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  1. Hi Cam , are the rear side wing mounts available for the Nissan yet ? If they are could you bring me a set when you come to Jans this wednesday. Cheers Baz
  2. Baz

    Air Cond Woes

    I read somewhere that the compreesor won't cut in if it is too hot. Don't know if true or not Cheers Baz
  3. i was thinking the same thing. Maybe I am not as messy as I thought. Cheers Barry
  4. Don't believe it Wobble , all you get is time lost to cleaning Cheers Barry
  5. Good luck to everyone , hope you all have a great time. Might get to go to one of these one day. Cheers Baz
  6. I would show you what is on mine but I can't find it Baz
  7. If you are after a ready made car carrier , pretty hard to go past the one Paul NZ builds. Best thing I ever bought for transporting slot cars Cheers Barry
  8. Baz

    Just Curious...

    I was born 5 years before the Melbourne olympics
  9. Garry J uses paving paint rolled on then brushed over. One of the best surfaces I have raced on Baz
  10. RIP Bob , one of lifes true gentleman. Only met Bob once but found him very easy to talk to and hard to get away from. You will be sorely missed Baz
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