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  1. It's been quite a while since I worked up a car, so took on an old scalex beetle to get back in the game. Lowered all around. New gear / pinion / tyres / wood guide. Lightweight interior. New front spoiler. Rush paint job. Rush everything actually; this one took about 3.5 hours from go to woah - including the spray paint / decals / matt clear coat. Haha. I still get a kick out of transforming these old clunkers into sweet runners, and this one handles especially well. Lapping in 7.5s on new tyres so probably down to 7.3s over time.
  2. I am sure we can sort loan cars. I have a FLY classics and LMP covered. Who has a spare Aussie V8?
  3. RIP Keith. A gentleman racer and one of the good guys. I always enjoyed racing with and against him.
  4. I'm in. A bit nervous about unleashing the full power of my mighty GT1 Mosler in the PatCave, but...... bring it on!
  5. Adding in my 5c here boys. Sorry to hear about those that have had and flood damage. Dave, I cant help this weekend, sorry - we have a house load of out of town guests. Go hard at the Bing Ring tonight. Get that gloat. See you next week.
  6. Marty called around tonight. We did a couple of deals and he ran some laps - breaking into the sub7s bracket with a number of his new cars. Best time of 6.74 with a Scaleauto BMW M1. Not shabby. Watch your back boys. He’s coming after us.
  7. Another night of good racing boys. Everyone is getting so much faster. Love it.
  8. Thanks for coming guys. It was good to finally get back on the track and run some cars. There was some great driving and not just the same old faces taking the podiums. Just how it should be. I reckon Group 5 was the fastest overall racing we have ever seen on a club night. Everyone was quick but Pat, Crockett, JK, and That Guy were absolutely flying. Dice of the night surely goes to Pat and Dave for their door to door laps in Group 5. Brilliant.
  9. Ok you mongrels, I'm back. My place this week. Bring the noise. Week 4 1 NASCAR/Classic NASCAR 2 DTM [Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft 1984 - 1996] 3 Group 5
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