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  1. Holty

    About To Rout

    Vintage, I like twisty technical tracks, but always try to include a broad sweeping turn to spin out the rear end for some fun. If your surface allows good rear sliding with control then you get fewer deslots, hence why the kids love it. Holty
  2. Thank you all for the comments re mood and vibe, I obviously had the right effect. I have updated this thread with a pic of the old house with terracotta tile roof (painted corrugated cardboard). Holty
  3. With Italian cars winning my Gordon Bennett cup last year, it now their turn to host in 2015. So I was looking for a face lift of my track to create an iconic Italian track. I have always liked the look of those old Targa Florio pictures with very old stone buildings, bare countryside and twisty roads. This picture inspired me even further. So I set about the scenery rebuild, just cardboard and foam as usual and plenty of paint. I won't be going to as much trouble as this gentleman http://www.farroutsl...rga-Florio.html whose trackside detail indicates an abundance of spare time. I began by dabbing paint onto cardboard and styrofoam to represent crude bricks, the result is relatively convincing. I have some corrugated cardboard for the terracotta roof tile look underway. So my Green Hell track survives into a fifth year with another makeover. Holty
  4. thanks for those comments, and I must say that I was honoured to have a Manx native comment on the photos. Holty
  5. Since the UK won my Gordon Bennett cup last year, they have to host this year, and I decided to make my track look like the Isle of Man. First I needed to make those drystone walls that line much of the course. I had some grey urethane packing foam. I cut it into 1cm x 4cm thick strips, then hacked out chunks with scissors to get the rough finish. Another version of neater finished stone wall was made with some black polystyrene liberated from work. This was cut with a wood saw to get a slightly roughened finish, then strips had the tops made angular with a knife. Here they are close to the track to give that tight dangerous feel (even though the foam can't damage the cars). I also made a facade of the famous Cregg Ny Baa establishment. If you crash here you finish up in the front Bar and can order a pint of Best Bitter and a bag of crisps while you await the pick up truck. Some cardboard buildings to give that whitewash and grey slate roof look of Ramsey. To finish, the forest backdrop had been replaces by rolling meadows. The only thing I couldn't create was the fog and rain. Holty
  6. Using foam is a good tip. I used to use cardboard cartons (double thickness type). Easy to cut, paint etc. Also easy for mice to eat in the shed. Holty
  7. oldie, nice to see some-one else with a caricature avatar. I drew my avatar a few years ago, but it isn't actually of me, I just wanted to put an old face on an old Bultaco bike. I had a look at the rebuild article. So do you have a 1:32 Ninco Jag XK120, to go with your 1:1 version? Holty
  8. Holty

    Race To The Sky

    Ember, as for the difficult corner, you could try leaving the elevation struts/poles variable. Over time you can subtly adjust the pitch until you get a reliable drive. On my wood track I have a couple of adjustable height points to change degree of difficulty. On a bend, just 3-4mm can make all the difference. Holty
  9. I have temporarily altered the scenery of my old Nurburgring to give it the look and feel of the modern Bathurst in time for the 12 hour. We will have our own '12 minute' race on the day. I made a timelapse movie to show the transition. Until I can work out how to embed it, here is the link http://www.flickr.co...08/12257833286/ The usual materials are used for the buildings, cardboard and timber. The trackside walls are styrofoam, 6mm thin enough to bend. Holty
  10. Holty

    Xb Falcon

    Ditto from me, braking and cornering will require much more precision and should get you back in front. If that fails, sneak in the slot.it Gt40. Holty
  11. Changing to a slot.it guide might help stop some deslotting as the guide will sit slightly deeper into the track's slot. If you use a timber guide which is much deeper, you can cut it back to the required depth. The leads from the motor may need to be unsoldered from the Scaley guide arrangement so they can be inserted into the Slot.it guide and secured with brass eyelets. Holty
  12. I decided to make some temporary changes to the Nurburgring scenery, and run a mille miglia event. Well a Mille Metre event. Drivers total 1000m run as targa stages. The pit buildings were removed and I used some more cardboard boxes and some of the old Monaco backdrop from my old track to create the old style town. I painted the boxes after cutting holes for doors and windows. I cut some styrofoam and painted it to make the stone walls. The rest of the track is still a winding mountain road, so there is the town-country-town effect. The overview of the town. The white facade at right was my old Hotel du Paris from Monaco. Made from 2 layers of card, to get the arches to stand out. The start line. Some of the people are cutouts from the sides of Harry Potter Lego boxes and repainted, others are hand-drawn Turn 1. Behind the chequered flag is my old Rascasse Cafe building, made from a wine cask. The windows are just painted on. I hope you are all now inspired to cut some card. Holty
  13. Neil, I experimented some time ago with track surfaces. I had a hill climb section made out of laminated ply, nice and shiny. SCX or ninco classic tyres would allow graceful controllable drifts. MJK tyres however, stuck like glue in the rally proxy held on the track. My current track is just painted timber, MJK stick well, but Carrera, Scaley, SCX original tyres spin and slide. The only way MJK tyers will allow a slide is with a very dirty surface. So I suggest just put the original hopeless rubber tyres back on the car. Holty
  14. Neil, thanks, found it on armchairracer tyre list. MJK 4231 - 4 x tyres to suit Ninco Sports models Holty
  15. Thank you for those helpful quick responses. I feel now my purchase will be less like a stab in the dark. Given the Ninco durable bodies cars are a good price, I don't mind the minor extra modification, and they will be run on MJK rubber anyway. Actually what is the best fitting MJK for the Ninco GT wheels? Holty
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