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  1. That's a great job. Always really liked the Alfa T-33 series racers. Chris.
  2. There are better modellers than me on this Forum but I'd suggest either using Patto's '57 Ford windscreen and a bit of modellers licence. Or, with Easter just about upon us checking out those multi pack Easter eggs, some come with 18 eggs but have nicely shaped clear vac. formed plastic on the front with the card backing. Great for windscreens, head-light covers, wheel flares etc. Hope this is some help. Chris.
  3. In the latest copy of Motor Sport magazine, I think it's the Febuary edition, there is a good feature on the Alan Mann racing team. Chris.
  4. Try this one: slotcar-fever.com If you go to 'Search' type in Johnny Beauchamp for the Chev and Curtis Turner for the Ford. Hope this helps. Chris.
  5. Terrible news. Thoughts and prayers for your family, Eno. Chris.
  6. I had the exact same problem with Patto's gold JPS decals when I did a BMW M3. Didn't know how to fix it so I got my thinnest paint brush and carefully used black paint over the foggy bits. It's sorta OK, looks good on the track but doesn't pass muster up close. Chris.
  7. Hi Chas, From what I understand, the sprint cars we use are now out of production. I *think* Startline in Melbourne made copies of them but I'm not too sure. Revell have released a couple of 1/25th scale midgets (Offy and Ford powered) static kits that I'm in the process of motorizing, they really are tiny and take 1/32nd scale running gear. If you can't get them, Big Donkey resins in the U.S. do a nice resin version of the old Monogram midget slot car body from the '60's complete with driver. Now I think about it, Patto's also does the same one except it's vac. formed. Hope this helps. Chris.
  8. Yeah, what Phil said and when you put it all back together, don't screw the body to the chassis too tight. Chris.
  9. All four look superb, gotta love those 1/24ths! Chris.
  10. I think Ninco are a straight swap. Chris.
  11. Hurrah! We race trucks on the ovals and for the last eight years I've had my ass kicked as I persevered with a blue SCX version, coming last or working my way up to second or even third last if there were breakdowns. Now at the new price I'll be able to get a Fly truck and get those same results on merit. Chris.
  12. Had this kit forever so finally decided to get it going. Being 1/28th scale do I go 1/24th scale decals or 1/32? Went with the former as I felt bigger was better, must be a male thing!
  13. I agree, that looks tough. Classic Ford magazine did a story on that Escort a couple of issues ago and I thought that is a 'must do' project. For decals, I was going to scan photos of my Fly Zakspeed 'Mampe' Capri and print on white decal paper. Would that work? Chris.
  14. That's a great chassis John, a real chip of the old block Chris
  15. I've had most of these bodies hanging around for over thirty years, the youngest would be the blue Lago by John Bacon at about seventeen years. The yellow Lancia is a kit-bashed HAWK model, the Maserarti an Airfix/MRRC body kit, the Mercedes streamliner is a DuBro vac. formed and the rest are Classic fiberglass shells from the U.K. Built 'em as I would have back in 1969 which is about when my slot car development peaked All are powered by the San/Atlas motors except the streamliner which has a Pittman. Chris.
  16. I use a cap full of soda to about a litre of water in an old ice cream container. Let it soak for ten minutes or so 'till the paint starts to lift, then put on some gloves and use an old toothbrush to scrub off the paint, then rince under the tap. If it's really stuck on you may have to repeat. I actually removed Humbrol enamel paint of a vac. formed F5000 body in caustic with no ill effect on the plastic. Hope this helps. Chris.
  17. Yo Steve, looks like ya got yourself a ripper oval. Would love to come over and trade some paint on it, what sort of paint will you use for grip? Cheers, chris.
  18. Nice, cool car, cool colour. Chris.
  19. Our Club has a whopping 22 classes so any modifications have to be done to a budget. The vintage stockers run solely on routed ovals so we got them to go like this: 1. Dremel around edge of chassis for extra float. 2. Rip out excess wiring and replace guide with one of your choice. 3. Wheels and rear tyres must remain stock but swap the fronts for a lower profile (usually some old SCX from a rally car). 4. As Greg said earlier, add lead weight where the magnet was plus under the rear axle,up the front near the guide and (your preference here) along the left side of the chassis. 5. Thin out the plastic under the interior and shave the rear mounting posts, this will allow the body to be lower on the chassis. 6. We found the Revell stockers to have appalling quality control especially regarding the wheels. When someone has a good one,using the same modifications for the Carrera's the performance is about the same. They are what they are, not brilliantly handling G.T.'s but a different driving style and a whole lotta fun. Chris.
  20. That's so cool and as a bonus ya can't beat a great Lynyrd Skynyrd soundtrack Chris.
  21. I like it! Just remember the old adage 'There ain't no such thing as a bad oval' Cheers, Chris
  22. We have a NASCAR series where we race solely on ovals, there are currently 4 operating,ranging from 6m lap length flat 'bullring' to 20m lap length superspeedways that take up just about a complete single car garage. Mine is in the Forum 'Tracks' section ACT 'Tuggerdega', approx. 11 metre lap length and lap times are around 2.8 seconds for NASCAR's and around 3 seconds for the Carrera/Revell Classics so things happen really quickly and believe me oval race nights are never boring but unbelievable fun. Only tips to give are don't go crazy on the degree of banking, the fun factor decreases the higher the banking, always leave room on the outter lane to slide otherwise that guy will just hook up and ride the fence flat out and always have at least 3 lanes or it's a bit like watching bicycle racing on a velodrome. If our experience is anything to go by I'd build it, you'll have an absolute ball. Cheers, Chris.
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