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  1. Thanks for hosting. Some fast cars in all classes tonight. Smithy on fire.
  2. Thanks for the good turn out and the close dices boys. Apologies for the software glitches. Very frustrating.
  3. Now we’re talking. Expecting something extra cool from you.
  4. I will have something that's good for a learner. You can try it out on this week. My place this week, boys. Week 2 1 Pre 65 Classics 2 Slot It Group C 3 GT1
  5. I am here. Chassis runs smooth and it's certainly not lacking pace. Body is riding high though, and needs to be dropped in the rear. Lots to consider - but when you are working up a good Turd, there is always time for contemplation.
  6. I was thinking about this question from The Great Munter so decided to whizz up a 'body sunk Turd' after work yesterday, just for shits and giggles. This car won't a Metrorama contender, but I have to say I think it's pretty cool. I used an old Scalextric Metro body that came with a working rear louvre hatch. I raised the body skirt up as high as it would go, and removed about 4-5mm from the bottom of the Turd body. I only had half a body skirt to work with (must have used the rest for another project) so the front flares are made from Milliput. I also only had a bit of the louvre hatch left (must have used the rest for another project...) so made up the rest from some scrap plastic. The chassis and most of the running gear was cut down from from an old Scalex F1. It sits about as low as it can, without the tyre tops rubbing the widened rear wheel arches. To give some idea how low this is, here it is against a stock MetroTurd and against a 'conventionally lowered' turd from the last Metrorama series It runs great. I get a real kick out of putting these little projects together but I wish I had the patience and modelling skillset that Dave and Pat have! Must get back to building my Metrorama race car now.
  7. Excellent job, as always. I wish I had your eye for detail and patience!
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