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  1. Expressions of interest for my Mosler VORTROM Pro Race, I have 2 of these for sale, they are set up with aliminium chassis bracket to stop the hop, very good lightly used cars that would suit any collection. http://i156.photobucket.com/albums/t25/rolltidevet/IMG_1753.jpg
  2. Bill

    New To Wa

    There is a track at the Ten Pin Bowling centre in Joondalup don't know if they have organised racing, you can hire the track (lane) by the hour. Cheers Bill
  3. Bill


    Don't know where Smallnails is, but the car has turned up today, He must be away working or something. Cheers Bill
  4. Bill


    Hi I have been trying to get hold of Smallnails for the last couple of weeks, I paid him for an Xlot and haven't heard from him since. I have sent him a couple of messages but he does not reply. Has any one seen or heard from him. Thanks Bill
  5. Bill

    Wanted Scale Auto 1/24

    Thanks Jason, I have sent you a PM. Cheers Bill
  6. Bill

    Wanted Scale Auto 1/24

    I am still looking for a Scale Auto 1/24 does any one have one. Thanks Bill
  7. Bill

    Ninco Xlot

    Great thanks for the interest guys,( I just missed out on the new specials.) Mondeo I have sent you a PM. Thanks again Bill
  8. Bill

    Ninco Xlot

    Hi everyone, Iam chasing a couple of Ninco XLOT cars, does any one have some to sell or swap. Thanks Bill
  9. Bill

    Wanted Scale Auto 1/24

    Thanks Jason, the young bloke is just starting out so a second hand one would be good. Bill
  10. Hi I am chasing a second hand 1/24 Scale Auto for my grandson, would prefer BMW, or Porsche. Thanks Bill
  11. Hi Richard, I had those features on my track, rotary switch with 11 resistors to controll the power to each lane , so i could turn the power right down for the grand kids. I have just pulled it all off and rewired the track. Cheers Bill
  12. Be careful with that stuff it dissolves the glue holding the braid down. Cheers Bill
  13. Bill

    Race Line

    Thats possibly so if you are racing on two lanes but with multipul lanes its normally the middle lanes that are the fastest, thats why when building a track its a good idea to put in a bridge or at least try and make all lanes even. Bill
  14. What nights are you planning on racing Bill
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