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  1. Thanks to all who attended another great event at Thunderbird Raceway and thanks to everyone who helped out behind the scenes. I think everyone who raced will agree, the event ran very smoothly and was well organised. Also, the track was above standard and I never heard one complaint about it. Maybe because its a Gary Johnson design that everyone loves racing on it as it is a great layout with a bit of everything. As usual, there were hand out motors for each team and once again, the NSR 25k King motors performed flawlessly. The motors were all very even in performance so it mainly came down to car set up and driver ability. We have now had three 8hr Scaleauto events and I can't recall an NSR motor ever giving up! In fact, they just keep getting better and better as the event goes on. A bit about the event organiser. I know Shane has his knockers but if it wasn't for him, there are lot of slot racing events that just wouldn't happen in this country. I don't know of anyone else who is as passionate about the hobby as him. Take our recent MCN for example. The amount of sponsors he had come on board for the event was pretty impressive. The guy has the 'gift of the gab' and I'm pretty sure he could sell oil to the Arabs or ice cubes to the Eskimos! Imagine if he got a job with V8 Supercars chasing sponsorship deals, he would probably be able to get Bill Gates or Donald Trump to back the V8 racing! He may be a bit outspoken at times but, he can back it all up with his car set ups and racing ability. (he's not as good as me yet but he's getting there :-) And he does spend a lot of time fine tuning and testing his cars while others are sitting at home watching TV or picking their nose and complaining about him. All in all, I think we are lucky to have him and I am glad he is such a supporter of our raceway and our hobby in general. Once again, thanks to all for a great weekend and thanks to everyone, especially all the interstaters who make the effort to cross the border to race at the best slot car raceway in Australia, and to everyone else who supports our raceway in general. Thunderbird Slot Racing.
  2. Ray is referring to the 350 P4 Can-Am body, NOT the 330 P4. Sunset has the 350 P4 body mold and it IS 1/24 true scale, not the 80mm wide flexi body version so, there is no reason why it shouldn't be allowed in the 2015 MCN as it is a true Can-Am car. Bob Crawford, the creator of Sunset Racing Shells would quite often make a 1/24 scale mold AND a Flexi Kar mold of the same or similar model. Chris Osborne TSR
  3. Thank you to everyone who participated and helped to make our event a resounding success. Well done to the 'Jokers' for an excellent win and being a great bunch of blokes and, with Tim in the team, the name is very fitting. Well done also to NSR and Phoenix for strong second and third places and the other teams (Funhouse, Martini, Thunderbird & Sunset) who displayed great driving skills as well as good etiquette and manners on and of the track, as did all drivers and teams in general. Thanks to Bill (Team Sunset) for providing the best laugh of the event by accidentally pulling out the controller plug of the driver next to him instead of his own during his driver change. Gold! Bill has now gone into rehab and driver / controller changeover training. From all the great positive feedback about the new track and raceway in general, it looks as though we are headed for a 'Bigger than Ben Hur' Scale Model Nationals in 2015 and another great Scaleauto 8hr next November. And guys, Cathy is already planning the food menu for next year so, If are competing or just spectating, you won't go hungry Chris O TSR
  4. I don't normally get too much involved in forum discussions because, as a raceway owner, I don't feel it is, for want of a better term, "politically correct". However, sometimes one just can't help oneself. So, WELL SAID Tim. I don't know if it is a South Australian thing or just slot racers in general but for the most part, all I have heard is whinge, whinge, whinge! "the track has no grip", there are too many curves", "the track has no brakes", "why did you do it this way and not that way?" etc etc etc. Give the bloody track time, it is brand new and still a virgin. Just like a new car, it has to be 'run in' and a few bugs may need to be ironed out along the way. Don't get me wrong, there has also been lots of positive comments but they seem to be outweighed by the negative ones. Instead of picking the s#!t out of the track, how about a bit of back patting for the guys (Bill, Bruno and Gary) who have put in countless hours building the track, worrying if it will be up to scratch, ( I know Bill has lost many hours sleep worrying about it) making sure everything is level and the corners don't have negative cambers etc etc. The building and preparation that has gone into the the track to make sure everything is spot on for its maiden event is phenomenal and the guys out there who have built tracks know what I mean. So, on a lighter note, I would like to personally thank the 3 Amigos, Bill, Bruno and Gary S. Also, Gary Johnson for supplying the design, interface and software as well as technical advice and to our very generous neighbour Steve, who did an awesome job on the lane routing and support legs etc. Also to Shane A (who's spelling hasn't improved much ) for the new track inspiration and all the promotional work. I would also like to thank the interstate teams for taking time out to travel to SA, as well as the local teams to help make, what will be another great event at our raceway. So, come Saturday @ 2pm, good luck to all the teams because when the flag drops, the bullshit stops. Chris Osborne TSR
  5. Guys, Just to clarify things a bit, the Flexi race yesterday was more a race of attrition rather than carnage, mayhem, crashing, yelling, screaming, punching or whatever picture John has painted for your individual interpretations. The crash that John was involved in was just first heat, first corner nerves but the delay could have been avoided (as John said) if he had have put tape on his body clips, which is partly my fault for not picking up on it in the first place. John also forgot to mention the race he was in 2 weeks ago that went as smooth as silk with no mayhem, breakdowns or crying and all cars finished the race. He also forgot to mention our strict rules for racing designed to protect everyones cars such as, if someone calls "rider", EVERYONES finger instantly comes off the trigger until the car on the wrong lane is removed and placed back on the correct lane. Also, when "rider" is called, the track call button is pressed by the race controller which kills all track power. Drivers are also required to warn other drivers if they have de slotted, especially under the bridge or the 'finger'. I think this would be pretty standard procedure at most raceways. There are also other requirments but I won't go into the whole thing in detail. Most of yesterdays DNF's were due to an expired motor (mine), a broken lead wire, and a stripped gear due to a motor coming loose. Most DNF's can be avoided with carefull car preparation but certain events are just unavoidable in race situations. There were also a few de slots during yesterdays heats but if anyone can stand there and tell me they have NEVER EVER de slotted, then they are either lying, or not going fast enough, which is what RACING is all about. The same thing applies if someone says they have never had a car break down during a race because if they haven't, they haven't been racing for very long. Hopefully you all should get the picture now. Chris Osborne TSR
  6. Why ...... if Scalextric keep to there usual schedule, we wont get them until Xmas, at the earliest. So true gazza, so true. We are still waiting for last years V8 Supercars and still no confirmed release date on the horizon! "Production problems in China", I am told!
  7. Pssst!, the exact livery of the next Scalextric Torana (C3492) will be officially revealed at next weeks Toy & Hobby Fair (16th - 19th) in Melbourne by Southern Model Supplies, the Australian Scalextric importers. I think you will all be pleasantly surprised and maybe a little shocked, so get your wallets, c/cards etc at the ready.
  8. Very sad news indeed. I was absolutely floored when I got the news early this morning as John dropped into the raceway only yesterday afternoon for a chat and was looking forward to the Flexi Kar race on Saturday on the 'King' track he loved so much. He had intimate knowledge of the track as he helped with the build way back in '89 and he was like a kid in a lolly shop when he was able to run his Flexis and Wings on the track again after so many years in the wilderness. He will be sadly missed by all who knew him. Out of respect to John, we will have a minute silence on Saturday afternoon at 1pm before the race. R.I.P. John Ward. Chris Osborne Thunderbird Raceway.
  9. Despite what you have been told Ian, John McKinley (the original owner and builder along with George) signed over the Redline Raceway King, Monza (bent figure 8) and the drag strip to me and Bob Crawford was present at the time and signed as a witness and, the King wasn't GIVEN to me. As Gary J has already pointed out, the track was built in situ in 1989 and remained at the same location in Edwardstown (south of the city) until its closure in 2002. All tracks etc remained in storage after being removed from the original premises until we started restoration work on the Monza (completed January 2013) and drag strip first and then the King which, as you all know, has just been re commissioned and with most of the resto work done by Bill Jones. Chris Osborne TSR
  10. 30 amp auto re-sets are exactly what we are using Kim. The fuse you see in the pic was already in the holder from another job but you can also see a re-set. Anyway, If they don't work, it's no big deal to remove them.
  11. RIP Salvatore. This is very sad news for his family, friends and slot car community in general. Salvatore was a true gentleman and honest business man who was very passionate about his profession. I had the pleasure of meeting Salvatore at the time his new factory was being constructed and he was as excited about it as a kid at Christmas with a new bicycle. The hospitality he showed my wife and I while we were in Salerno is something I will never forget. He will be missed by all that knew him. Chris Osborne Thunderbird Slot Racing.
  12. Well done to all the teams who competed in this great event, to all the organisers and to James for making his venue available. As Jan said, the best team won so a big congrats to team NSR. I personally watched the many hours of preparation and practice that went into the car which, in the end, paid off. A big thanks has to go to Shane for originally kicking this world class event off at Thunderbird Raceway last year and I am sure it will continue to grow. Chris O
  13. Hi Vinno, Don't be too discouraged mate, the Holdens will be available seperately and there was a hint there will be more liveries to come as SMS has just signed up two more V8 teams. Thanks to Manic for posting my report. If any of you have any questions don't hesitate to email or call. Cheers, Chris
  14. Slider, Bump is correct with what he said about the SCX agent, and most of the wholesalers are distributors of a whole range of hobby related goods, not just slot cars. It also seems the bigger shops get priority over the small slot car specialist who may get what's left over, sort of like seagulls squabbling over scraps! Thankfully, not all distributors are like this, in fact most will bend over backwards to help. These guys also differ greatly in the way they import their goods. Some will air freight, some will sea freight while some will do both. This may explain why it takes so long sometimes to get the new releases in when we all know damn well, thanks to the internet, that they have been available overseas for several weeks or more. It also seems Australia is the last link in the mailing chain when it comes to slot cars. It could be due to the fact that most of the manufacrurers are European based and they fill those countrys orders first or that Australia doesn't buy as much slot related goods as our overseas counterparts, who knows. I can sympathise with everyone on the above issues as I have also been a victim in the past. I may even have been guilty of one or two indescretions in the past, neither intentionally nor malicously, but if a customer is unhappy i will try my hardest to make amends. Don't get me wrong, I'm not making excuses, but with all the different slot manufacturers and the many spares and accessories on the market now, it is sometimes hard to keep up with them all and if you inadvertantly sell out of an item and go to re-order, you could be told it may take weeks or longer for that item to come in. Also, things get more complicated if you don't get the right info(or any info) from the agents which makes it hard to pass on to the customer. I spoke with the Scalextric agent recently and have been assured Scalextric have not discontinued the classic track. If you have the latest catalogue (#45) turn to pages 72/73 and there it is in all its glory including the old hump back bridge (C248) ! Cheers all.
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