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  1. Picked up wipers (same as early AP5) from Val Spares & Repairs in Bayswater along with RHD headlights and a few other bits I need for the roadworthy, just gotta wait for new taillight lenses to come from the States. The heater works real good too! The people I bought it from had a couple of Barracudas for sale and it was hard to choose between the 65 and a 68 Fastback they had. I couldn't convince the Mrs that I needed both but she is pretty taken with the 65 so I might have to get another!
  2. Love the Mopars, especially the Dusters. But my all time favourites are the 1st generation Barracudas. I'm especially liking this one, my new 1:1 toy. After what seemed like an age, she now has Australian Citizenship and is safely tucked away at Chez Sidecar. Early 1965 Plymouth Barracuda 273 V8, Auto, Power Steering and factory A/C. Californian black plate car (hence no wipers..."it never rains in California..." apparently) Gotta knock a few dings out and give her a repaint but mechanically excellent and no rust. Gonna have to sell off a few shelf queens to fund some of the resto work though......
  3. HO FREAKIN' HO HO Y'ALL PS: Thanks for the Bengal Tiger Charger Santa!
  4. Well I'm guessing that this thread has peaked. So just in case you were wondering, the cars (above) are none other than the fabulous, barnstorming, all conquering Russian ZIL 112S A 1962 ZIL-112S. The 112S used a lot of first for Soviet Union cars such as controlled slip differential, disc brakes, radial-ply tires et.c The car has been tuned up to 300 hp from the standard 230 hp. It is powered by a 5980 cc inline-8 giving a top speed of 260 km/h. Between 1963 to 1965 the car set five all-Union records in the racetracks. Like most things built in the USSR, great chunks of evil western influences found their way into all aspects of the cars with perhaps the exception of build quality and a flair for grace and beauty. Largely a copy of a Ferrari Testarossa given a big slap with the ugly brush. Thank you linesmen, thank you ballboys......
  5. But where's the cannons, smoke screens and pointy drilly things?
  6. I could really have some fun driving this!! Now THIS is a car!
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