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  1. Nice build, Terry... I couldn't but notice that the red glow has started on those rear urethanes.
  2. They seem to be shipping to NZ so ask them to try again. NZ Post!!!~!!~~! I just posted a bag(16) of wheel inserts to NSW in a cardboard box 200 x 130 x 80mm.....weight 101grams....and the cost was $NZ15....talk about a rort!
  3. I posted a package to the US on September 24 and it arrived today.... wonders never cease.
  4. I like the Nova and have one in my pile
  5. A while back because of you know what, the Spanish mail system were doing what NZ Post told them to do.....to not accept mail for NZ...This was for about a month or so but things are moving well now considering. A package of four motors to the UK recently took three weeks but another package sent earlier still hasnt arrived so it is all part of the great unknown.
  6. munter


    Sorry Ken . I have no answers
  7. munter

    NZ Post

    The website says increases of up to 7%...I say that is untrue
  8. munter

    NZ Post

    I just posted a package to Australia....normal expect cost at the counter is approximately $10.00. Not today...a new form to fill in and a new price to pay $16.26 It seems NZPost are playing the lets make a big profit game....oh they always were when they started closing their shops and using agencies. Feeling grumpier than usual. I bet the delivery time wont lessen by 60%
  9. munter


    It is...and I cant see any pictures either
  10. Hello Ken Welcome to the forum.......from one scratch builder to another.
  11. a few more pictures...you can see the work to be done before a silicone bath. Pictures are not that great, sorry, but maybe you can see that the front end detail is pretty indistinct.
  12. 1/32 scale for this one...more pictures soon
  13. XD is my preferred model but wasn’t Dick’s car an XE?
  14. This is a 3D printed starting point for a run of these in resin....dunno when but it has started.
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