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  1. Bill, I am in Darch up near Kingsway NOR also. But my track is in Balcatta I set it up at my father in laws house. its keeping him busy at the moment. My son likes racing on it, my daughter likes playing with the scenery. Rgds Emil
  2. Hi all Yes another 40yr old kid rediscovering slot cars. Just picked up a scalextrix sport kit and extras off a mate who wanted to get rid of it. I have a 11 yr old so he is over the moon, might get him off the Xbox for a while! Unfortuantely I had to cut the baseboard to transport it 12ftx6ft is now 8x6 ! So its an opportunity to change the track and redesign. Looking forward to rebuilding it and setting up some nice scenery. I have seen that from some of the posts their are some dedicated racers and modellers here. Look forward to asking lots of questions and begging for help. Check out some pics I took before I dismantled it for transport. Turned out to be a good idea, when it came to rebuilding it. Best Regards Emil PS off to play with the set now!
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