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  1. Artical in the Age online today. Maybe of interest to some. http://www.theage.co...021-gkex5f.html
  2. Saw this article, thought it might interest some of you. http://3dprint.com/4...ot-car-chassis/
  3. Rob

    Car Spotting

    Traveling down East link in beautiful condition, nearly missed my turnoff...
  4. Rob

    The Lost Tracks...

    What a fantastic thread, thank you.
  5. Rob

    Snake Valley Raceway

    Snake Valley has left the building and on its way to it's new home. Thank you Dirk, hope you have as much fun with it as I have.
  6. 4X4 driving in this fantastic country of ours and building my touring machine. Oh and a XTC hard tail is also on my shopping list somewhere in the future.
  7. Happy Birthday Dick, enjoy it mate.
  8. Rob

    Happy Birthday Rob!!

    Thank you guys, yes Dick they come along all too frequently now. But they are a good excuse to buys some toys.
  9. Rob

    Happy Birthday Rob!!

    Hey Dave, Thank you very much. Been a good one, even cleaned the track and cut some laps on it for the first time in a long time.
  10. Rob

    Racing In My Rumpus!

    Looks good Dick, love the seats.
  11. Rob

    3D Printers

    The other way of looking at these models is not the final model but a master model from which a silicone tool can be taken from. Guys like Phil and their casting skills can make great use of this method allowing for wide variety of poly urethane's to mimic production plastics/rubbers.
  12. I will have a look for you Shane. Ive never had an issue with mine in all the time Ive had it. I'm a fan, it just works
  13. What version have you got Shane? I'm assuming my software has pits, how do I tell?
  14. Rob

    Premier Raceway V2

    Great stuff Dave, well done mate. How do like the layout now you have driven it?
  15. Rob

    Premier Raceway V2

    Looking good Dave!
  16. Hey Dave Happy Birthday mate.
  17. Joe, Its not to different to how I built mine, depending on where you put your driver stations marshalling could be a minor issue. I find it hard to marshal in the S area of my track on the rare occasion we have an "off" in that area. Having said that its a very competitive track and produces some good racing. http://www.auslot.com/forums/index.php?/topic/5105-snake-valley-raceway/page__view__findpost__p__54181
  18. Rob

    Premier Raceway V2

    Looks good Dave, I guess were racing next weekend at the pace you work at?
  19. Rob


    Shane why do you want to set it up in XP? Just load the pc with DOS and be done with it.
  20. Rob

    A Blst Track In Hawkes Bay

    Beautiful piece of workmanship, love the design.
  21. Same as Gref, flyscreen then plaster over the top. I used reasonable quality paper towel dipped in plaster to do my paper mache hills.
  22. Chris will miss your cars.... we miss that,,,look forward to you still stirring the pot.
  23. I dont have any trouble with mine Dave. Startline, sensors and LED's for a light source.
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