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  1. LOL WTF If you go to MR website, PVH has a Race calendar in pdf that can be dowloaded which covers the whole year. On July 28th we are having the Milk Run. The rules haven't been posted as yet, biut, the body must be made from some sort of milk container. That race fill be fun Stu Hey just noticed the initials of your nick LOL
  2. Maybe someone will build a Bullet Train :lol: :lol: I will definatley post pics Stu
  3. Mobile Raceways are having their 'It's not a slotcar race" tomorrow night at 7.00pm. The entries i know of so far include a forklift with 2 stage mast that works, a sponge ??? a double powerpoint, a wheelie bin, and I expect a train, a tank with rotating gun turret, and maybe a fighter jet with bombs. The race is on the Kingleman and 'cars" are limited to 100mm high, and 1000mm long. Looking forward to this race. Will post some pictures of the 'CARS' next week. Stu.
  4. Stu501

    Car Spotting

    Took this 18 months ago at Venice Beach in LA. Yep there is even a kitchen sink on there somewhere Stu
  5. Interesting to note that Bwuce and Cambo were dnf's WTF ??? Stu
  6. See live racing action on the King track at Mobile Raceways Dandenong. http://www.livestream.com/mobileraceways Stu
  7. Can't wait for this after last night's record breaking run in the Wing 10's Not bragging but, I top qualified with a 2.992 (first run under 3.00 secs), got beat by the 2nd qaulifier Cambo with a 2.974. Good job Cambo. Then in the 2nd bracket i pulled a 2.968 outta nowhere to claim back the track record. Bring on the yanks and the W10, W12, and Int. 15's Stu
  8. Stu501

    Car Spotting

    If you look closely, the boat slides into the caravan and is not a part of it. Stu
  9. I use 2 types of Chassis Jigs, A Cheetah 11 jig with adjustable whhelbase and preset height lugs for clearance. and a fixed wheelbase ceramic board which is 4.25 inches At present I have a half built Retro F1 1/24th scale chassis on the Cheetah jig for Mobile Raceways Retro saturday nights. Not sure where you can source the Cheetah 11 from, I scored mine on Ebay for 13.00 ea set u jig and a persepex body mounting plate with magnets Stu Pic if you wish
  10. Stu501

    Car Spotting

    Buggered if I know LOL it was going faster than me LOL and as I spotted it in the mirror, I just barely had time to grab the camera and snap it Stu
  11. Stu501

    Car Spotting

    On the Western Ring car park last thursday Stu
  12. espsix, As Mattie said above, it will run everything from HO thru Open G7 Wing. SO if you decide to jump the fence, and try Flexi or even Wing racing, just unplug the 290ohm and bang in a 113 or 78 ohm resistor. Best money you ever spent on a controller Stu
  13. Forgot to say the interchangable resistors are about $ 28.00 ea Stu
  14. I suggest you upgrade to the 30 band with interchangable resistor network. 290OHM resister for 1/32, 180 OHM for scale racing, and 148. 113, and 78 Ohm resistors for Gp and 16D, S16d, etc. racing. Stu
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