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  1. Saw this running last night. Supercool. Stance is spot on. Nice one, Pat.
  2. I've been on a bit of a MG Vanquish buzz these days, and today I reworked one of the cars we ran a few weeks ago at my place. It must be 10+ years since I last tuned the 4 Vanquish cars we ran in that house class - and what a difference a decade of experience makes. So much smoother and quieter now. Can't wait to get all 4 sorted and back on the track together.
  3. Loving all the new house classes to break up the racing roster.
  4. Ok dudes. My place this week. Week 3 1 Aussie V8 2 Fly Classics 3 LMP Might chuck in a house class. Might not. Ever hopeful that the great Munter might come out of his cave and join us, but not holding my breath
  5. Thanks for last night, Mark. Some good close racing - and the driver standard keeps on going up. Mini’s were fun. I like the slower motored classes and aways good to race something different.
  6. slotmadmac

    MG Vanquish

    Thanks Gazza. Got that one - but appreciate the link.
  7. slotmadmac

    MG Vanquish

    Hi all. Does anyone have any MG Vanquish cars they would like to part with?
  8. You’re no use to me then!. Good to see the gloat being spread around but opening up motor eligibility is a can of worms. Wait ‘til Crockett comes back.
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