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  1. Hi all, Firstly, thanks to Mark and Mac for running and hosting the event, and double thanks to Pip for expanding my waist line! Such a nice experience to be just a racer, and not organizing, so I appreciate how much work went into this event. So sorry I didn't hang around for the prize giving, as I didn't think I was remotely up for anything, and the guilt of time away from study was getting to me, so left early. Took me by surprise when Mark told me at the dinner I had won something. I do so little racing these days, it was such a nice reminder of why I did it back then. Sincere thanks to all of you making it so enjoyable, and to catch up with all those out of town visitors. Chris
  2. Thanks guys for another memorable night of chicken nibbles....oh and racing.
  3. Thanks Mac.Just wanted to say how enjoyable it was and the race catering was next level. Was so pleased there were enough Slot Dogs for everyone....I think.
  4. Hi there I can make it for Muscle Car and 65 to 80. Assume you will run BTCC first? Mark if you remember could you please bring the braid samples.
  5. Sorry guys. Had fully intended to come but through no fault of mine have to watch yesterdays lectures tonight! Hope you all have a good night
  6. Hi Mark. I will be entering the DTM as Mike Doo is kindly loaning me a car. Couldn't find the link sorry.
  7. Me either. Full of a cold and getting over the funeral in Auckland. Rest needed!! Next week s a meeting sorry guys.
  8. Just as well I looked. Thought it was at Daves! I will bring a controller but happy to just marshall if others want to drive.
  9. Was great to be back and enjoy the Slot Dogs as well as great company of course!
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