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  1. I'm coming in a bit late on this one, but I've always had success with caustic soda with some water in an old ice-cream container. Even managed to strip the enamel paint of an old Sunset vac. formed Falcon. Gotta be careful of those fumes though, they can REALLY clean out your sinus'! Chris.
  2. Hey lavenaar, I see you are from Campbelltown, I grew up there moved in to our place in 1957, with only three houses in the street, and cows grazin' in the paddocks..... Getting together for some meetings sounds good. One guy actually comes down from Camden every few meets, Greg (rudely I never got his last name)and he enjoys himself and goes really well. Spring is nearly sprung so maybe we can organise something then. I will mention it to the other guys when we race on Friday. Cheers, Chris.
  3. Hey,shoot, that's my Club! Actually, that's our old web address, the guy who maintained it ended up with getting snowed under with work and family stuff, so now we have a new one if you wanna check it out : http://web.mac.com/Glenn.Ingham/iWeb/CARRACE/Welcome.html Not all the tracks are in yet but we are getting them in slowly. Chris.
  4. Hey Alan, that Matich is lookin' good. Patto's does some Rothmans stickers if you are going to do it in that livery. Are you going to build it as the version with the high rear wing ? I shall follow the build with interest, I remember seeing it race at Warwick Farm back in 1969. Cheers, Chris.
  5. How are ya Buddy! Welcome aboard! Chris.
  6. Just came from working on some slots in from the garage, a balmy 2degrees, must be gettin' close to spring..... On the workbench, an out of scale Lindburgh '49 Ford that is now a modified speedway car to try and hide the small, about 1/35 size, just gotta put on the decals and she's a goer. A fiberglass '63 Galaxie that will be Tiny Lund's racer from that year, just need to finish the roll-bar and paint that big sucker, hopefully on Saturday arvo. Finished the hood scoop on the Carrera 'cuda to make it (sorta) similar to Dan Gurney's AAR Trans-Am version. It's primed and fingers crossed it will be sprayed on Sunday and fits on a Scalex Camaro chassis. After that, some 1/24 scale speedway kits arrived through the week, some 1/32 scale snap tight '67 Mustangs fastbacks being turned into coupe's using Patto's '64 Mustang coupe as a donor roof, Beechey's Camaro, finish the scenery on the track. Hey, this list could be like The Never Ending Story! Chris.
  7. :alcohol: G'day, BFE, looking at the time of yout post, hope you wern't up all night trying to get that Lancia to handle! My 2 cents worth would be to make sure both front stub axles are rotating freely, sometimes one can be a tight fit and binds. I'd replace the front tyres with a lower profile version(maybe SCX rally tyres or some old ones lying around that you can sand down) and really get that guide nice and deep in the slot. I often use desoldrering braid from Dick Smith (which is super soft and cheap!!) in the guide shoe or get a pin and tease out the trailing end of the braid for about 1 or 2 mm which will make it softer and help the guide sit lower. I'd put a bit of lead in front of the front axles up near the guide to really push it down as well. See how that goes and maybe a bit of lead at the rear to balance ot out and if you have some try replacing the rears with Ninco's. Hope this helps. Chris.
  8. Surprise surprise! I have some plans of F5000 cars and there has been little interest is them dowmnhere. I have been thinking of making some Lola's at least! Phil Gotta love those F5000's! Every Tasman time I used to go out to Warwick Farm and Oran Park and watch 'em. Saturdays would be practice day and I could get into the pits and paddock area and get up close and personal and took some good snaps. I made some models of them, Lola T330, Matich and McRae GM2 using the English "Betta" bodies which are pretty good but kinda biggish, closer to 1/30 scale. Chris.
  9. That's a great track Jamie, did you fasten the track down to the baseboard ? Chris
  10. Yeah Jamie, there is another one, a lot shorter, what our American friends would call a "Bull Ring" oval, but I accidently deleted the photo! Must get another one. Just love them ovals! Actually, do you want me to let you know when the next one is, and would you like to come on down? Chris
  11. Here's a couple of my 1:32 scale sprint cars... More to come!
  12. Sorry my reply's taken so long, had a change of shifts at work! Here are a couple of the ovals we race on, and those cars of yours are absolutely awesome. Chris
  13. G'day George, great to meet ya and I'd like to second your remarks, thanks to all for such a super reception. I'm sorry for such a tardy reply but have been away for a few days and then have to fight the kids off the computer with a whip and a chair. I will try and get some pics up of the cars in a day or two although the camera and I arn't on speaking terms at the moment so I'll rope in the daughter and her you beaut box brownie and see how we go. Rules? Our Club had a web page but kinda went down hill as the web master got snowed under with work and domestic stuff but we have a new one just about finished which has the rules and tracks I'll put the link up when it's done. The nights we run speedway that's not competition night, we just try an' keep it simple, the sedans have Dick Smith motors and scratchbuilt chassis, the sprint cars have the same but we will update to Scalex motors as the bodies are die-cast metal and need a bit more grunt. One of the guys, Andrew makes our own wheels out of plastic that he machines to shape on his lathe and then the tyres are from sponge rubber from Clarke Rubber. We are also branching out into 1/24 sedans as there are so many more subjects to model and once you start grinding out the wheel arches with the dremel, ya just can't stop! Chris.
  14. Thanks Jamie, yes, I know Cliff well although we exploit his height mercilessly by making him marshall in the hard to reach spots! Chris.
  15. Joined up the other day so I thought I'd say "Hi". Had a passion for these 1/32 scale slot machines since I was a spotty faced 12 year old back in 1965. My wife would say it's more a sick obsession but she is a bit sulky since I put eight Carrera classic NASCAR's on my bedside table and they kinda shoved the photo's of her and the kids to the back edge. But I tell ya, when the alarm goes off at 6.00am and the first thing I see every morning are those aero warriors it's like "Phoarrr, what a great way to start the day!" Every second Friday night here in Canberra I race with a great bunch, overall we have about 20 classes ranging from circuit races to NASCAR (these are solely on routed ovals) to a digital enduro series. On the other Friday nights I race speedway models (Sprint-cars, modified sedans, super modified etc) on small routed ovals. So it's not an obsession. Really it's not. Nice to meet ya, Chris.
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