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  1. Haha. I agree 100% mate. The marshalling these days is pretty slack and there were some howlers this week. I am all for a laid back night out but there is deffo a need to lift our marshalling game. An easy fix. Are we all listening?
  2. I can host. I am away next week so that suits me. Bring it on! Week 2 1 Pre 65 Classics 2 Slot It Group C 3 GT1
  3. For sure. That was a fun night and good to be back at the Bing Ring - my first time this year! Congrats to the Bing Boys for cleaning up BTCC - those cars were right on the edge and flying.
  4. Good turn out lads.11 in the shed on a bitterly cold night is a good effort. I had some great dices with Mark and Smithy. Door to door is where it's at.
  5. Well, the FuglyCool winners fronted on a bitterly cold night to do a few parade laps in front of a drooling audience who a) marvelled at the skill and creative genius behind these two extraordinary builds and b) wondered how they beat the sheer magnificence of the mighty MetroJET to take out top honours. As an unbiased observer, I can tell you that these beauties are much, much better in the flesh than the pix on this forum suggest: ...and though neither of them had wings or a jet engine, it was an absolute joy seeing them circulate on my track. As always, winners are grinners... Perhaps, on reflection, I now understand why Munter gave these builds the nod. Both cars are ridiculously cool. But those builders??? Maybe that's where the Fugly came into play. Thanks again to everyone who has enjoyed this thread. It's game over. You can both stop clapping and sit down now.
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