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  1. Agree.....unless you are delving into rebuildable motors in metal chassis racing where armatures are often labelled in degrees of advance ie 25, 38,45 degrees in C or D can motors or strap motors.
  2. Actually I admired his nonchalant brushing of the tire debris onto the track. A true master stroke. l confess to using the sandpaper sheet on the track method myself except I positioned the car in reverse so it pulls back against the paper. Who needs a fancy pancy tire lathe?
  3. Nice job on that unusual subject. Bingo’s inserts are a classy touch.
  4. I may have a couple of options but 20mm is a large diameter...are they for a 1/24 car?
  5. Whats wrong with some people? The slotcar community is a pretty cool bunch of people who enjoy the hobby and enjoy sharing their experiences…..this is what I thought, but after some exchanges with a few so called slotcar enthusiasts I am not so sure anymore. Some members of some forums are vicious types….they operate in groups and when they see a victim they troll and bully that person continually. If you support someone they don’t then you too get trolled, bullied or harassed. This has been seen on the SF forum over some years and it sometimes occurs here. Don’t criticize anything they do to the slightest degree or you become the target. I am sorry to write this and put it up on a public forum and no doubt inconvenience the moderators but I have to get it out of my system. Apologies to the Mod team. For instance….I recently contradicted or questioned a person on SF and then received a threatening message from a member here. Why would that happen? Because they are both in the same group of aggrieved people. Lets take a sample from the latest PMs “Be grateful you haven’t been exposed….yet” and “You have been warned” and “no need to reply….you have been warned” and “If you continue it online on any forum I’m going to have to let everyone know what you did and how you did it along with all your BS threatening PM’s elsewhere” Now it is easy to fabricate words as I could have in the above statement but these are quotes from PMs recently received. I am sure moderators can read PMs if they need to. In the past I have been asked for my address and email so legal papers could be served on me because I somehow offended/criticized/questioned the guy. If by posting this statement I am asked to leave Auslot then so be it…..but I am just giving everyone a heads up about the wonderful world of slot cars and the sort of people who inhabit the forums. Regards to all John
  6. The cars are cool too. My favourite are the ERA, the Sadler and the Maserati mono faro.... still saving up.
  7. It looks like the rims are on backwards and the knock offs are not standard, ....as far as I know.
  8. Good on you mate glue it and back it with some bog so it is rigid then fill and smooth the front before pulling over it
  9. Send me the broken one and I will reproduce it via vac form Or send me the body to create a new screen....actually having both on the bench would help. ...only as a last resort , hopefully you will get something closer to home.
  10. Will be a no show from me. Covid shot number two has me feeling flatter than usual.
  11. I have seen a few on Facebook market place
  12. Munter struggling for a sense of direction at the moment...getting loster by the minute
  13. Unless someone can tell me what time the dancing girls show up I will probably stay home... got a weeks worth of snotty nose and headache
  14. I made the master up by combining two kits....the roof and A pillars from the notch(?)back was added to the body of the fastback which had a targa top. By the time I had finished fiddling with the nose details I left the tail lights for you guys to tweak.....no, It wasnt until I had taken a mould that a mate kindly told me it had the wrong tail lights....sorry about that.
  15. I was intending to grace the slotting apartment with my presence last night but a lingering case of "Concrete throat" caught by close contact with a certain pre schooler meant I stayed away. A legend car for munter....white kit would be nice....are they available?
  16. IEC is the jug plug and the small round one Charlesss refers to is known as the XLR connector.... unless I have my Xs mixed up with my kettle
  17. Nice work, Vinno. Park green seems a popular choice here too. I am going to do another small run of these in the near future so if anyone wants to join the list please let me know.
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