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  1. I am struggling to get back into work mode and have been sneaking off early this week. I decided it was time to completely sort out my collection of parts; the second time I have done this properly in 25 years. Talk about opening a can or worms! 11 hours, split over two nights, later... 11 solid hours! I'll never find anything now.
  2. Slot It have a number of guides that will fit old scalextric cars - both clip in and screw in options. Search the sponsor sites - you'll quickly find them.
  3. I am back in from the beach but heading to Wellington on Thursday. Jan/feb is always a bit of a write off for me.
  4. Like most of us, I have tuned a lot of slot cars over the years. Some go great from the get go. Some don't. Some I get frustrated with and put away in the storage drawer to be revisited another day. My frustrations are usually based around one of the performance brands - NSR /Slot It / Thunderslot. They should be straight forward and very easy to tune, but some cars just won't play ball and track performance isn't up to par. They aren't as fast or smooth as I know they should be, so in the drawer they go to be looked at another day. Weirdly, when I pull them out of the drawer (usually after in a few weeks time), they sometimes run far better - even though nothing has been done to them. A recent Sideways Toyota Celica is a case in point. When first built, gear mesh was good and the completed car felt 'free' and supple on the bench, but it was a dog on the track; lumpy and erratic under full power. I ran it at a club night and it was fast but jumpy; far from what I was looking for. Fast forward a month and I pulled it out of the drawer to tune it again, and it's a silky smooth runner that corners like it's on rails. My fastest car, a NSR Mosler, was built for the 2017 NZ Nationals. It was never a good car and consequently was never raced in anger. I spent hours on that bloody thing but eventually gave up on it. Mid way through last year I thought I'd have another go, but tested it it straight out of the drawer first. It started lapping my track right on record equalling pace. Weird, right? Am the only one who has seen this happen? I don't think my car storage drawers have secret tuning capability, but something's going on. Is the chassis 'relaxing' over time and does that somehow equate to a better drive and faster times? Are the tyres coming on under 'hibernation'? I have no clue. And before anyones asks, no you can't rent space in my storage drawers, and no, they aren't for sale.
  5. Happy New Year, you crazy bunch of geeks. We reached the 400 page milestone to kick of 2021. Booyah!
  6. Thanks to all the boys who fronted tonight. Good times and the caravan session was a fun way to send off the 2020 season. Shoutout to young Jack for some quality racing, some outrageous nerfing and for a welcome display of impeccable manners. Shoutout to JK for being too buggered to race but running the cutter all night. Shoutout to Munter for turning up and raising the club coolness bar by several notches. Shoutout to Marty and Pat for only talking about drift cars for 20% of the evening. Catch you mongrels in the ‘21. Enjoy the holidays and have one for me. Bring on racing in the new year.
  7. My place this week for those who are keen for another round. Bingo wanted Muscle cars so lets mix it up a bit: Muscle Cars 1965 to 1980 sports GT / Caravans (one or the other or both if we have time.) Who's in?
  8. More great racing tonight boys. On Pat’s tight track, there used to be deslot after deslot. Not any more. Great to see the skill level increasing so far.
  9. Tread carefully, MartyBoy. Keep up with that attitude and your Thunder Road training sessions will be in the past tense.
  10. Both looking low and mean on the Bing Ring. I'm a big fan of those Scaley Camaros. I had a good score this week. Finally got the MG Vanquish JPS Lotus I have lusted after for ages. Been chasing an affordable one for well over 10 years and picked this up on TradeMe for $60. Happy days! It's such a lovely model. 1/28 scale. Not sure if I will work it up or leave it as is. Probably the later. I think it's the best looking slot car model I've owned so it probably deserves an unmolested life on the shelf. I did molest a Slot It Lola for our LMP class, though. I've never been a fan of the Slot It long can anglewinders, but this one seems to have the goods. Smooth and fast. There were quite a Slot It LMPs racing here 2 weeks ago. Can anyone remember what their lap times were like?
  11. 14 drivers and another fast and furious night of racing. So many quick cars and the number of offs / unforced errors is dropping every week. Brilliant. Congrats to Crockett for smoking NASCAR and El Marco for the Group 5 win. Loved it.
  12. Great fun in the cave tonight boys. The driver standard keeps going up and my dices in FLY Classics with Crockett were the most intense I've had all year. So much fun. BOOYAH.
  13. It's been quite a while since I worked up a car, so took on an old scalex beetle to get back in the game. Lowered all around. New gear / pinion / tyres / wood guide. Lightweight interior. New front spoiler. Rush paint job. Rush everything actually; this one took about 3.5 hours from go to woah - including the spray paint / decals / matt clear coat. Haha. I still get a kick out of transforming these old clunkers into sweet runners, and this one handles especially well. Lapping in 7.5s on new tyres so probably down to 7.3s over time.
  14. I am sure we can sort loan cars. I have a FLY classics and LMP covered. Who has a spare Aussie V8?
  15. RIP Keith. A gentleman racer and one of the good guys. I always enjoyed racing with and against him.
  16. I'm in. A bit nervous about unleashing the full power of my mighty GT1 Mosler in the PatCave, but...... bring it on!
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