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  1. No Dave, I am over that gig and I will be there in spirit tonight
  2. munter

    Nonno Slot Cars

    Think that is an Abarth mainly for the Mille Miglia or Targa Florio. They were a 2000cc car. As a slotcar they are pretty and I want one.
  3. Had a package posted from the UK on June 20 arrive today. Not bad at all...
  4. I have made my decision and raise the arms of Capricorn and Crockett in victorious might as FuglyCool dual winners. Congratulations to both of you on your world class builds. The high master of FuglyCool will be along shortly.....oh yea, oh yea, hey nonny nay.
  5. I have had a bit of scope around the thread and most have some cool and some ugly but......which one has the most fuglycool? The month isnt over yet.
  6. The red tinge.... I have seen it before and think it reveals something about the age of the tires. The urethane seems to change colour and become slightly translucent which is the natural colour before the black tint is added. All I can suggest is replacement.
  7. With less that three hours until track open I am announcing another sudden case of chronic absenteeism.....ie I will be staying home by the fire and on the couch. Sorry Paul, I appreciate the invitation.
  8. Sending and receiving seems to be happening for me although mostly delivery times are twice what they were pre covid.....although NZ to Aus to NZ seems to be improving slightly. I have received a body kit purchased from ebay UK on 13April, it arrived 20th June.....I had sort of given up on it so I am happy but.... ....a mini drill press I purchased on 17th January has not arrived.....must have been on the ghost ship that sank.
  9. I think I would agree with that and also..
  10. Get off eBay and onto Facebook lots of selling/buying groups there
  11. , You might be right...gearing for the shorter motor needs to be different. What gearing was used to cause the failures? I have found my 030 motor cars geared correctly to be as faster or faster than the 050 powered cars. The 030 must be allowed to rev out where the 050 motors with greater torque can lug the car along better. I checked the 2014 Tasman tech sheet and see you used one of the 030 motors yourself, Phil. The gearing you used wasnt listed but there were others using 9:23 ratios.....that is so wrong for that motor.
  12. Never had reliability issues with the 030 motors. Phil you are the only person I have read having issues. However I do feel that they are too lightweight for a proxy like the Tasman where cars must survive the crashes and harsh treatment by the odd driver .
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