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  1. My car is a practice car John and is way off the pace. I've left the building to the guys who aren't studying and working full time
  2. Yeah it is possible on the outside lanes, especially coming onto the start/finish straight. However the track still feels very green, quite slippery. I guess you guys need to get some goop on there and get it gripped up.....that is why a closer wall, like on Garry's track is not a problem. Green tracks need goop, laps, clean, goop, laps..... Every time you clean it a little more goop soak into the surface and eventually you don't goop much to have a nice grip level. Anyway, as Tim will tell you.....'just drive the car better MF'.....LOL Look forward to caching up with you guys on the weekend. Cheers, Jan Correct me if I'm wrong, but my understanding is that this race will be run goop free. The surface is not shiny and has much more of a matte finish than gloss. Therefore it also feels MUCH more abrasive than both the Hornsby and previous Tbird track. Will make for interesting racing...
  3. Yeah it is possible on the outside lanes, especially coming onto the start/finish straight. However the track still feels very green, quite slippery.
  4. You forgot to write tosser next to myself John. Almost cried laughing... On a serious note...Track is challenging, will definitely separate the good drivers from the not so good. After driving the track and also looking at the names of drivers racing... My word of advice would be to reinforce your car with kevlar or something with ballistic resistance. Strongest car wins is my tip. Looking forward to it.... I think.
  5. I'll only race at the 2015 nats if Wilson Security are present and there are bouncers at the front door. I'm expecting a riot after the way you guys have been bickering on the forum. Jokes aside, an association is a great idea BUT will everyone be able to agree on decisions made? Or will it just result in more bickering and personal attacks on the forum. May be time for certain people to keep their slot car diaries to themselves.
  6. Almost finished a bucket of popcorn reading this thread. Very entertaining indeed.
  7. Ray You know I love your "spare" cars. You have an amazing talent on building two great cars and then lending out the better one. Sounds familiar... These Matra's look good, will pick on up later this week...
  8. Hi guys, I won't be attending this year as I have too many commitments with work and uni. Wishing everyone a safe trip over if you are travelling and good luck in the races!
  9. Sammi


    I personally don't agree with the rules and regulations of FPR's 'endurance racing'. If your team's car breaks down during the race, you pull it into the pits and fix the problem, and of course if you can't fix it, you pack up and go home. You certainly don't see an Audi crashing at Le Mans, for their driver to come back to the pits and jump in another race prepped car. Having said that, the guys that race down at FPR aren't racing for sheep stations. I admire everybody that races down south (David, Mike F, Fabien, John S) to name a few, for exactly your point... their sportsmanship. They're all great guys that want to help you out with car development, have a chat and most importantly have a good night of racing. Of course there is still competition involved, but the 'greed' and 'win at all costs' mentality does not exist at FPR. Overall John, I think you're taking an event of this nature a little bit too seriously. You need to remember that local club racers don't have the egotistical greedy mentality that you might of witnessed in the 80's. Of course it still exists to a certain degree at higher profile events these days, but still not to the degree that I assume you're used to. Hope you're not losing any sleep over this John, see your local GP if you are. Cheers, Sammi.
  10. Big thanks to Chris at Thunderbird's for hosting yet another great event. Thanks to Shane for organizing a successful race once again. Great night of racing to hold in honour of Keith. Driver Brief Grid 1st Place - TEAM NSR 2nd Place - FUNHOUSE RACING 3rd Place - TEAM REEFER Concourse Winner - Mike S Another great domination by the Noel & Shane duo... Well done guys.
  11. Very informative write up Cam, look forward to seeing more...
  12. Not much different to your standard Scalextric Mabuchis. From memory the Fly Mabuchis were around 1k rpm faster... not many people know that.
  13. Sounds tempting after uni on a Friday... I'll definitely keep it in mind! Cheers, Sammi
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