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  1. I'm back in the Bay and ready to rumble. The search for Gloat resumes at Thunder Road this week: Week 2 1 Pre 65 Classics 2 Slot It Group C 3 Modern Le Mans (GT1 & LMP1 & LMP2 cars)
  2. Thanks Bingo. Sorry for putting this spanner in the works.
  3. RACING CANCELLED AT MY PLACE TONIGHT Sorry guys. I have a nasty cold I can’t shake and don’t want to host tonight. Hopefully someone can step up. Apologies!
  4. My place this week, Ladies. Week 1 1 Pioneer Legends 2 Muscle Cars 3 1965 to 1980 sports
  5. Do you mean that once every month we run a single class with longer heats or a teams race? If so, I like that idea.
  6. That Guy: without taking anything away from the great Gill Andrews - a bone fide legend in our hobby / sport ~ I would consider a Thunderslot motor for your Muscle car build. Fast. Torquey. Easy to drive fast.
  7. The right man for the job. I can image Graeme is quite the tradesman.
  8. Great to be back at Falls Road and congrats to all the Bings on the hilltop mansion. What a spot! Some great racing tonight. See you all in a few weeks. Play nicely with the other kids while I’m away.
  9. Like Munter, I race on a gloss enamel track and almost exclusively run rubber tyres. For years I used CRC 2-26 with great success. Now I use a 60/40 blend of good quality synthetic two stroke oil and WD-40. It was recommended to me, works well, and is easier to source than 2-26. I personally think there is little difference between any of the oil treatments that Munter mentioned. On a clean gloss track, I can get near perfect grip using any of them. In my book, good initial prep on the truer is the key to good tyres. I have found that CRC 556 works better with harder tyre compounds, like stock Scalextric. I massage it in with my fingers, and put on as much as possible without it pooling at the bottom of the tyre. I leave the wet tyre to dry and repeat the process a couple more times over the next 24hrs. Before and after each race i will massage another small drop of 556 into the tyres to keep them moist and prevent them from drying out. If I'm not running that car very often, I will try and remember to massage in a drop of oil every couple of weeks for the same reason.
  10. Mark, can you please put the results up? Keen to see some lap times.
  11. I'll host this week, you crazy kids. Let's go! Week 4 1 Australian Touring Cars 2 Scalextric F1 3 GT3
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