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  1. The perfect team name for you. Like me being in a team called the Tall C@nts.
  2. The Pre Xmas 2 Hour Chevy Shoot Out has been run and won. Thanks to all the racers who came to nurse these boats around the track. I was looking for something completely different to run before Xmas and they sure fitted that bill(!) The obvious highlights of the night was having The Great Munter & Wongy back in the shed. Kudos to Munter for a cool stint driving with his controller behind his back - and not losing any pace. Kudos to Wongy for showing some restraint and only having 5 Slot Dogs. In a repeat horror story, Bingo and his team of Old Coots took out the top spot again. I was encouraging him all the way and it was good to see that my positive comments helped to get him on the top of the Thunder Road podium for the second time in 2 weeks. Shame on all the others who relentlessly dished out the sledges in an attempt to put him off his game. Here's a few random pix from another cool night in the cave.
  3. Thanks boys. After a few texts it looks like we have 11 so far. I have the pressure on the great Munter to come and race so we can have 4 x 3 man teams.
  4. We're back at my place this week for another Teams race - this time racing Carrera 57 Bel Airs. Let me know if you can make it, so we can try and match up some even teams. Booyah!
  5. Very cool. Love a yellow / black or yellow / blue combo!
  6. Haha. Brilliant Pat. Bingo, you old coot, you have a target on your head. Bring on the next race.
  7. The Gloat is real. Fair play. You Bing Boys hunt as a pack.
  8. Touché. It’s not called Gloat for no reason. Haha.
  9. Thanks to all the dudes who made it along tonight for some of the closest racing we've ever seen on Thunder Road. I would like to say that slot car racing was the winner on the night, but my biggest fears were realised when Bingo and his band of reprobates took out the top spot with a blinding display of consistent team driving. It was a tension filled race with the lead changing several times over the 4 rotations. Tech issues possibly stopped The Best Team from living up to their humble name, while The Reptiles were clearly the fastest team on the track with dazzling pace from both Smithy and Snake. Team Phil Shill battled all night and deserved to do better. The crop top Nincos were stable, smoother than Bingo's head and easy to keep in the groove. Thanks again to Pedro, Bingo and El Marco for helping me work up the Nincos and get this show on the road. Here are some random pix from a good night in the cave. Winners are grinners! Congrats again to the Bing Boys for doing the business. And lastly, another reminder that no matter how bad you feel when you look in the mirror some mornings, other people have this s#!t to contend with.
  10. No need. See you on the start line!
  11. I have 3 of the 4 cars now and gave them a shakedown run. All handle quite differently but run similar lap times - so racing should be nice and tight. Remember to bring $10 cash to race and go in the drawer to win one of the cars. All 4 cars will be raffled off. See you Thursday.
  12. 2hr TEAMS RACE running race ready NINCO 934s. Entry is $10 per driver. At the end of the race we will pull 4 names out of the hat with the winners each getting one of the cars. Let's see who is coming and we can try and sort some even teams before the flag drops. Shoutout to El Marco, Bingo and Pedro for getting a car race ready for me. Booyah.
  13. Thanks for another good turnout boys. Some fast racing tonight, for sure. See you all in a couple of weeks. In the meantime, I'll leave you with this disturbing image to keep you awake at night until I get back.
  14. I’m away the next two weeks so better host on Thursday. Week 2 1 Pre 65 Classics 2 Slot It Group C 3 Modern Le Mans (GT1 & LMP1 & LMP2 cars) Gloat on the table. Who wants some?
  15. Don't get too fast Grasshopper. and everything will be still be as one
  16. The Slot Gods punished me for abusing Bingo the Mega-Marshal, with a flat tire outside Marks. Cheers to Rossco and Snake for the help sorting it out in the rain. This is further proof that Rossco is a true Gentleman Racer, on and off the track. It also means I can’t abuse Snake about his man bun for at least 2 weeks. Luckily he’s away next week, so all is not lost
  17. It gets my vote too, even though Rossco nerfed me into the wall and I broke the back of my Group C chassis. His time will come. Good to have you all back in the cave. Have passed on your feedback to Race catering. SlotDogs rule. No risk there.
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