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  1. Yes sir... an excellent evening’s entertainment. and that is “munter” in lowercase, I don’t want to rise above my station. My thanks to our patron, Te bone and host Sir Mac for organising a great affair. I await next year’s event with great anticipation.
  2. @Vinno the raised lettering is down to the sensitivity of the silicone and the fact that I didn’t prime and sand the original piece.
  3. Did I miss something? I love a good bit of crassness Yes, I questioned which bug it was that infected you.
  4. Apologies for my crass remark regarding Mac's health.......he knows I love him though.
  5. Tell me more... I could raise some energy for this event.
  6. Nearly got my suitcase out and drag myself over to St Georges, but..... Covid is in the house. Probably me next. Over and out
  7. Good stance on both... you say it’s not fast enough?
  8. FYI Munter, If Slotcarstyres.com (Bruno) in France is the one you're referring to I believe he closed his business a year or so back for family reasons. Hello Big Den As I understand the situation...sadly Bruno passed away and another French enthusiast has taken over the business.
  9. Aah yes, forgot about Colin...and he is a gentleman to deal with.
  10. And then look for Slotcar tires. Com
  11. Very polished looking car, Pedro. Slava Ukraine
  12. My first suggestion would be Paul Gage
  13. Thanks Mark but I think I have said enough.
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