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  1. Great run on Bahia Vista. Thanks Pedro. Love how the new sections have made such a change to the overall flow of the track. Great to see Marty speechless too, as he came to grips with your shed contents.
  2. I agree with you that That Guy is a rare breed of cool, but you Ford/Holden nutters really need to get out more. Anyway, back in 1/32 Land.... this Sideways BMW GT3 arrived from Slotraceshop today so I tuned it up after work. Converted to sidewinder. Lead in the pod pocket. Slot It orange bell. Ultragrips. You know the drill. So easy to set up and such a lovely car on the track - nice and nimble for a long car and really planted. Love it.
  3. I'll be there Pedro. Looking forward to my second run on the new, improved Bahia Vista.
  4. slotmadmac

    Scalex Ute

    That looks like yet another moulding.
  5. slotmadmac

    Scalex Ute

    I remembered that Roscoe from our local racing group had one of those old resin utes - and still does. He just sent this pic of it. It's definitely a different moulding.
  6. slotmadmac

    Scalex Ute

    Yes. I had one at some point. Worked it up, then flicked it on. My standard procedure.
  7. slotmadmac

    Scalex Ute

    After toying with the idea of going down the street car path, I ended up here. This car will be raced at some point in our local V8 Supercar class so I added a contrast stripe and threw on a few random decals from the spares box. After all this, I think that I prefer the recessed tray version, so may knock another one out when i get a spare few hours.
  8. I am probably out this week. Long lunch planned. Might be very long.
  9. slotmadmac

    Scalex Ute

    I decided to rework this car, losing the rear window vents and adding a flat tray. This one will end up as street version, so I now wonder if the flat tray will look as good as the recessed tray I produced at the start of this thread. Regardless, at this stage I am here. A race version will be in the works soon enough. In the meantime I will struggle with my 'bull at a gate' tendencies and try and get a half-decent paint job on this one.
  10. I've run several treatment trials with the new Evo Ultragrips. Best so far seems to be a simple polish with fuelite. I have tried treatment for different times with CRC-226( my preferred oil), and while the tyres look good and run ok for a few laps, the don't get the glossy surface that offers our racing group the best grip, and the tyres ball up, with small marbles forming after 10/15 laps.
  11. That may be, but I can’t get the EVO Ultragrips to polish up and offer the grip that the standard compound offered. It’s so frustrating. I doubt anyone in NZ has trued and polished more Ultragrips than me, so I’d like to think I have good reason to be upset about the change.
  12. slotmadmac

    Scalex Ute

    Haha. Yeah, I think the scale appearance I was after got lost in translation. The original plan for the ute was to go for a full-on race look. I was going to put some thin aluminium 'frames' holding some metal gauze in those holes and have side pipes coming out of the body, but now I am not sure. I didn't twig, but when I cut out the rear section of the body I lost the rear body posts. When I recessed the ute tray, it only left me a few mm to attach new ones. Anyway, the car rides at normal height and doesn't have that race stance. I'll do another and won't recess the tray. That will let me drop the car 3mm, which is all it needs.
  13. slotmadmac

    Scalex Ute

    I wasn't planning to; mainly because I don't know how! The great Munter could be interested, and I can ask him, but I doubt if my rip sh*t and bust methodology will be up to his exacting standards.
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