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  1. Got it done! stupid virus protection! any way, six new cars on the way, any one in melb running N dig? come play some time, il have cars.
  2. Thanks for the replies and sugestions, I will empty my cart etc and start again. Hope i can resist the temptation to add extra items. Will let you know how it gos.
  3. Ok, power slotcars site seems to be very upset. When I log in now I just get a page of code, most of wich seems to be the order im trying to make, no options to proceed or anything. very frustrating.
  4. Sorry for the confusion, its power slots. When i try to login it sends me back to the login, when i try to check out it tells me that my email address already has an account and i need to log in, i will try again but this is turning into the hardest money i ever tried to spend.
  5. Hello everyone, been lurking for a long time. Finaly made the jump to n digital after making the decision to retire my 25yrold scalextric track. I am trying to buy some cars from hotslots in the states but cant get their checkout to work properly, it keeps sending me around in circles. Any one else had this problem? Cheers.
  6. Happy Birthday day Steve, have a good one. Come racing again soon.
  7. Dave im pretty sure that the footprint is different. allso banked curves can be a real problem for some cars. I am not a fan of these curves at all and i think youl find that there pretty unpopular with most people who have there own track. If you want some to try out I have some upstairs doing nothing just pm me there gathering dust like they should be. Just my two cents worth. cheers pyro.
  8. Pyro

    Copper Tape

    Im very excited by the effects of copper tape and I thought that id tell everyone with a plastic track........ "COPPER TAPE ROCKS!" thats all, bye now.
  9. Pyro

    Gday Everyone

    Gday steve i am in heidelburg west so your just around the corner. a race night sounds realy good, iv had a bit of a play with some mates and the track is starting to live up to its name, shrapnel alley.!! i am still having continuity problems. hope to sort them out this week. let me know when your free and il organise a night.
  10. Pyros memoirs. Probaly boring. When I was slightly less of a child than i am now my father collected 1:32 scale american civil war figures and i collected 1:32 scale knights. We met a group of toy soldier collectors, mostly based in Adelaide, who called themselves ACOTS, (The Australian Collectors of Toy Soldiers.) This group met once a year over easter, one year in Adelaid and one year in Melbourne. As I remember this group started with around ten members. Over ten years or so it went from a small goup of collectors who could get together in a hosts house for 3 or 4 days a year, to more than 50 people who needed to hire a hall for the weekend. These weekends were casual events where each person enjoyed there hobby in there own way. some people collected to view there collections, some people liked to modify figures, some people liked to amas armies to war game with. Watever the particular choice of poison was didnt matter, it was about a group of like minded people getting together and sharing a common intrest. When i say casual there was a fague structure so that the weekend was filled in. Official festivities kicked off at 9am friday morning with a swop meet at the hosts house, followed by a bbq and more swapping. Saturday was a war game followed by a meal at a restaurant that evening. Sunday was a wind down bbq and general toy soldier stuff, sunday people drove, flew or railed home. What im geting at is that I think a national get together is a great idea. A weekend where like minded people can get together, meet face to face and race, swap, drink, eat and generaly have a good time would be great. People who wanted to race stock could organise a stock championship for one morning, afternoon or day. We could have an open track or handicap race. There are endless possibilities. All it takes is the motivation of a small number to decide a weekend and a venue and you have a national championship. If the space was available it wouldnt take too much to set up multiple tracks for a long weekend and get together. Thats my rambling done. cheers pyro.
  11. Pyro

    Digital Friday?

    Sax id be thrilled to come over if there is space, friday night is good for me.
  12. Pyro

    Which City In China

    Rob, thanx, thats more information than i was expecting. I will let you know how we get on.
  13. Pyro

    Which City In China

    Thanx Sid, I mean Vinno, chained to a chair is a risk im willing to take!
  14. Pyro

    Which City In China

    cmon people someone must have some idea or how i could find out?!!!? Parts numbers? Digital chip identification? any info will help, my mate speaks fluent chinese and wants to get on to this at the source.!!!!
  15. I have a friend traveling to china and would like to know where scalextric is manufactured so that they may be able to drop into the factory. If I can find out which city, I may have a chance of locating the factory.
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