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  1. I've been slotting for a bit over 12 months now, and while still on the learning curve I have got a few things sorted out. Our club races alternate Friday nights and the guys have been really helpful. Our club runs no magnets, so it's all about weight and balance. I've also done quite a bit or reading. There is an excellent series sourced from Pendle Slot Racing in UK, you can get into it through the web link http://kap61.com/actsc/tips/body_car_tuning_-_part_1.htm. It's a series or articles, the link for "part 2" is at the bottom of Part 1, etc. There is also a very good book I got hold of, called "Slot Car Bible" by Robert Schleicher. It's an American book, I got mine through a friend who runs a bookshop but I think you can get it from Patto's Place at a cost of around $60. Not cheap, but a very comprehensive book. http://members.optusnet.com.au/pattosplace/home.html. One thing I have found, our club works on the basis of keeping costs down so exotic modifications are not on. In virtually all classes, we generally requires that cars run on either original or Ninco tyres. Almost without exception the Ninco tyres make quite a difference to grip on virtually all tracks (we run different brands of plastic, plus routed timber tracks). Allan A
  2. Thanks for the advice, I'll keep trying the phone no and see how I go. Perhaps there is hope yet! Thanks to all on the Forum who have responded on this. Allan A
  3. Unfortunately I don't still have a copy of the street address. I did get it at one stage, as my wife has a son who lives in a nearby suburb (Surrey Hills) and I was looking at the possiblity of him picking up a previous order for me to save postage as we were going down to Melbourne (from Canberra). But I ended up just getting it posted and I don't appear to have kept the address details. I remember them saying at the time they didn't have a "shopfront" where you could look at things as they were a mail order business, but I could have arranged a pickup. There is no physical address on the website. Thanks anyway for the offer. Allan A
  4. Unfortunately it was a direct bank deposit... But what concerns me more, for the sake of other people, is that the website still seems to be alive and well and presumably still taking orders. http://www.thetoystore.com.au/shop/index.asp?c=0 Allan A
  5. Does anyone know what has become of the Toy Shop in east Melbourne? I've bought stuff from them in the past, but an order placed (and paid for) a couple of months ago failed to turn up. I got an email to say the order was in the system and it quoted a reference number, but inputting that number into their web site tells me the order doesn't exist. Emails are unanswered and the phone number goes to a message machine which promises they will return the call but it doesn't happen. Looks like I've done my dough, but the real worry is that the website is still alive an well and appears to still accept orders (and presumably payments - but I'm not game enough to try and order anything to see). Apparently they operate out of a light industrial area in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, and previously they have told me that pickups can be done from the site but it's not a "retail shop" as such. Anyone know if they still operate, if so how to contact them? Allan A (Canberra)
  6. [ The link below is the Slot it PDF for all their racing spares. I drool over it often and have used almost every inline gear combination they sell as well as tyre. Slot it racing parts Fascinated by the parts brochure. Explains a lot to this relative "newbie" to slotting. Where is the best source for these parts? (I'm located in Canberra so generally doing mail order purchases).
  7. Mike The large diameter 17.3mm hubs is the standard large diameter hub. They come in two widths though at 8 and 10mm of which the Nissan has 10mm. The rubber compound Slotit tyres do go from P1 hardest to P3 softest tyre. The P4 is called resilliant and seems similar to Ninco tyres but has less grip without a magnet on Bo's Ninco track. Of course that is if I am correct in saying the tyres on the Nissan are P4's but they are definately not the normal Slot it compounds. If you want a Slot it tyre for Artin go for the S1 silicones. They work better as do the Indy Grips Slot Shop sell. The link below is the Slot it PDF for all their racing spares. I drool over it often and have used almost every inline gear combination they sell as well as tyre. Slot it racing parts
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