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  1. Willem has been busy at the big LMP race in Europe this weekend, so I imagine he will be able to respond early this week. For myself, I think it depends on what the Europeans want to do. If they want to do three weekends in a row (BRING IT ON!!!!) then great. However if they can only do two weekends, then we have to decide where to race. Sydney is absolutely essential to the whole concept. As for the other two races, personally I have no preference. Although Melbourne suits me from a logistics point of view, Queensland could deliver a stronger field of racers. It depends on timing, too. But all these things can be addressed by Willem since he is very well connected with the European racers and is very good with communication.
  2. And the Great Man once again puts things in a nutshell. Nice work, Jan. :) Can we have feedback from you guys about this idea? I imagine that we should use the Hornsby/NSW race as our anchor point date wise, and make a Victoria race the week before, and Queensland the week after. So how about this? Victorian Race: 17 & 18 February 2018, Mobile Raceways NSW Race: 24 & 25 February 2018, Hornsby, Queensland Race: 3 & 4 March 2018, Red Racer. If these dates look good, then we need to start talking to the Raceway owners.
  3. That's the spirit, guys! Right now we have strong interest from three (perhaps four) guys. They want to come for about 3 weeks in March. SO, let's open the floor to suggestions as to what kind of show we can put on for them.
  4. Some of the guys I know from Europe who race ScaleAuto and LMP have been talking about making an International trip next year, in and around February. These guys are excellent drinkers and can drive a slot car sometimes. What would it take to organise a championship series in February/March next year? For sure the "jewel in the crown" would be the Sydney race at Hornsby. Could we then have two further races in Queensland in quick succession? For sure Ecurie Elite (Jan's place) would be at the top of the list, and also Narangba or Mark's track. Or Garry's. What do you guys think? These crazy Dutchmen and Germans are prepared to come half-way across the world. Do you think we can make a worthy championship?
  5. That is easily arranged. All we need to do is keep in touch with Gabe Inabnit and make sure we can join in one of their races.
  6. 8 hours? Pfffft... that's nothing! They race them for 24 hours in Europe, although there can be some unintended consequences....
  7. That was a totally awesome weekend of racing. Where else do you get 30+ of the best racers in Australia slugging it out? It is the biggest slot car event in Australia now, and for good reason. The atmosphere is fantastic, and the competition is world-class. The number of laughs we all had was just the icing on the cake. Massive congratulations go to Noel, Andrew, Simon and Kim. It is great to see you guys on the top step of the podium because you totally deserve it and you gave us all a lesson in precision driving and car preparation. Well done guys! Your happy faces are an enormous reward for the people that made this event happen, and for the rest of us as competitors.
  8. The harder you work, the luckier you get In other words, success at slot car racing depends on hard, hard work as much as anything else. What you, JPHanna, are describing, is hard work as much as it is anything else. And that guy who says "If you beat me you must be cheating"? Either he is cheating himself, or he simply doesn't appreciate that you worked harder than him. Either way, he needs a lesson in respect.
  9. 2016 NSW SCALEAUTO CHAPIONSHIP RESULTS 1. Team Phoenix - 4627 laps 2. Team NSR - 4590 laps 3. Team RaceWorld - 4512 laps 4. Narangba - 4478 laps 5. Red Bull - 4450 laps 6. Xtreme - 4341 laps 7. Outer Limits - 4109 laps This was the fastest, closest and cleanest NSW race yet. The new race system with the trackside "track call" button kept the on-track incidents to a minimum and made for an exceptionally smooth event. Kudos to Joe for his hard work in both races looking after us all. Once again, Hornsby was a pleasure to race at and we must thank James for hosting the event. It was great fun, and we all had plenty of laughs to go with the toughest slot-car competition in Australia.
  10. Bummer. I guess we'll have to use hand-out rubber bands instead Looking forward to seeing all you guys again tomorrow. I hope it's as much fun as usual!!!!
  11. Oh yeah. I forgot to mention. I just have to be there for the chance to try and beat Shane. When you can compete against the premier model car racer in Australia on the premier track in Australia, you just have to do it. I might fail, but it's the ultimate challenge.
  12. Sounds kind of OK... Maybe I'll be there... WITH BIG BRASS BELLS ON!!!!!!!!!! Wouldn't miss it for quids. :) :) :) :)
  13. As do I. These are seriously classy looking cars.
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