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  1. 100%. I can deal with that but I can’t deal with fat arches and rear wings being labelled passé. Fat arches aren’t passé. Sdeamon, for one, is obsessed with them.
  2. Ok you numb nutted bunch of locked down degenerates. Let's go racin'. My place next Thursday. 1. BTCC 2. Muscle Cars 3. 1965 to 1980 sports Bring your A game. Gloat's on the menu and I'm hungry.
  3. I’m banking on it. Munter hates wheel arches. Mind you, Munter hates almost everything.
  4. You’ve got a bit of a wheel arch fetish there.
  5. Cheers Bram. I’ll rub it down again and respray. That first shot was to spot the mistakes.
  6. I feel a bit like I'm bringing a knife to a gun fight but here we are with a first shot of primer.
  7. Yep. That double barrel FF popsicle set up is out the gate.
  8. Suddenly the Fugly / Cool scales are swinging back into balance. Bugger.
  9. No. They’re not. Munter’s arches are too pretty to use here. They’re Amato.
  10. Love the storyboard Pat. The competition is heating up. Hard to imagine what is going on in Wobble’s mind at the moment but, if you need to reach out brother, we’re here for you. You can get through this.
  11. Well, you've certainly got no problemos in the cool department
  12. Well, you've certainly got no problemos in the ugly department.
  13. I would have bet $10 that this beast was going to front at some stage.
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