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  1. At least i dont have to push MY little toy cars around a pretend track going "broom broom" if i want to race them, unlike a diecast collector
  2. Looks great, sounds awsome, love the idea of being able to stand anywhere around the track, see where i can pick up some time. How much coin we looking at?
  3. Hi Richard just in case you didnt see it when you checked the DSE website, they have listed the Morley WA store as having stock of the 3W10R pot. Product Code: R6903. I'd ring first to check tho. Theres a place in sydney that may have them in stock, although it would cost around $15 by the time its posted to you. PM me if you want details. I'm building the same controller as on the ABSlotsport site and while ive spent about $70 buying all the components, hardware and cable. If it works the way im expecting its much cheaper then buying a new adjustable electronic controller.
  4. Yeah im a speedway fan.. tho most call me an adidct! My 3 Y/O daughters fav driver in all motorsport is Mitch Dumsney and Mr 5 only watches NASCAR cause no VSC drivers raced sprintcars! Oh my avatar is dad taking it easy on his just restored 60's midget at bankstown trotting track a year or so ago... a boat just wasnt exciting enough after giving up 40 years of racing LOL
  5. Thanks Terry first a huge Thank you to everyone for making me welcome and loaning me cars to use on the nite. i hope i didnt cause too much damage lol. Was a late nite and sorry for that... i'll make sure im early from now on! took some magnets out of a few cars... :aussie: ... this after noon and will start my driver training once the kids have gone to bed. Looking forward to Gregs in a few weeks wes
  6. dont pay that for one... IF u really want it that bad well then ill sell mine to you much cheaper. Ive got the flu n was high as a kite on the codral's when i was posting this afternoon so sorry for being all over the shop. send me a PM with a cash offer or something intersting for a swap maybe? wes
  7. Sorry i didnt mean for you to feel that way.. i do appricate the info you have shared wes
  8. And your fast too...two post ago i WAS sane Sorry bunny but now i know i can addapt it to my track again im thinking for setting it up for when mr5 is playing with his police Rover.
  9. Really??? i thought there must have been micro chips etc in the key. so i still could have used it even tho i made driver stations with 6.5 mm plugs?
  10. Hi Bunny just been looking and ive found the car, control tower and all the keys execpt for the sport one! i also still need to find the clip with the locating magnets and the paper work. They all together.. i hope... in a "safe place" i think. just not one of my usual safe places so might take a bit of time to find
  11. i might have one for you.. ill check to see if i still have all the peices for it if keen what track u have??
  12. Thanks for the reply guys. Appricated
  13. Hi NASCAR fan also check out Slotz a fun there at Charmhaven and race on plastic tracks on friday nites. Cheers Wes
  14. Hi was that at Slotz a Fun or Casey? Thanks
  15. Mopar... u build me track ill wire yours up!!! lol
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