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  1. HIT Ford GT my first slot car,bought a couple of days after decimal currency came in. Atlas Ferrari 158 Strombecker Cheetah Chris.
  2. Unique Engineering '66 Ford Fairlane Tamiya '65 Plymouth Fury (with a hot Classic Industries Mabuchi 26D) Mille Miglia Cougar 2 The first two have sadly long gone but still race the Cougar! Chris.
  3. Lookin' really good. Great idea to do the spoiler separate. Chris.
  4. I think I read on oldslotracer.com to do something like a corkscrew undulation, they cut the mdf to the width of the lanes plus sliding room. On the underside grooves are routed about 1/2 inch apart edgewise, the depth just shy of the bottom of the slots for the guide. This allowed for a bit of flex and then screwed down to the supports. Chris.
  5. Looks sharp! I'm diggin' that orange too. Chris.
  6. It was strapped to the rear panel between the tail-lights. A real good look.... Chris.
  7. Michael, I'm getting a couple of mine going OK. As Grant said, lots of lead. I didn't modify the chassis 'cept for the usual trimming but I did remove at least 5mm from the bottom of the interior and that allows room for more lead. MJKs on the rear and some old Mini tyres on the front. The best one I have done is my version of Peter Crick's who raced at Liverpool Speedway back in the '70's. Hogged out the wheel arches, lowered the body on the chassis and wide tyres protruding a couple of millimetres outside the body all round. Absolute weapon on my oval. Chris
  8. I guess more kit-bashing than true scratch building. Don't buy as many new slots as I used to, spending my pocket money now on supplies to make all the kits I've bought over the years into slot cars. I'm in two formal 1/32 scale racing groups which are always fun but finding just getting together with a couple of mates who also kit bash and just racing what we have built and seeing what they have in the pipeline miles more satisfying. Chris.
  9. slot car tragic

    Aa Bodies

    Did Slotcarmann do the Rover p6b, the one with the flared guards? I remember seeing one a couple of years ago and don't recall who did it. Chris.
  10. I'm just happy they make 'em at all. Sure, there may be detail issues but at the end of the day they are built as slot cars not static models. I don't give a rats if the wing struts are in the wrong position or wrong tail lights 'cos they pass the 1 metre rule, ie, they look great from where I stand with the controller as they honk around my track. It's the same as the Frank Gardner SCA Camaro. It should have had the L-88 bonnet bulge not a flat one but didn't stop me buying it. Anyway, just sayin'... Chris.
  11. Oh man, after reading this I feel the 21st century is passing me by. I bought two Parma turbo controllers back in about 1978 and still use 'em. For the past 20 years I've raced every Friday night and the only thing that has broken was a trigger in one 3 weeks ago. Suppose I should think about upgrading but there is always a new slot car released.... Chris.
  12. If it's causing such a hassle I'd be really tempted to do around the wheel arch by brush. Mark the outline in pencil then using a quality thin brush put the blue on. Would it pass muster close up? Maybe, maybe not but you would be hard pressed to notice any brush marks while the model was honking around a track. Just my two cents worth, Chris.
  13. Just wonderin' if you used a Revellogram NASCAR chassis. The motor is on it's side so it's very close to the rear axle and would be in the cargo area. A bit of plastic level with the window sill would hide the motor/rear axle and hopefully not intrude on the rear seat. A simple matter to cut the chassis near the front axle to reduce or extend the wheelbase as required. Chris.
  14. Wow, that's a great looking track. I'm with you Neil, love an invite to have a go on this bad boy. Chris.
  15. Yeah, I have a picture of Bob Janes Mustang on the wall near my workbench and thought "His wheels go right out to the edge". So I pulled the Pioneer one's off the front and rear, cut some piano wire (smidge over 2mm diameter) and shoved it all back together. I did use Scalex Escort tyres on the front and 20x11 Ninco's on the rear. Tyres now go right out to the very edge of the guards. Looks really tough now. Haven't won any races with it BUT it sure looks better Chris
  16. Looks really cool Graeme. In the first photo, just wondering if the chick driving has just noticed that dip in the track and wishin' she put a seatbelt on Chris.
  17. I won this in a Club raffle and it came in the clock livery which I didn't have much time for. I remembered a wicked black one raced in the Japanese G.T. Championship but the decals, especially the red script didn't look any good on black, so into a caustic bath it went. Although the livery is for the Murcielago I figure it's close enough and makes for something different on our Ninco G.T. grid. Chris.
  18. Looks great. That sucker looks fast just standin' still! Chris.
  19. Like John said, give the body a wash then when dry pop the decals on. I give a coat of acrylic clear over them just to stop any paint leaking through. That Jo Sonja paint is one tough mutha. I tried to get it off in a bath of caustic soda and it wouldn't budge. Chris.
  20. Hi Jaak, I can't access photobucket at the moment, but if you go back to page 16 in this section I did a 1/24th TR-3 from a plastic kit may give some inspiration. I just used some thin, clear plastic cut and bent to shape. I then roughed it with sandpaper and painted it semi flat black. Hope this helps. Chris.
  21. My favourite racing car era would be '60's NASCAR. Mum bought me my first copy of Stock Car Racing magazine in 1965 and I was hooked. This rather bemused my dad as 'his' car was a Wolsey Hornet and the family cars were always Riley's (the pucca 2 1/2 litre) and Jaguars. I'd give my sons eye teeth to go back in time and see a race about 1967, 7 litre engines, no mufflers and exhaust pipes so big you could stick your fist in 'em! Road cars, up 'till last Tuesday night I would have said '60's cars but now I'm a modern car guy since it was wet and someone pulled out right in front us and I thought 'we're gonna drill this bugger' but the ABS kicked in and it was all good. Chris.
  22. Yeah, I'm not on Friendface (bit of a nod to The I T Crowd) either. As Steve said, really sorry to see Revogram go, maybe they will do some 1/32nd scale curbside kits so we can still use those great bodies. Chris.
  23. In that class you are talking about Steve, why not try a suck it and see approach? You wont know 'till you try and then see how they compare. I'm wondering if those Johnson 111 motors may rev a bit harder but don't have the brakes like modern motors and when they run hot the braking really starts to wilt. Chris.
  24. Chrome paper clips or Evergreen brand plastic rod, softened in hot water and bent to shape. Chris.
  25. Looks cool, love the stance too, Graeme. The driver appears pretty happy as well, listenin' to a bit of Grand Funk Railroad maybe? Chris.
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