoey gave him a look like who the **** are you ? Get outa my face looser . I thought last years Ch10 presentation was bad but they managed to top themselves with all the cross selling of their up coming TV shows Channel 10 ARE the Biggest Loosers Race was good though , poor old Webber , another crappy start , maybe he should opt to start on his best tyres back in 7th place instead of wasting a set qualifying for the front line ?
  22. Hi Tristan , I use the 12 x 8 mjk air ride type rims on my Fairlane with tall tyres compared to the usual 20x10 slot it style tyre , the tyres are the MJK scalextric Camaro / mustang replacement tyres meant for the origonal plastic rims , they measure around 22 x 9mm , MJK make inserts for these rims but Im slack on that these days . Lots of sidewall on these tyres so I doubt the air ride type rim would really have that much influence on the way the tyre works ? These rims have no hub extension at the back for a grub screw so they can fit in close to the chassis , they come in a solid style rim as well .
  23. I know what you mean about the marbles , I have raced the MJK tyres on 1/24th metal chassis for years and whenever we run an enduro theres lots of marbles on the tracks outer edges , it makes it interesting to race on the outer lanes if the cars rear end swings out a little too far because the tyres will pick up a few marbles ( urethane dust ) dirty tyres means the cars gonna slide about a bit more until the marbles wear off again , usually its only about 5 laps and the tyres back to running like normal . Marbles can give a little realism to the racing I suppose and it often gives a few laughs when its a front running car that runs wide or deslots into the marbles because it helps the rest of us catch up a bit , We have all raced against people that can be hard to pass because their car always seems to be twice as wide in the corners , generally its because he / she slides the cars rear end out more when they drive the corners - that wide sliding style of driving backfires when their running on the outer lanes picking up the marbles Its all good fun but I suppose that all depends on how serious you take your racing - loosing a race because a dirty outer lane spoils the grip does upset some racers , I kinda like the idea of having to drive the car online better to make sure I dont suffer any marble pickup , and if I do get dirty tyres during the race I dont like it but I dont mind the challenge of driving around it and running the marbles off if I can . Its practically impossible to do in a sprint race though
  24. yep Colin has packed up and is now just racing at home , not sure how many tracks hes set up at home . His reasons were not enough people racing on the 8 lane track to pay for the space it took up so he packed the 8 laner up and used the space for scale racing on his smaller tracks for a bit ( tracks were around 17 metres or so per lap x 4 lanes ) Even with a few scale type tracks it seems the support was still not enough to pay the rent etc and make a living . - doesnt help when the local players opt to buy spares online instead of supporting the local commercial track owner , it my have saved the locals a few short term dollars but now they aint got tracks to race on . I guess they will have to search out some home based race groups and knock on their doors .
  25. Gday Ray , good bit of imput there about the running of the air ride rims vs solids in an endurance race . When I started reading your post I thought you were going to say the tyres wore out faster on the solid type rims during the race . Was the decsion to stop using the solid type rims after a few test laps because they didnt grip straight away - eg the track wasnt quite ready yet . - or was it that the air ride type rims were a lot better after the track had more laps on it ? Or as you said the air rides had a huge advantage in grip straight away on a less than race ready track ?
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