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  1. I’m a maybe as we still have overseas guests. Hopefully can make it. It’s clear where I stand on the roster issues if I miss any discussion.
  2. I like 'Bones 10.5v suggestion. Not sure where we are racing this week but let's try and get consensus of the best way forward when we get together. If we can agree the roster amendments, we can kick off the new format next week.
  3. I can help Bone tune those NSR F1s. I have done a few and have Dave West’s excellent set up procedure down pat now. Thanks to Pedro and the Bings for offering them for the boys to run.
  4. Before we jump to too many conclusions, let’s wait and see what everyone else thinks.
  5. I think it's in everyone's interests to move this discussion into action. No one, except those who have already been to the Nats, have shown any interest in bringing in the National classes, so maybe we park that idea for now. See a suggested new roster below. NASCAR, BTCC and V8s have been gassed. LMP and GT1 are merged. Thunderslot / NSR Classics fit into 65-80 - as they do now. Legends introduced. This seems to reflect the poll and gets us down to 12 classes. Week 1 1 Legends 2 Muscle Cars 3 1965 to 1980 sports Week 2 1 Pre 65 Classics 2 Slot It Group C 3 GT1 / LMP Week 3 1 Fly Classics 2 DTM [Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft 1984 - 1996] 3 Group 5 Week 4 1 Australian Touring Cars 2 Scalextric F1 3 GT3 What does everyone think about that? I will happily buy back any cars I have sold to group members, if anyone wants to cash in now-redundant cars. Just sing out. The only issue (apart for running Nats classes) is how to satisfy the desire to run NSR F1s. I love them but, like Mark, I wonder if they are a good choice for the club roster - especially on the smaller or more technical tracks. Maybe we adopt Smithy's idea and run a few standalone events with them? Because these models are so damage prone, I doubt any of the current NSR F1 owners will want to put their own cars into a teams race event. So, perhaps we buy 5 (4 to race and one for a spare) and hand them out to our best tuners. I'll get a deal from Tony so, based on 16 racers, that would require a race fee of $40 per person. The cars then stay in group ownership and we tidy any issues with them before we race them again. What does everyone think about that? Lastly, I think we have to revisit the Muscle Car rules. This is meant to be a stock chassis class, but I think a few guys are racing printed /podded chassis's now. I know a few of us have Thunderslot Mustangs coming, so we need to decide if we allow them to be raced. I am always keen to run the best available cars, so my vote would be yes. All we would need to do is to change the rules to allow printed / podded chassis's. What does everyone think about that?
  6. I also think we should keep GT1. We race slot cars. That's all about speed and handling. I am not a 'fast slot cars at all costs' sort of guy, but it seems mad to cull what is currently our fastest class. Going as fast as you can on a slot car track once every 5 weeks is my idea of fun.
  7. Nice one Snake. I just voted. I like the classes that give the best driver experience. On that basis, I voted to cull V8s, BTCC and NASCAR. Legends and DTM could easily have made my list too. I think the smart move would be to adopt the classes and rules that are run at 'National' level: Thunderslots, NSR Classics, Muscle cars (with National rules) and NSR F1. I think if we were starting the club from scratch today, these National classes would be automatic choices. I know that the Wellington boys changed their roster about 3 years ago to adopt the National classes and they are very happy that they did. We used to do it. When Wongy ran the Nationals back in the day, all the National classes were club classes for our group. Adopting the National classes would mean more of our crew would consider running at the Nats. As a club, I think that's the sort of thing we should be encouraging. And, importantly, the National classes are picked so that racers compete with the best available slot cars in the market. The best cars to run in my race collection are NSR and Thunderslots. Hands down. They're also very good value. Scalex cars are $100 now and by the time you work them up, they are often $160+ to get on the track. NSRs and Thunderslots are $140 and you don't need to spend any more money on them. I know which brands I'd rather race. I definitely don't think that lower motor RPM = closer racing. Regardless of which classes we choose, the same handful of guys in our group will almost certainly be out the front. It is what it is, but I don't want to feel guilty for winning more than most or lapping slower cars. I always try to have the best car choice for each class and set my cars up to the best of my ability. And hey, I like winning, but the part of the hobby I enjoy the most, is setting up cars - not racing. I wish more guys in our group put more effort into their cars. If anyone ever wants any assistance or advice in that department, I am always here to help.
  8. The Mighty Pie Bone 400 has been run and won. What a great night, with 18 nerds on site to duke it out for the most coveted trophy in Hawke's Bay performance slot car racing. Gloat was on the line, but Rossco came fully prepared should the Slot Gods not smile his way. The shed was full. The track was clean and fast. And 4 race-prepped Revoslots were on the start line Even Munter graced us with his presence. What a treat! As always he was well dressed, looking fit and perfectly groomed; the epitome of the Gentleman Slot Racer. On the other hand.... And then there was this... Shout out to the the mighty Pie Bone for supplying the cars and for Gummy Tuners sponsoring the racing additives. The Revoslots were perfect for this sort of event. Fast and stable and easy to keep in the groove. I reckon that the driver standard was the best I have seen on a club night on my track. Shout out to Race Catering for another stellar effort keeping the carbs up during 3 hours of door to door racing. Shoutout to the UPS I nicked from the house PC that may have prevented TrackMate from crashing. In the end the Gloat went to Team Bingagogo. Congrats to Bingo, Bigger Bing, Snake and Pat for stacking their team more than ours. They led from the get go - and never looked like losing. I have never seen Bingo happier! And then there's this guy... This hairy little prick raced like a demon and claimed fastest laps on 3 of the 4 lanes - despite widespread verbal abuse from all angles. What an effort! I spent half my night trying to get inside his head, but should have known that mind-games are no good when you're dealing with someone with limited intelligence. I need a new strategy. Thanks again for fronting on a cold winter's night, boys. That was one of the great nights. Let's do it again next year.
  9. I am sure I have one ready to go - or I have loads of options to make a new one. Leighton, if you’re at my place tomorrow night we can make a plan.
  10. What he said. If you stay away from Snake and don't listen to anything Mark says, you'll probably be ok. Let's go!
  11. Ok you Munters, and Munter. The shed is open from 5pm for the PieBone 400 this Thursday nite. Get here as soon as you can after work. Race starts at 6pm sharp. 4 x 45min rotation. Cars stay on the lane. Drivers rotate under power. It’s the usual set up. Most of you know the drill. It’s up to you lot to sort your teams. JK, Brendan, Bone and I are ready to rumble those RevoSlots. Race Catering will be sorting some extra food, along with obligatory SlotDogs. Bring what you need if you need more. One thing I want to say is that there’s been some pretty mean sledging creeping back into our racing in recent months. Let’s all keep the personal attacks to a bare minimum - unless they are directed at Snake. See you Thursday and let’s see who gets the Gloat.
  12. PIE-BONE 400 || 2022 As previously mentioned, we're running the mighty Pie Bone 400 at my place on June 23. This is our usual teams race format with drivers rotating under power. We're racing REVOSLOTS that 'Bone has bought over from the States. More details to come, but hopefully we get enough people there early to kick off racing at 6pm for a 9.0 pm - 9.30pm finish. Normally we would pick teams on the night, but Bone, JK, Brendan and I were at the pub on Saturday and decided we should take on all comers. You guys can work out the other three teams amongst yourselves. Bring your A game, you mongrels. We're in it to win it.
  13. This was a fun little project to kill a few hours in the shed. I have an idea on stretching another model so this gave a practice run. Came out ok and runs nicely on a lowered stock chassis.
  14. In breaking news, Ryan called around today and installed a new version of Trackmate for me - so hopefully the Thunder Road software woes are behind us.
  15. My place this week, Ladies. Haven't raced in a while , so go easy on me. 1 Aussie V8s. 2 Fly Classics. 3 LMP
  16. I have been smashing out builds during COVID recovery. Worked up a Black Arrow McLaren GT1 yesterday. Stunning model. Not a big fan of angle-winders, but this thing was a beast. Easily peak Mosler territory, but hard to get consistent laps with that long can set up. Keep it...? Sell it...? Keep it..? SOLD.
  17. Rossco with the GT win!!!!!!! What happened to your lap record machine, el Marko?
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