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  1. Thanks for the run, Pedro. Some close racing and the RevoSlot cars were really cool.
  2. I have another Strombecker 2h body on the way and I have a 1/24 sprint car wing in the parts box that will help me get here, hopefully.
  3. You're the best thing to happen in our group of mongrels for years, Bingo. Absolutely love your work!
  4. That's a lot of Chaparral info there, Gazza. I have another 2H body on the way and the high wing variant will be materialising soon.
  5. I was gifted a NOS 1/32 Strombecker body of the supercool, but ultimately unsuccessful, Chaparral 2H - the radical Jim Hall design that campaigned in the Can Am series in the mid 60's It sits on a truncated Pioneer chassis now and it's a sweet runner that corners surprisingly well - given the length of this boat and its narrow wheel track. The inserts come from Bingo - our in-club 3D printer genius. Each of those wire spokes is less than 0.3mm wide. Unreal. Perhaps more importantly, I may have finally made a slot car that The Great Munter may approve of. Maybe? Maybe not Thanks for looking.
  6. There is no ‘I’ in grumpy either, but there is one in dick.
  7. This Legends upgrade race was Marty's idea, by the way. Go Marty!
  8. I was thinking about the Legends. I have a spare one. Marty has a spare one too and there must be a couple of other spare ones out there. Why don't we set up 4 with alloy wheels and good rubber and run a 2 hour teams race at my place. Stock chassis and stock motor. Gears open. Same wheel track as they run now. Keen? I'd do mine and Martys. Who else has one?
  9. Thanks for looking after the Vanquish cars boys. I’ve had them for 10 years and never raced them so good to finally see them have a proper run. If it wasn’t for that last minute work drama I would have had them much better set up. Next time!
  10. On Thursday night we might drop Muscle Car and run something different - some house class cars for a change. Bring your Muscle Cars just in case though.
  11. Ok boys. My place this week. Let's go. 1 BTCC Legends 2 Muscle Cars 3 1965 to 1980 sports
  12. Thanks Pedro. I’m keen. My reading is that we are friends gathering, so there is no need for masks. See you all, Thursday.
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