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  1. BMR

    New Shed New Track

    Whats the surface paint ?
  2. road course - free to whoever takes it away
  3. this track may be up for grabs soon , $350 to who ever can pull it down and take it , I can help but due to back injuries I cant help physically much
  4. BMR Oval track and BMR road track could be up for sale soon , any interested people just pm me
  5. BMR

    12/4 Hq Sedan Body(S)

    No a bloke in Britain made it
  6. Bobs Crawfords " Sunset" molds and machine went to Thunderbirds Raceway in SA , I think they have a new machine , Bobs was a one off- made using a twin tub washing machine as a base with some directions scribbled on it in texta pen , only Bob could crack the code
  7. I need a vacuum forming machine - even a simple one just for windows and glass . anyone got any ideas on a home built one ? I was going to make vacuum HQ 4door bodies - scale ones the sae as the hard body but my mate Bob C died :(
  8. I have the mold still but no spare $$ to buy materials ? I have a 1 to1 chev to build now
  9. Found the thread again
  10. BMR

    12/4 Hq Sedan Body(S)

    The parts box people could have had the mold / plug to make the 4 door HQs but they ( she ) didn't want to offer anything for it , wanted it freebies ???? Like my time to make it was nothing ? So it sits unused in the shed , Im open to offers
  11. BMR

    12/4 Hq Sedan Body(S)

    A few at my place have used the parts box resin HQ coupes , they are ok but one hit and they crack , the resin that the MJK guys use to make the 1/32 EH and FJ holdens is better as far as impact resistance goes , but when its all said and done even the Revell , AMT , Tamiya , Scaleauto bodies will crack if they get hit hard enough - that's racing
  12. BMR

    12/4 Hq Sedan Body(S)

    Well it has been a while , Im a bit lost on the site , cant find any of my earlier posts or topics to look at ?
  13. BMR

    12/4 Hq Sedan Body(S)

    Hi all , I have been off Auslot for ages , a friend Lenny broke sent me the link to this thread , Yep I have 4 door HQs ( 1/25th scale ) roughly the same wheelbase as a 1/25th scale Camaro + - 1 mm I haven't made a new silicone mold the old one is still in the shed with a few minor flaws in it , eg bits of silicone pulled out of it from over use. Buying new materials isn't on my hit list to spend money on at the moment , cant jusify spending the $$ to make just two or three bodies plus the man that made the vacuum formed interior and window glass died ( Sunset bodies ) So in short I have a nice mold / plug of a HQ 4 door that needs a new silicone mold made from it if anyone wants any HQ 4 door bodies , I have the vacuum forming molds for the interior and window area ( windows are one piece and snap fit in very well )
  14. BMR

    Cheap Tricks

    Yes , he admit he used 9mm mdf as shelves he should have used something lighter or drilled it with a heap of holes then layed the foam over the top , the tin box itself isnt haevy for its size , less than your average canterlever tool box I reckon
  15. BMR

    Cheap Tricks

    What to do with that old dead computer tower - turn it into a slot car box . Novel box turned up recently at my place , it even had a watch battery installed to get working blue led lights to make it look like it was still a running computer .
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