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  1. You're the best thing to happen in our group of mongrels for years, Bingo. Absolutely love your work!
  2. That's a lot of Chaparral info there, Gazza. I have another 2H body on the way and the high wing variant will be materialising soon.
  3. I was gifted a NOS 1/32 Strombecker body of the supercool, but ultimately unsuccessful, Chaparral 2H - the radical Jim Hall design that campaigned in the Can Am series in the mid 60's It sits on a truncated Pioneer chassis now and it's a sweet runner that corners surprisingly well - given the length of this boat and its narrow wheel track. The inserts come from Bingo - our in-club 3D printer genius. Each of those wire spokes is less than 0.3mm wide. Unreal. Perhaps more importantly, I may have finally made a slot car that The Great Munter may approve of. Maybe? Maybe not Thanks for looking.
  4. There is no ‘I’ in grumpy either, but there is one in dick.
  5. This Legends upgrade race was Marty's idea, by the way. Go Marty!
  6. I was thinking about the Legends. I have a spare one. Marty has a spare one too and there must be a couple of other spare ones out there. Why don't we set up 4 with alloy wheels and good rubber and run a 2 hour teams race at my place. Stock chassis and stock motor. Gears open. Same wheel track as they run now. Keen? I'd do mine and Martys. Who else has one?
  7. Thanks for looking after the Vanquish cars boys. I’ve had them for 10 years and never raced them so good to finally see them have a proper run. If it wasn’t for that last minute work drama I would have had them much better set up. Next time!
  8. On Thursday night we might drop Muscle Car and run something different - some house class cars for a change. Bring your Muscle Cars just in case though.
  9. Ok boys. My place this week. Let's go. 1 BTCC Legends 2 Muscle Cars 3 1965 to 1980 sports
  10. Thanks Pedro. I’m keen. My reading is that we are friends gathering, so there is no need for masks. See you all, Thursday.
  11. Me too, but the going fast bit still excites me, However, the part that excites me about it is having the skills to build a great, fast car. To me that's hugely challenging. In the same way Crockett is challenged by building great models, i love learning new build techniques that make my cars faster and nicer to drive. Actually racing the fast classes doesn't really mean that much to me. I have always said that my favourite classes are 18K, but I am competitive and always try to win regardless of the class. I wish everyone in our group pushed themselves harder to build great cars. Banter and mate-ship aside, running a great car you have built yourself is the most satisfying thing in the hobby, surely?
  12. I've been flat out at work under lockdown, but stole some time in the shed today, and used my masterclass learnings to work on my Slot It LMP. This was always a bit of a dog; tail happy and chattery in the corners. In saying that, it was still hitting a fairly respectable 6.5 / 6.6s on my track but was a real handful to drive on the edge. Using Dave's techniques, I redistributed the weight and rounded off the existing tyres - and a total transformation took place. It's now running in the lows 6s with a best time of 6.07 and it was an easy drive. I couldn't believe it. I have always prided myself on building quick cars, but clearly I had a lot to learn. 0.5s is massive. Absolutely unreal. Next up I stripped my old Slotting Plus Reynard LMP and rebuilt it in Dave's style. This car is 10+ years old; another car that was fast but wild and unpredictable on the track. Best time today before the rebuild was 6.5s. I put some new tyres on the rear and, using all the same components, it was instantly in the low 6s with a best time of 6.04. It's clearly got a sub 6 in it once the tyres come on. Mad. This has all been such a revelation. I need a drink!
  13. I finally got some time to finish this project off. I scratched up a new spoiler and threw on some paint / decals. It's been a fun build and the car runs really nicely. Thanks for looking.
  14. The motor / rear axle fllex nicely. It’s a good design. Each chassis is made for a specific model and comes with body mounting posts, if needs be.
  15. An old Escort XR3i body has been looking at me for some time. These cars weren't exactly Scalextric's finest moment but I was confident a JS Design printed chassis could sort out some drivability issues, and I liked the idea of transforming one into a Group 5 type racer. Don't ask me why. I still don't know why I took this build on. If you like old Scalex cars, JS Chassis Design are a great discovery. Their chassis's are really well priced, do a great job and they have a stack of 3D printed chassis's available. They're only on Facebook and come recommended. More on them later. I started here. A body shell, a printed chassis and the skirt off an old Scalex Metro. I cut the Metro skirt up and sectioned the front Metro guard to better fit the XR3i. Some JB Kwik epoxy got me here. I cut up an old slot car display case and epoxied the new panels roughly in place to give the guards more width. About now, it was looking pretty bad (!) and I was wondering why this idea popped into my head. Here's a side view with the guard panels roughly cut to size. It's still looking dodge-ball (at best) at this point. And here's an aerial shot showing the guard 'end-plates' in place. I filled the gaps inside the end plates with JB Kwik, and when it dried, started the first cut of the trimming / sanding process. That first cut got me here. Not too bad, considering where I started. And I started to take out the redundant internal plastic / epoxy inside the guards to drop weight and give the wheels as much room as possible when it came time to fit the chassis. A shot of primer brought the whole thing together, and also showed all the faults I worked up the JS Design chassis with a generic 18K FC130 from the spares bin and, after adding in some runner boards, it was time for a track test... There is still so much to do to the body, but the car was smooth, stable and very easy to handle on the track - words not often used to describe a Scalextric XR3i. We are busy at work and my shed time is very limited at the moment - but I'll try and keep this build moving along over the next few days. Thanks for looking.
  16. Snake About time you slipped that skin and made this move. Tuning cars is far more satisfying than racing - well that's how I see it anyway. Falcon here if no one has a spare you can pick up. I have a spare set up block you can have. I'll dig it out for you, Mark may have better ideas on tyre lathe options and I will contact Tony in Nelson to see if he knows of a second hand one. Or you could look here - I have been using this model for years. Good value. You'll need a regulated power supply for the truer. I use these but there are cheaper options around. Booyah
  17. I hope some of you guys are building some silky smooth slot cars over lockdown. I’m at work. We’re flat out.
  18. The only downside of the masterclass weekend was that much of my previous theory about building fast slot cars is now out the window, and I need to rebuild all my race cars.
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