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  1. Tim S did you wing G15 at the 1993 or 4 adam miller? No... I'm not Tim S, I'm Tim I. I didn't really do much of note back then. I was just a little fella, but had a lot of fun. I started building a flexi but never finished and ran it. It was an expensive hobby as a school kid... then started work and got into the 1:1s. These flexis I have now are reasonably recent additions, picked up in the last 3 or 4 years when my kids got interested. I never raced at Redline either. The week I finally called in there was the week afte it closed Where is that king now? Last I heard from Bob C about 4 years ago it was in storage and they were going to give it to someone who had the space to set it up. Tim
  2. Cheers Alan, Yes, Pulteney St... that's the one. Building became Muirden Business College (or something like that) later. Not sure if you'll see my name in the '79 points... maybe tho. But I recon Neil or Trevor Jones might be. Trevor used my car a fair bit for a while at one stage around that time when I had bugger all money to race, but my car still left his for dead Shame about that track. It was damn fast along the back and into the bank. Did myself some damage there Have never seen a photo of it either, and that drawing is the fist time I have been sure of the layout in recent years. My mate Paul W races with you guys at Southcity... I might have helped influence him in getting back into slot cars by showing him my flexi's Cheers, Tim
  3. Was that the track that used to be upstairs in the Ilford Building at the Southern end of Morphett St in the city? If so, that's the first 'real' track I cut my teeth on and ended up with a G12 Wompy. Still have the remains of it here somewhere... Always wondered what happened to that track. The rumour at the time was it went interstate. Tim
  4. Thanks for the welcome Sam... pretty sure it wasn't me buying the parts, though I did speak to you about tyres over 6 months ago. But if you can remember what you sold... I'll have a look around here and see if I've got them :vomit:
  5. I was still at school when I started racing there... maybe 77 or 78. Started out with a lot of second hand stuff including a well used womp chassis. Had bugger all money really, but ended up wth a couple of cars and a heap of stuff in the end. Then somehow found the money to put a flexi together later and buy a controller, though I don't think I kept them that long. All I had left when I pulled out a box a couple of years back was an almost complete battered womp and an almost bare flexi chassis. It was enough to rekindle the interest, and I had a drive of a mates car at King Willie's while in Melbourne... left there with a huge smile on my face. Now that I think back, I sold most of it to get the money for something else at the time and was then going to save for a better car and a Defalco controller. This must have been when I was starting work and had a chance to be able to afford these 'Big Player' items! I reckon that around this time I heard that the track had gone interstate. Very early 80's maybe? Or maybe earlier? My memory of the track at AMR is a little fuzzy now, but did the other track have a long straight on the opposite side to the drivers station? I remember my wompy getting launched and hitting the end wall of the building at the end of that straight! It was the wall at the opposite end from Pultney St.... and hit hard too. Sports Racer - the name says it all I guess... yeah, have an RB Mopar powered 1:1 scale project in the shed, but I am not a one eyed Mopar man. I'm in the process of culling the fleet a bit at the moment, so I'll have a bit more space to move... and maybe for a track too :snipe:
  6. Thanks for the welcome guys, and it's good to see a few 'Southerners' are here, I'm 'inner-south' I guess, at St Marys, not too far from the big Foodland at Pasadena. I have not really been into the 1/32s much, but it looks like there is a fairly big following now so the racing has got to be good! I'll have to slide around for a look and chat one night, probably in a month or so... a bit much going on between now and a QLD holiday in July. Did a few laps on the Redline track years ago I realised a year or so ago while talking to Bob Crawford, but started out my racing at the track that used to be upstairs in the Ilford building in the city. Does anyone here even remember that track? Or are you all just gonna make me feel old?? Bob was a veteran racer even back then! Cheers, Tim.
  7. Hi Guys... I used to be a forum member here a long time back, so long that i don't remember my old username so had to sign-up all new again! I think I made less than 10 posts back then so no-one would have missed me anyway! Like a heap of others here, I am revisiting the hobby (sport??) now that I am over 40 and have kids that are interested... well, that's my excuse anyway I still have a small collection of Scalextric track from when I was a kid that we have dragged out and cleaned up, and am in the process of resurrecting a couple of cars, and maybe getting a few more and adding to the track as well. We also have some 'Life Like' HO stuff, though my son likes the bigger 1/32 stuff now. I also have a couple of 1/24 Flexi's, which was my passion... and now that I can afford it would love to get back into it. Might have to drag the lad down to a big track sometime I think. Unfortunately, the closest is miles out the other side of Adelaide from me at the moment. So, anyway... here I am! Cheers, Tim
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