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  1. This is the re-released Revell Austin-Healey. The kit originally came out quite a few years ago now but the molding is still crisp. Bit of a hassle being a multi piece body but ended up pretty square. Tried to do it as a vintage build using as much as I could out of the stash of parts, so it's a Tamiya brass chassis (the one with the coil springs at the back axle, I *think* came with the P2 Ferrari), the springs and their mounting pins along with the motor mount have long since disappeared (I got it along with a heap of stuff from a guy I worked with back in the early '70's). The rear axle ball bearings were still there, glued in a 16D motor, front wheels and tyres from the 1/32 scale WinnWagon brass anglewinder, crown gear is a steel one from some forgotten Japanese kit likewise the rear wheels and tyres and the guide is a NOS Tokyo-Plamo. Paint is Bunnings rattle cans. Cheers, Chris.
  2. He ran that Renault at the Australian Touring Car Champioship at Lakeside in 1964 and there is a good b/w photo in the book '25 Years of the A.T.C.C.' I could scan it if that's any help and maybe you could work out the colour. Chris.
  3. There are a couple of general model shops on Oahu, pretty sure nothing on the other islands. We were there last September for our 30th wedding anniversary. I asked about slot cars but no-one knew anything. So, I didn't get any models but came home with a suitcase full of really cool shirts Chris.
  4. Lookin' good. I've been on that site and that's one cool body. Now I know Stubbo does the decals....... Good luck for the proxy. Chris.
  5. Absolutely fantastic. They are great decals as well, no bleed through at all. Congrats on your results, too. Chris.
  6. That looks great. It's a pretty cool layout you have, I'm diggin' that hard on the brakes downhill right hand corner at the top. Cheers, Chris.
  7. Hi, when we all used Scalextric track with the Club, the general concensus was to set it out in summer as it wont expand anymore and then use little 12mm x 1.00mm nails to make it permanent. These would be nailed in between the slots in the plastic then gently centrepunched so the nail head would be just below the surface and wouldn't foul the guide blade. Hope this helps, Chris.
  8. Right on, brothers! We allowed MJK's as standard on all our classes including the modern and classic NASCAR's which we race solely on routed ovals. When the Monogram and Carrera vintage stockers were on standard tyres they were great fun as they would lumber around the oval and have rather lurid slides but now they just grip up and go. The speed factor went up and my fun factor went down Chris.
  9. http://www.vsrnonline.com/Mags/MM/MM_Plans_1.htm Hi Matt, hope this link works but plan #90 (Lotus F1) might be the go. Chris.
  10. Hi, just a stab in the dark here but could you change it from a guide 'shoe' to a guide 'pin'? Wondering if you cut down the stem to a stub and aradited it to the chassis from the top, then dremelled the part of the guide that goes in the slot to a pin shape at the front. Chris.
  11. Hi, I'd try giving the shell a bath in caustic soda, about a cap full : one litre water in an old ice cream container. The other option is try a different brand of primer. I use one from Bunnings, only gonna cost a few bucks to find out. Chris.
  12. The guy who routed my oval (sadly no longer in the hobby) ran his own kitchen renovation company and he told me not to worry about undercoat, just make sure I gave it a light sand before painting to remove any grease etc. I masked off the bit over the slot then 3 coats of paving paint with non skid sprinkles in it. This allowed the copper tape to glue straight onto raw mdf. I did this back in July 2008 and no issues with the surface, even the tape has no maintenance. I just routed a 3 lane track to replace my Scalextric and was going to use paving paint again but was offered Ferradore for free. Did the same as before by taping over the slot and rolled one coat on but it doesn't feel like Ferradore, kinda like grippy blackboard paint. I'm sure I stirred it enough but somehow it's not as abrasive. Had two meetings on it and both Clubs really enjoyed it. Just my 2 cents worth. Chris.
  13. Very nice, I always preferred that early 911 shape. Chris
  14. The only addition to the conversation I can make is at this time of year I always make sure to warm the paint before use. It drives my wife mental when she sees little paint bottles lined up on the lounge-room window sill but if I forget I warm them next to oil filled column heater in the garage. Gets pretty chilly in Canberra around now but I haven't had any issues. Chris.
  15. Howdy, I just use tube styrene (I think it's Evergreen brand) for the roll cage. If you want to have padding near the driver simply use a thicker diameter bit of tubing. I'm not sure what drivers Steve has but I use the MJK ones from Patto's, I think these are similar to the ones on Home Racing World but he gets his locally. Hope this is some help, Chris.
  16. That's stunning! Great attention to detail. Chris.
  17. George Turner does a really nice resin '63 in 1/32 is the closest I can think of . Chris.
  18. Revell have a 1/25th scale '64 compact Fairlane kit available now. I noticed one this morning at the toyshop chain with that big reversed 'R' in their logo. Chris.
  19. Did someone mention AMT Modifieds! These are some of mine, the Falcon is expecting decals from the U.S to do the Red Farmer version and (hopefully) this weekend I'll get off my acre and make some red, white and blue U S A letters for the Chevelle, inspired by Gene Welch's on his first Aussie tour. Some of the old racers on the Forum may remember the chassis I used, they're the old brass AJ's 'Winn Wagen' that I cut with the dremel and soldered some brass tube to extend and get the wheelbase. Powered by the gold/brassy coloured can double ended Johnson 16 motors, plenty of torque and speed not much in the braking dept.! Cheerio, Chris.
  20. I think the blue one was originally the SCX Sigma, looks a whole lot better now. I'm diggin' those bunch of snakes exhaust pipes! Both look great. Chris.
  21. I'm making a running mate for #8, this is how I did the chassis. Pretty crude but it's only for social racing, if it was more hard core racing I'd beef it up. Chris.
  22. Bit of a fun build. Used the kit chassis with a Scalextric motor out of a Torana araldited in and made up a rear axle bracket out of styrene and glued it onto the chassis. Had to use the kit front wheels and tyres as I only had one set of Ninco wheels. Originally I had MJK's on the rear and these are the same size as the ones that came in the kit but I needed them to go racing and forgot to put them on for the pix. Chris.
  23. That's fantastic, the T-33 series were such great looking cars. A resin body with lots of detail, I wonder who makes them. Chris.
  24. That's a great job. Always really liked the Alfa T-33 series racers. Chris.
  25. There are better modellers than me on this Forum but I'd suggest either using Patto's '57 Ford windscreen and a bit of modellers licence. Or, with Easter just about upon us checking out those multi pack Easter eggs, some come with 18 eggs but have nicely shaped clear vac. formed plastic on the front with the card backing. Great for windscreens, head-light covers, wheel flares etc. Hope this is some help. Chris.
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