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  1. Just a quick vid with cars on auto-pilot...
  2. Thanks Drifter. It was easier than expected. I thought I would have to widen the plastic slot somehow where it meets the routed slot, but it wasn’t necessary. I did however make sure that the routed slot was as narrow as possible at the transition from wood to plastic (my track is intended to only run clockwise direction). As can be seen in the transition photo, the plastic track is screwed to the board below and is notched into the routed section so there is no movement. As for what’s next, at least I know I can do it, if I want to!!
  3. Thanks Slotspeed. There doesn’t seem to be too much effect. The cars at speed are in a slide when changing from wood to plastic - maybe they straighten up a bit faster(?), but seem to behave consistently. (I just run stock tyres on all my cars, not sure if that makes a difference).
  4. I had my 4 lane classic track squeezed onto a 2.4x1.8 table... With the luxury of a bit more space I thought I would extend the track and have a go at routing as well. So I acquired another 2.4x1.8 9mm mdf board and started a plan... I built a lightweight frame under the mdf which was cut to fit the curve, and routed a four lane squeeze...painted and double sided tape laid... Another coat of paint and start landscaping... Magnabraid finished... The tables joined. The 9mm board sits on top of the original table, the green underlay providing the extra height needed to match the 8mm plastic height to the 9mm mdf routered surface... The transition... And the end result... Obviously a few details of the build left out, but basically followed the advice from this and other forums and was a relatively painless exercise!!
  5. DaveH

    Cars 2 Cars

    Hi all, I was in Big W today and saw some Cars 2 figures (Finn McMissile, Mater & Lightning) for ~$15 each - I reckon they were very close to 1/32 scale and were pull-back propelled. I reckon the bodies would be good for those on the forum who are mechanically minded - just ready for conversion to slots!!!! Cheers, DaveH.
  6. Sounds good, but 'a picture paints a thousand words'.
  7. Hi, sorry for the new topic, I'm sure it's been done to death but I couldn't find an answer. I want to replace the wheels on my Commodores (VE) and Falcons (BF) to make them a bit closer to the real thing, just wanted to know what size rims/tyres I should be looking for? Or what other people have bought if they have done the same? Thanks, DaveH.
  8. Just wondering, do the new Falcon wheels fit on the Commodore, looks like a good option to update the Holdens a bit? I'm talking aesthetics here. Oh, Can you buy spare wheels for the Falcon (yet)? Cheers Dave
  9. Yes it did sneak out. I think it's as popular as the last, bought the last one off the shelf from Mobile Raceways today (25 sold), they have ordered more!
  10. http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=7190 Regards, DaveH
  11. Hi Silver, This is probably not of any help, but I had/have a similar problem with an SCX lap counter, and have pretty much decided it's the magnetic field of inline motors (SCX) that is being 'read' but the timing device. Other cars (eg. Scalextric with sidewinder motors) won't trip the device at speed, only when diving slow over it. Would the orientation of the motors in your non-SCX cars be anything other than inline? Regards, DaveH.
  12. Money I agree with both comments above. The next big thing for me will be the Torana . Bring on more classics, if they did the Fords of that era too, then I reckon we'd see the money flowing again!!!
  13. That pic looks a bit 'digitally enhanced' to me.....
  14. Yep, I went to Ged's last week and he said he hasn't ordered any new SCX stock either, due to the retail price he would have to put them at.
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