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  1. Rubbing Alcohol available at any GOOD Pharmacy. Avoid the watered down stuff 70% or Less Alcohol I use different Blends...For scenery work I use aprox 4 Squirters full to 8 OZ ......For weathering Buildings and bringing out definition 2 squirters to 8 Oz. HIGGINS INDIA INK Is available at Office Supply places & Hobby shops who carry Caligraphy supplies. Break up chunks of plaster and use for Rip Rap and Talus Below your rock cuts to Improve the look............You can Precolor these Pieces by soaking in a small container for a few seconds........use several shades of the same flavor of acrylic...........then when dry, Mix em all up and pour them out onto the area you want them.......Spray with India Ink solution and allow to dry.............Now sray the area liberally with WET WATER ( water with a couple drops of Dish soap)...THEN flood the area with a 50/50 White Glue water mix ( use an Old dishsoap squeeze bottle) Add a sprinkling of turf/Earth and weed tufts here and there NOW while wet with Glue When this is dry spray Everything with India Ink Solution ONE MORE TIME..........DONE!!! HINT - Buy an Old used Blender...Use it to Chop up Dried Leaves and Bits of Mulch (cypress mulch works well) Now screen this material..........Use the fines as you would use Dirt.....larger particles as Woods Duff.........Larger chunks left over can be placed where a rotting Log may be found......(give it a Hint of fine green Moss)...On the North side only ..right?? ( of course ya'll are upside down so maybe its the Southside Only.) LOL
  2. It looks pretty good.........You should touch up the shore where the varnish wicked into the sand though..........Perhaps something pebbly or just New Sand over the old If you want a wind effect you could use Gloss Medium or Modge Podge Gloss and using a Paint brush stipple it over the surface for a light rippling Breeze (looks good on ponds this size) OR you can even do a Heavy Chop ( better on larger bodies of water) Ever think about adding any Tall rushes /catails and Lilypads??
  3. You can do a Final Spray of a Mix of India Ink & 91% Alcohol..............Spray it over everything and it'll seep into all the nooks & cranny's and give definition. You didnt say what you MaDE your scenery out of....Was it PLASTER or FOAM???? Heres a Diorama I did.............This was done using Acrylic paints mixed very thin....Raw Umber, Burnt umber, Raw Sienna, Ochre etc and given an India Ink/Alcohol wash.........a couple of coats...........This was taken before doing any Drybrush Highlighting.......
  4. I was asked for pictures since I guess all of my posted photo's went missing. I'll try to repost what I have rather than Edit every Post. Heres Photos of the above Scratchbuilt building. Garage Framed Truss Jig Board by Board siding Removable Roof....how it works Carved Plaster foundation Overhead Shot of Floor with Aging Stone Work - Staing the Rocks Trusses In Place Rolled Roofing Main And Rustic /aged Shake Lean to roof Interior Detail Detail Items - (Signs) Detail Items - (barrels...verlindon) The One that Started this Project - Wrecker from New to Junk in the blink of an Eye
  5. Still waiting on my Basswood order BUT Eric said its been shipped :aussie: :dog: In the meantime I did recieve some details which i'm working on painting............Lots & Lots of Details :arggg: heres an idea....this is just a small part of round 1 - and thats Of 3 rounds (1 interior main bldg 2 - interior lean to 3 - exterior ALL) Also ive been working on the roofs...........The main Building gets a rolled roofing look while the Lean to addition (this will be the really rustic ...DIY looking... Nothing goes to waste.... kind of addition) Gets a slapped on cedar shake roof (in pretty sad shape too) I also dressed up a few Barrels...........these are 1/35 scale Verlinden barrels.........a bit smaller than 55 gal, i'd say they are the equivelent of aprox a 40 gal oil drum.........Almost a perfect 1:48 scale 55 gal drum!! I purchased a Value pack for around 12-13.00 in which you get a couple dozen barrels.....( i'll make a Mold from these so i can make some of my own from plaster down the road ) Anybody interested in HOW i made the roofs can see the How to Here: http://www.slotforum.com/forums/index.php?...st&p=289563
  6. A Very Nice Kitbash!!!
  7. Thank you for the Kind comments guys, BUT......There really is No need to be Jealous!! Anybody can do this stuff...........you just have to WANT TO!!! Kep in mind,I'm always happy to help anybody that asks for help...... It can be expensive though if you are using Quality materials but then again, So are KITS!! A Kit of a Garage like this which would perhaps include the raw foundation and some color coded pieces of stripwood..window & door castings and perhaps a few details along with instructions would very easily sell for 130-150.00 And you still have to Build it................. Of course a finished Model like this will sell for far more but never enough to pay for the amount of time it takes to make!! Scratchbuilding Isnt for everyone, BUT......Its not because people cant do it, its more a matter of priorities......Some folks would just rather RACE.....And I dont blame them!! LOL I'll post more when ive completed more......Until then.......I am waiting on some materials to arrive which according to my supplier (Erik at Kappler Lumber)may take a couple of weeks since he is so backlogged!! :(
  8. AHHHHHHHHHHH................. NO!!!!! Glad you like it Slider.................Its been fun and its going to get even funner...........Lots of details on order along with some more basswood....I came up SHORT so ordered in Bulk this time.....150.00 worth!!! Back to it soon!!
  9. Awhile back I began to put together a Board On Board scratchbuilt Pole Barn style Maintenance shack which will have my wrecker boneyard along with my newer tow truck in and around it. Here was the way she sat back when i did the initial frame-up Since this picture I have taken this build a few steps forward. Here we are with our wall sections with its boards predistressed completed and given a Wash with a Silver acrylic paint rubbed in followed by flowing another wash of India Ink/ 99% Alcohol. The Door frame and Windows are Grandt line and have been painted with an Acrylic paint and weathered with the same Alc/Ink solution. At the same time I also threw together a few period signs to represent Old tin advertising signs that have been relegated to the boneyard..........(never know when one will come in handy to patch a leaky roof) After Gluing my walls together i proceeded to the Truss stage...Here you can see my truss jig and a few Untrimmed trusses waiting to have gussets shaped. The roof will be removable to display the interior of the building............Here you can see how we accomplish a removable roof.....the trusses slip over the Poles and lock the roof in place. Trimboards will be glued to gables and will slip Overthe walls siding. I completed a little interior work before starting on my Foundation and slab floor Here we have the slab floor which has been poured with plaster into a form. The foundation sidewalls have an initial outline carving of the stonework. Here we have completed the initial staining of the Slabwork...you can see the cracks ive carved in to give the Old well used appearance. And here we have the final photo for now of the foundation stones with their 3rd staining coat. As you can see the carving was completed and pock marks and texture were added to the rocks I'll add more as i get more completed.......it takes a while to take a scratchbuilt model to this level of detail...notice the close ups of the siding..............see if you can spot the nail holes :nice:
  10. I figured it had to be something affecting your normally funloving self Mark, it was very unlike you........... We all have bad days, I am no exception, Ive had plenty.(and would hope ya'll would give me a wake up ) I hope things straighten up for you and you find a bit of sleep...we all need it!!! Now thats all straightened out...On with the Shoe!!!! Thanks Eno, glad to help If I can.........Ive a bit of experience with my Model RR background but am still a rookie when it comes to Scenic'd Slotcar tracks........Some things I might normally do may not work as well with slots......I'll be finding out as I go. So far Ive found that slotcars are pretty dang tough for the most part.......BUT, they dont seem to like falling a scale 300 foot to the floor :(
  11. We make suggestions, we give opinions, we take the time to respond..............while everything said may not be just exactly in line with your questions or needs, Its better than 500 views and 0 responses. And yes, this post does come off as harsh and unappreciative which may have an adverse affect in the future to your questions. People read the question, perhaps take the time to upload a photo into an album so it can be posted etc.......and they take the time to do this all FOR YOU!!! You dont have to take advice or suggestions given, but you should remain appreciative of every response, regardless of its relevency!! Courtesy goes a long ways.....................This isnt meant to berate, just to raise your awareness.........ive not seen a post from you like this before...........perhaps you were tired!!
  12. Working on the ol Maintenance Shed & wrecker site. First, we must have an old wrecker , an all used up relic from days gone by to park alongside our shed and then something a shade newer that will still be used. So lets start by turning this Into This And this should work for our New Wrecker once we Weather it & Rust her up somewhat and detail it out....Since its a 50's wrecker I'm thinking she should be looking Pretty Grimy..........we'll get to that The Sheds been started Framing/Finish is all Board By Board Construction(just like the real thing)...hopefully i'll have her shaped into some tumble down looking ol shack in a couple weeks!! Now where did i put them big ol strap hinges :(
  13. Sand trap or Gravel Trap???? Most courses are using Loose Gravel.........its a bit larger than all but the heaviest RR ballast ( O scale ballast will work but its spendy) This Photo is Kitty Litter.................Looked about right to me :(
  14. Got a chance to run some Hotlaps the other day..........was nice getting back up into the Slotroom.....Around here we get a Very short summer so its a very intense 16 weeks of getting in all of our outdoor activities from Gardenening to Fishing to family reunions to family vacations, very little time seems to be spent at home and much of that is spent outdoors until we get hit with the HEAT!!!!!!!!!! Thats where we are now...It is freaking Hot & Humid out which means I am back to attack the track - projects!! LOL Ive been busy buying this last week.....Wifey loaded up PAYPAL and said: SO, I DID!!! :rofl: Got my Pyramid PS26 regulated variable voltage Power supply, A New Ferrari 330 P4 and the Flying Lizards #44 Porsche (set only car as most of you i'm sure know) So, TO ME!!!!! That Porsche will look nice mixed in with these I Do believe.... :(
  15. Yes SIR A bit steep considering the 1/64 scale Nascar transporters are going for 12 -15.00 over here
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