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  1. Count me in if there's room for a newbie Mac
  2. Thanks Guys. Good info. They sure can be set up to run sweet in stock format with some decent tyres - and right off the bat my Pioneer notchback was faster on my wood track than my best stock(ish) Camaro. As charlesx said the National muscle car class here in NZ is pretty open. I was planning on running a modified Pioneer next year but after seeing Slotjockey's totally reworked, now inline Scaley Stingray at club racing tonight , there is no way a hot Pioneer is gonna cut the mustard... Oh well. Where's that $%^#@%$ drawing board... Mac
  3. Thanks for the heads up Guys. I had a gear slippage issue so took your advice and PM'ed Jules - who answered my query within 5 mins. Replacement parts are on the way. Absolutely wonderful service to match these excellent new cars. I am definitely a Pioneer fan. Mac
  4. Rick - do you run the Pioneers stock? If not, what is the set up favoured by the podium getters? Mac
  5. slotmadmac


    We have alot to learn about these trucks.... Mac
  6. Congratulations to the organisers. What a glorious, fast flowing track. Mac
  7. Cheers Mike. Another kind offer. I agree re: too much power... I took off the NSR UltraGrips and put on some Slot It silis this arvo. It's flying now and much more stable in the corners. Mac
  8. At least the one parked by the pool went well when i first brought it... unlike that 1:32 dog of a Spirit 635
  9. As usual I got impatient and hit the parts bin... Threw on Slot It wheels all round (used big rears); zero grips on the front and glued and trued some nice fat Ultra Grips on the back. Slot It axles / crown gear and put a Slot It pinion on a long can Spirit motor from a BMW 635 chassis I munted. Not sure what the motor rating is - but it feels like 22-23k. Anyway, it was all I had that would drop in. I left the body loose. First test run was quite fast - 7.6 on my gloss wood track (which is comparable with a well set up, stock Slot It Group C). The car had good straight line speed but was very taily in the corners. This wasn't a surprise as I have always found Fly Racing Capris to be very tail happy. So I tried a number of weight combos.... The best result was putting a little weight just behind the guide and on either side of the motor. Time dropped to 7.45 with this set up - but the tail happy characteristic stayed. As I said before, I love how models sit on the track and would love to have one set up extra sweet. So... has anyone cracked the set up so the tail action reduces? Mac
  10. Thanks Guys - forgot about the Slot It boxers. Duh! Are these a straight drop in? Mac
  11. Hey Guys I love this Fly model for it's looks and handling. I have a set of four stock ones that I plan to use for a club event soon - but just brought another to set up as an out and out racer. Slot It orange endbells really suit my track. Is there a direct drop in replacement for the long can Fly racing motor that performs similar to an orange endbell and brakes well, or should I just adapt the chassis so an orange end-bell fits in there? Any other set up tips? I plan to run a full Slot It rear end and UltraGrips. Mac
  12. slotmadmac

    My Routed Four Laner

    If you want some scenery the revised design will leave you the space. If you want a club track (like mine), I reckon the closer those two top corners are - the better. Just my 5c mate - but looking really good. Mac
  13. slotmadmac

    My Routed Four Laner

    Great looking track Craig. Just a thought... is there a reason to have the big space at the top of the design between the top left hand and extreme right corners? Seems like a waste of potential track. If these corners were closer to each other you would a] get a bigger track and b] one marshall could possibly look after those two corners. You could add some interest by adding a gentle curve in the extended straight at the very top of the design if you went down this path. Looking sweet though. Another great track for us to use in the Bay. Mac
  14. It's going to be a great round on your track Chris. I think the results are going to be similar to last weekend. Phil's black Shadow is going to be hard to beat on your fast flowing layout.... Mac
  15. Hey Mike Your car had a great gear mesh. It had a natural smooth glide but felt light on the front end and correspondly was taily / twitchy. I expected it to do better so sorry we couldn't coax more out of it All the boys commented that it looked great on the track. Mac
  16. I drove red lane. A few comments: My best result was with Phil Kalbfel's Shadow - despite the fact it was quite taily and struggled for grip! It is brilliantly balanced in the corners(!!!) and almost impossible to deslot. Once the grip came on it had great pace. It just got faster and faster. I would love to see this car on a surface that offered it better grip but regardless, it was a blast to drive and a great experience driving a heavier car. Kennedy Rds Alfa was glassy smooth all night - but the Slot It Alfas, with their small wheelbase, seem to lack that intangible 'corner glide' on my track. This car is ridiculously quiet and smooth but I noticed that as the laps wore on it seemed to lose some pace. (Almost all the other cars I drove recorded their best laps towards the end of each heat). As predicted Pinto Girls car was a bit angry and didn't fair as well. Haystacks car was a blast! Quick - but it felt 'light' and a bit twitchy. I had a deslot with it and noticed that other drivers had quite a few as well. The cars which surprised me were Chenglaws and SlotsNZ. I think everyone was surprised how well these cars fared on a longer track. Both were smooth and totally predictable - and though they felt underpowered, the results show they were just off the lead pace. Davnics car falls into this category too and Suttles wee Porsche had phenomenal grip and was one of the most 'fun' cars to drive on the night. I'll leave the driver debate to the others but I did feel for Munter who dropped back a few laps when his stand in driver constantly deslotted. I have to say that our drivers did a good job - especially when some of the cars had to be nursed around the track. As you would expect, most deslots for the better handling cars were caused when one of the less predictable cars had an off and blocked another lane. Once again thanks to all the entrants. We did what we could with your cars and it was a real thrill driving them. A big thanks to SlotsNZ for running the speadsheet and rotating the cars. A big thanks to Munter, Grant, and K-Rd for driving. But most of all a BIG thanks to Jared and Craig who marshalled solidly for 2.5 hours on a cold, wet, winters night in a big shed with no heaters. Cheers boys. Good effort. Mac
  17. Loved running the qualifying today. It was an absolute pleasure seeing all the cars on my track. Thanks to all the entrants who made this possible. I usually run a combo of silicones and rubber on my track (mostly silicons). The track was clean for qualifying but there is no doubt that the track grip level improved significantly(!) as we qualified the cars - in fact a couple of the lower geared cars with good grip were deslotting on the straights under full acceleration. I have no doubt that some of the earlier cars would have done significantly better if they had been run later in the qualifying order - but racing tonight will sort that out. A few comments on the fastest qualifiers: Haystacks car was a blast to drive. Balanced, quick and a heck of a lot of fun. From the first corner I knew it was going to be fast. And it looked great on the track. Pinto Girl's Alfa was a handful, but the yellow endbell gave it plenty of straight line speed. I think it's going to be hard to keep this car consistently quick tonight as it's a little angry - may need to be choked down. Car of the day to drive would have to be Kennedy-rds Alfa. No question. This has to be the smoothest RTR car I have ever driven - and I expect it will do really well tonight as it's so predictable and balanced. I was expecting Kalbfels Shadow to be a stronger runner on my track but it was lacking grip and, as the comments mention, it seemed to have some rear end chassis rub on the track. A pity as this car is so balanced in the corners. As grip improves tonight it may well be the dark horse... Munter and SlotsNZ duked it out for the 5th spot. Of these two SlotsNZ was a smoother drive but lacked power. I have to say that Munter did a terrific job with his Porsche given that it is running all stock FLY components. Both cars looked great on the track and were lovely to drive. Looking forward to the race tonight. We have our best local drivers lined up. Thanks again for the opportunity to put your cars on my track everyone. Mac
  18. Looking forward to seeing the cars on my track at qualifying this morning. I will qualify the cars and SlotsNZ will post the qualifying results asap. For what it is worth I think the track is closer to 100ft but I have never got around to measuring it... As SlotsNZ said we run sub7s with silis and we run low 7s with rubber - and grip definitely isn't an issue. For me gloss is the only way to go. Fantastic grip. Faster times (approx 1.2 secs/ lap faster that the old flat latex surface I had) . Cleaning is a cinch - you just clean the tyres once or twice after a couple of laps (most days i don't even bother with that). And it drives so much 'smoother'. I would never go back to flat paint. Good luck today everyone. The boys are looking forward to running your beautiful cars. Mac
  19. Four on four sounds good to me too. Let's do that the year after we do the one on one!
  20. I was at the NZ hard body Nats. Everyone had a ball and left on a high. Talking afterwards the obvious question was "What's next?" We feel we have some real talent going on over here. Kennedyrd builds very slick cars and Mike can drive like a cut cat. We reckon a combo of the two could be lethal but who would the dream team race? Aussies finest was an obvious answer - hence the one kiwi, one aussie challenge. We know it's going to be much harder for Australia for come up with one guy - but surely it's not impossible. Maybe your national commitee just nominates a class and we challenge your national champ in that class. It could be that easy. The winner gets bragging rights and thats it. We like the idea of one on one. It's simple. It's a bit different. And it would be great to watch. I'll be there if it comes together. Any chance we can make this happen? Mac
  21. Pete. I'm another very happy customer. Just need a tip please. When truing front tyres I used your spilt plastic bush idea. I clipped them on but the bushes are revolving under load and the split side ends up facing the V blocks. This was throwing one side of the axle out of square so the tyres true incorrectly. Any hints? Mac
  22. Like it Munter. Simple. And simple is good. Have just bought a slimline BWA chassis myself to finish of an old old scaley indianapolis body over xmas. Seeing this will help. Mac
  23. Thanks for this guys. So all I have to do is connect these onto my brake wire, fix them into my drivers station panel and my b for basic parmas have variable brakes? This sounds brilliant. And dirt cheap. How come I have never heard of this before? Mac
  24. [One of them is Munter, I'll let you take guesses at which. Munter must be the ugly one.
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